Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created for the Simpsons


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21 Gabbo Steals the Krusty Burger Formula

Gross And Inappropriate - rjbarg042

Stop - JPK

23 The Holy Substitute

Ned Flanders Becomes The Sunday School Substitute Teacher For Ms. Albright When She's Out Of Town But The Kids Start To Misbehave When He's Around So Ned Makes The Class About What The Kids Like And He Teaches Lies About God So He Can Keep The Kids Happy But Then Ned Is Later Upset That He Is Disrespecting And Disobeying God's 10 Commandments - rjbarg042

24 The Productivity of the Plant

Sounds Like An Assignment I Did In Middle School Science Class - rjbarg042

When Burns makes a new drink that he claims increases the competency of the employees, Smithers must run a study to make this claim believable. - Goatworlds

25 Bart the Author

Rip Off Of I Am Furious Yellow And Angry Dad The Movie - rjbarg042

Bart makes a series of Angry Dad graphic novels and becomes famous. Meanwhile, Homer is depressed about being made fun of by the media. - Goatworlds

26 Homer x Marge x Bart x Lisa x Maggie

This Is Just Inappropiate Even For The Simpsons - rjbarg042

They all have an o r g y

27 Homer Burps Then He Farts And Then He Laughs

Stupid For 2 Reasons
1.That Would Not Fill 21 Minutes
2.Stupid - JPK

28 Moe Has Explosive Diarrhea
29 Milhouse is Shot and Killed by Ralph
30 The Simpsons Meet Caillou
31 Herb Powell Returns
32 Bart vs Lisa: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
33 Boys of Bummer Again
34 Crazy Cat Lady Develops Feelings
35 Dog Show
36 Simpsons House Makeover
37 The Sex Box: Simpsons Edition
38 Seven Minutes in Hell
39 Otto Gets Retired
40 Kissy Kissy Love You

Homer and Marge do it while the kids are asleep.

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