Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created If Patchy and the SpongeBobland Pirates Was a Show


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1 The Search for Spongebob

Great list, RalphBob! I would rather see Patchy the Pirate have his own T.V. show than to see him on SpongeBob specials. - anonygirl

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2 Patchy Brand Pizza

Patchy accidentally made a new food that tastes like pizza, and is good for you, so everybody wants to buy it, but Potty eats all of the snacks, and Patchy must keep the customers entertained. - RalphBob

The patchy brand pizza, is the pizza, for you and me

3 Potty the Pirate

Potty and Patchy change bodies. - RalphBob

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4 Spongebob's New Adventure (Puppet Style)

Patchy makes a SpongeBob puppet show about their adventure to Patchy's house. - RalphBob

5 Pirate Invasion

Patchy invades houses, and he doesn't take over a single house in the process. - RalphBob

6 Peggy the Pirate

Patchy falls in love with a pirate with a peg leg, and he takes dating advice from Potty. - RalphBob

Let's hope Potty has good advice. - anonygirl

7 Do the Patchy

Patchy shows off his dance moves. - RalphBob

8 Role Model

Patchy tries to be just like SpongeBob. - RalphBob

9 Fatty the Pirate

Patchy becomes addicted to junk food, and becomes very fat, so he needs to give up his addiction. - RalphBob

10 Patched up Patchy

Patchy goes to the hospital. - RalphBob

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11 The Treasure Hunt
12 Patchy the Pedophile

Oops😳 Sorry for adding that one up. How do I erase that?


13 Patchy Meets SpongeBob for Real
14 Patchy's Grandchildren

Patchy's children and grandchildren come to visit him for the weekend. - anonygirl

15 Patchy Gets Another Parrot but It Turns Out to Be a Terrorist

Evil Parrot

16 Darth Vader Blows Up Bikini Bottom

Nothing To Do With SpongeBob - JPK

17 Different Way - Patchy and Potty Edition

NO BAD IDEA - Lunala

18 Patchy vs. Burgerbeard
19 The Last Return
20 Patchy Easter Special

Since SpongeBob never had an Easter special, this could be an amazing idea. - anonygirl

21 Patchy Christmas Special
22 Patchy Halloween Special
23 Patchy Gets Another Parrot
24 Patchy Thanksgiving Special
25 Patchy Valentine's Day Special
26 Patchy Goes to Space
27 One Coarse Parrot
28 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
29 A Pal for Barney
30 Patchy Sells Cookie Dough to Schoolchildren
31 Patchy Gets Arrested
32 Patchy Goes Inside and Kidnaps Tom Kenny
33 Patchy Kills Patrick
34 Michael Bay Visits Bikini Bottom
35 Patchy the Parrot
36 Patchy Kidnaps Clancy Brown and Murders His Parrot Before Running for President Against Majin Buu.
37 Patchy Kills Himself Because Tom Kenny Dies
38 SpongeBob Goes Off the Air So Patchy Goes on a Killing Spree Just Like in Grand Theft Auto 5
39 Patchy Watches Teen Titans Go!
40 Patchy Gets Hit by a Bus
41 Patchy Goes to Goo Lagoon
42 Patchy Watches Fanboy and Chum Chum
43 Puffy Fluffy Eats Patchy's Soul
44 Patchy Goes Fishing and Accidentally Kills SpongeBob
45 Puffy Fluffy Takes Over the World
46 SpongeBob and Patrick Get Naked on a Tuesday Night
47 Patrick Shoots Tom Brady
48 Mermaid Man V Barnacle Boy: Dawn of Nasty Patties
49 SpongeBob SquarePants Watches Squid's Visit with Squidward
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