Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In My Little Pony

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1 Substitute Teacher

Miss. Cheerilie Is Off So Twilight Sparkle Is Assigned As The Substitute - JPK

2 Animal Dressing Contest

Fluttershy Wants To Have Her Animals Dressed For A Clothing Contest In Which The Mane Six Would Vote, So She Asks Rarity To Make The Clothing - JPK

3 Rainbow Dash And Soarin Get Together

Rainbow Dash Has A Crush On Soarin - JPK

4 Too Many Dreams

Princess Luna Gets Stressed Out From How Many Fillies And Colts Are Having Dreams At Once So She Wakes Up Princess Celestia To Help Her - JPK

5 Fluttershy's Death

VERY Stupid And Intense For A Kids Show - JPK

6 The Hypnotist

An Evil Pony Who Can Hypnotize Others Brainwashes Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, And Princess Cadence To Destroy Equestria, So The Mane Six Have To Stop This Evil Pony And Free The 3 Princesses From The Villain's Spell - JPK

7 Pinkiepie Gets Run Over


8 The Ponyville Tornado
9 Ponies vs. Caillou

And Caillou Loses
But In All Seriousness, This Will Sadly Never Happen - JPK

10 Fluttershy's New Friends

This episode should be created

The Newcomers

? Twilight Sparkle x Joseph Stalin

They kiss and have s e x

Oh Hell No - JPK

? Applejack x Fluttershy

The Contenders

11 Pewdiepie Kills Ponys


Ummm... Nope

12 Different Way: Rainbow Dash and Osama Bin Laden Edition

Stupid Troll Idea - JPK

13 Pinkie-Sourus

This Would Be Hilarious! - JPK

14 My Little Pony/ Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover

Another Dumb Crossover With A Franchise That Is Not Hasbro, Not Animated, And Is PG-13 - JPK

Shut it JPK!

15 Mr. Moochick

Just hoping a surprise appearance

Actually, Mr Moochick is from the original My Little Pony that appears in FIM

16 Fluttershy Gets Grounded!

GoAnimate Is Too Inappropriate For My Little Pony - JPK

17 Rainbow Dash Poops

This Is Gross


18 My Little Pony/ Digimon Crossover

Crossovers are fun. My opinion


19 Discord Gets Pregnant

Too Inappropriate
Plus Discord Is Male - JPK

20 Goku Kills Everyone


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