Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In My Little Pony

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1 Substitute Teacher

Miss. Cheerilie Is Off So Twilight Sparkle Is Assigned As The Substitute - JPK

2 Animal Dressing Contest

Fluttershy Wants To Have Her Animals Dressed For A Clothing Contest In Which The Mane Six Would Vote, So She Asks Rarity To Make The Clothing - JPK

3 Littlest Pet Shop Crossover

Sad news
Littlest Pet Shop ended 2 years ago

4 Ponies meet Sanjay and Craig
5 South Ponies

Rainbow Dash has s e x with Cartman

6 Fluttershy's Death

VERY Stupid And Intense For A Kids Show - JPK

7 Different Way

Don't Bring The Season 10 SpongeBob List Into This - JPK

8 Family Pony: Crossover is Magic

Rainbow Dash goes into a portal that leads to Quahog, so she stumbles into the Drunken Clam and meets Peter and Quagmire. - KalloFox34

What's the cutaway gag gonna be? Still, both shows are good but this is hilariously bad - Goatworlds

I don't want to know

Stupid For These Reasons
1.Family Guy Is Fox, Not Hasbro
2.Family Guy Is Way Too Inappropriate For My Little Pony - JPK

9 My Little Pony/ Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover

Your facts are getting really annoying

That's my opinion

10 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/ My Little Pony Crossover

With Beast Morphers happening, most likely.

It may not but, it would be fun to do a crossover with non Hasbro. My opinion.

Power Rangers sucks. - KalloFox34

The Contenders

11 Extreme Suicide

Atrocious Idea - JPK

12 Krusty Pony

SpongeBob Has ZERO To Do With My Little Pony - JPK

13 Pinkiepie Gets Run Over


14 Rainbow Dash And Soarin Get Together

Rainbow Dash Has A Crush On Soarin - JPK

Rainbow Dash and Soarin make love on Doctor Strange's bed

15 The Ponyville Tornado
16 Pewdiepie Kills Ponys

PewDiePie kills all the ponies



Ummm... Nope

17 Dead Ponies

Awful - JPK

18 Too Many Dreams

JPK's idea is phenomenal, but the other idea is just another troll - KalloFox34

Princess Luna Gets Stressed Out From How Many Fillies And Colts Are Having Dreams At Once So She Wakes Up Princess Celestia To Help Her - JPK

Luna haz wet dream then vomit blood and diez after org4sming

19 Ponies vs. Caillou

And Caillou Loses
But In All Seriousness, This Will Sadly Never Happen - JPK

20 My Little Pony Anime Style

Okay I Guess - JPK

21 Communist Ponies

Another Stupid Troll Idea - JPK

22 Twilight Sparkle vs General Grievous (Grievous Wins)

Unfair match.

Obvious Anti-Brony Idea - JPK

23 Fluttershy's New Friends

This episode should be created

One of them has big b00bs

24 Pinkie-Sourus

This Would Be Hilarious! - JPK

25 Twilight Sparkle x Joseph Stalin

They kiss and have s e x

Oh Hell No - JPK

26 The Mane Six Go to an Amusement Park

That could be good. - KalloFox34

27 My Little Pony/ Loud House Crossover

Stop ruining my Crossover idea

Viacom needs a good spanking in the butt

28 Mr. Moochick

Just hoping a surprise appearance

Actually, Mr Moochick is from the original My Little Pony that appears in FIM

29 Princess Celestia Sentences Fanboy and Chum Chum to Death
30 Fluttershy Gets Grounded!

GoAnimate Is Too Inappropriate For My Little Pony - JPK

31 Rainbow Dash Poops

This Is Gross

Rainbow Dash p00ps in Tank's mouth


32 Pinkie Pie x Sonic


33 Bats!

Applejack wakes up for apple bucking day! She kicks a tree, only to find that the apples have been sucked! She calls the other ponies of the Mane 6 to her farm, and they sing a song about "vampire fruit bats" (Fluttershy thinks they should stay), and they force Fluttershy to ask them to leave. Twilight Sparkle comes up with a plan. Everyone rounds up the bats and Fluttershy does her stare. Twilight casts a spell on them to get them to hate apples. Applejack wakes up the next morning and kicks a tree. The apples are still no good. They go on a stakeout, and it turns out, the bats reflected the spell onto Fluttershy, making HER the new thief. - Goatworlds

34 My Little Pony/ Digimon Crossover

Crossovers are fun. My opinion

35 My Little Pony/ She-Ra Crossover

We are sick of listening to you tell oh no it's not going to happen because of copyright and non Hasbro!

36 The Hypnotist

An Evil Pony Who Can Hypnotize Others Brainwashes Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, And Princess Cadence To Destroy Equestria, So The Mane Six Have To Stop This Evil Pony And Free The 3 Princesses From The Villain's Spell - JPK

37 Rainbow Dash x Enver Hoxha

Stupid Idea - JPK

38 Discord Gets Pregnant

Too Inappropriate
Plus Discord Is Male - JPK

39 Goku Kills Everyone


Yes. - Jay12

40 Final Fantasy 7/ My Little Pony Crossover

Sounds Awesome!

41 My Little Pony Gen 4 Meets My Little Pony Gen 1

Sounds awesome

Not Happening - JPK


42 My Little Pony/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover

Oh come on, lighten up already! Sheesh! Don't be so serious just because someone's idea of a My Little Pony Crossover with other shows are not Hasbro. It would be fun to do a crossover with Hasbro or non Hasbro

I Understand Your Point, But It Needs The Creator's Permission First - JPK

43 Sea Ponies

They Will Be In The Movie Actually - JPK

44 The Ponies Meet Saddam Hussein

And then they kill him - KalloFox34

45 Ponies vs Trolls

And the trolls lose

46 Rarity x Baby Dino

No - JPK

47 Rainbow Dash X Wallace

They s e x until they explode

Like, Wallace from Pokemon? - KalloFox34

48 Rainbow Dash Gets Obese
49 AppleJack x Mr. Krabs

They do it in bed until Mr. Krabz get eksplosive diarrhea and explodedz and diez


50 Transformers/MLP Crossover

How is it going to be a backlash?

That will never happen - BoyGenius234

They May Both Be Hasbro, But Still Not A Good Idea Because It Would Cause Backlash - JPK

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1. Substitute Teacher
2. Littlest Pet Shop Crossover
3. Ponies meet Sanjay and Craig
1. Substitute Teacher
2. Animal Dressing Contest
3. Rainbow Dash And Soarin Get Together
1. Different Way
2. Family Pony: Crossover is Magic
3. Extreme Suicide


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