Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In My Little Pony

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41 Discord Returns

He Already Did - JPK

42 Bronies vs. Haters


The Bronies Would Win
But Sadly, This Episode Will Never Get Made - JPK

43 Extreme Suicide

Atrocious Idea - JPK

44 Rainbow Dash Kills Everyone Then Herself


45 Dead Ponies

Awful - JPK

46 Pinkie Pie x Fluttershy

It's Okay If People Ship These 2
But This Episode Will Never Be Made - JPK

47 Different Way

Don't Bring The Season 10 SpongeBob List Into This - JPK

48 Pinkie Pie is Killed by Barney Who Kills Himself

Barney Is The Only One Who Should Die

49 Bats!

Applejack wakes up for apple bucking day! She kicks a tree, only to find that the apples have been sucked! She calls the other ponies of the Mane 6 to her farm, and they sing a song about "vampire fruit bats" (Fluttershy thinks they should stay), and they force Fluttershy to ask them to leave. Twilight Sparkle comes up with a plan. Everyone rounds up the bats and Fluttershy does her stare. Twilight casts a spell on them to get them to hate apples. Applejack wakes up the next morning and kicks a tree. The apples are still no good. They go on a stakeout, and it turns out, the bats reflected the spell onto Fluttershy, making HER the new thief. - Goatworlds

50 The Date V 1 Comment
51 My Little Pony/ Rugrats Crossover
52 My Little Pony/ Lion Guard Crossover
53 My Little Pony/ Trigun Crossover
54 My Little Pony/ Cowboy Bebop Crossover
55 My Little Pony/ Outlaw Star Crossover
56 Flutter Ponies
57 Rainbow Dash Meets FireFly
58 Derpy Joins the Mane 6
59 Pizza Party
60 Pinkie Pie x Voldemort

They have s e x until Voldemort casts a "magic spell" in Pinkies v@gina

Oh For Pete's Sake, Stop - JPK

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