Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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1 El Cheapo La Chica

Mr. Krabs is revealed to have a homeless sister, who is really friendly. SpongeBob builds a house for her, but the house is ON TOP of Squidward's. Squidward is aggravated by this, and tries to tear the house down. He fails miserably and destroys his house too. SpongeBob rebuilds Squidward's house for him as an act of kindness, and Mr. Krab's sister reveals she is going to move to another region of Bikini Bottom. The episode triggers the next episode titled "Jellyfish Destruction". - Turkeyasylum

I have a feeling this list will be ruined by trolls... And fall in the same fate as the season ten list. - DapperPickle

You should name the episode name Something other than Spanish!

Mr krabs pees and poops in squidwards mouth and squidward barfs in mr krabs mouth

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2 Larry vs. Squidward
3 Arts and Weather
4 Tater Tot Fun Fair
5 Pearl's Mom

This should be a mother's day special. - anonygirl

Sounds great!

Yeah! I think mr Krabs stole pearl form her mother


6 One Squirrel, Two Fish
7 Mr. Krabs Moves Out

I guess Mr. Krabs will move out of his anchor home, and pearl will finally be a house owner.

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8 Football Sponge

SpongeBob finds out he is good for football due to his sponginess. When Mr Krabs finds out, he decides to rack in on the money and start a Bikini Bottom football team, "The Islanders". They quickly find out no one else is interested in playing football, so they quickly make their way to the outside world to play. Alas, due to the team's need to wear fish bowls, they quickly break, making the team defenseless. That is, until Sandy comes and helps- she doesn't need a helmet! (Idea: maybe Mr Krabs could somehow convince Pearl to play. Pearl doesn't need water to breath, she's a whale! )

This sounds cool

9 Chum Burger Formula
10 Arts and Krabs

I see it medium rare but you may have talent show

This sounds like a ripoff of Culture Shock.

Good idea for an 11 minutes episode

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? SpongeBob x Donald Trump x Kim Jong Un x Ali Khamieni x Nicolas Maduro

Nope. - PageEmperor

Stupid Idea - JPK

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11 Squid Family Reunion
12 Mermaidman and Barnacleboy VIII

The voice actors for Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are dead, so it can't happen unless their voices sound completely different. - anonygirl

This is a good idea. They have a new voice actor for Mermaid Man.

That's in a weird position for a SpongeBob episode I don't know if Nickelodeon will make SpongeBob season 11

The Voice Of Barnacle Boy Is Still Alive At The Age Of 82

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13 Jellyfish Destruction

When Krab's sister moves out, but they build their house in Jellyfish Fields. SpongeBob tries to get her to move somewhere else, but she refuses to move, since her house was already built. S SpongeBob buys a forklift, and transports her house to another region, next to Sandy's. She was actually pleased to be living next to Sandy at this point, and SpongeBob introduces her to Sandy. She's not part of the cast, but she's going to be a minor character. - Turkeyasylum

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14 Free Krabby Patties!

SpongeBob decides to offer free Krabby Patties around Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krabs eventually gets upset with him giving out free patties, and puts him on reduced pay. SpongeBob continues to give out free patties, but eventually Plankton gets one. He examines toe patty, and finds the formula. Right when he finds it out, Krabs breaks in and shreds the piece of paper with the formula that Plankton wrote down. Plankton had no other sources, and he still has no memory of the formula. - Turkeyasylum

I think it's maybe rip-off of Free Samples. - Shevanda04

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15 Accusing

Why Narwhal Tom? Why not something more creative

Narwhal Tom accuses Mr Krabs for injuring him and for stealing all the money in the world when actually it was Narwhal Tom disquised as Mr. Krab to fool the judge he also gags SpongeBob and every lawyer or defense that will help Mr. Krabs win just so the Narwhal gets all of Mr. Krabs money - TheMask

16 The SquarePants Beauty Salon

SpongeBob becomes a hairstylist I'm DYINGGG - Worksponge

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18 Bank Account

SpongeBob meets a unibrowed narwhal named Narwhal Tom who acts nice to him so SpongeBob lets him visit his house but what SpongeBob does not know is that the narwhal is hacking in to SpongeBob's bank account - TheMask

This is a good idea the main reason is the idea of a narwhal in SpongeBob it will be awesome

Yes this episode will be a blast what do you guys think about this episode - TheMask

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19 Super Intergalactic Race

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and all the others have a Super race outside earth from One galaxy to an another to achieve a Universe Record. Who Would Win?

This kinda copies "The Great Snail Race" - HondaCivic

Boring, very used but ok

20 Digibob Monpants
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