Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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1 El Cheapo La Chica

Mr. Krabs is revealed to have a homeless sister, who is really friendly. SpongeBob builds a house for her, but the house is ON TOP of Squidward's. Squidward is aggravated by this, and tries to tear the house down. He fails miserably and destroys his house too. SpongeBob rebuilds Squidward's house for him as an act of kindness, and Mr. Krab's sister reveals she is going to move to another region of Bikini Bottom. The episode triggers the next episode titled "Jellyfish Destruction". - Turkeyasylum

You should name the episode name Something other than Spanish!

This is a really good idea!

Erryone proceeds to get molested until they pee themselves

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2 Larry vs. Squidward

I need help, I make good ideas but they don't show up. Why is that? - HondaCivic

This kinda happened in "Squid Plus One" - HondaCivic

I think it would be more interesting if squidward won

Larry and Squidward have a farting battle.

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3 Arts and Weather

We already have "Arts and Krabs" on this list.. - MouseDog

Mr. Farts makes arts with his farts.

4 Tater Tot Fun Fair

This sounds like a great idea! ^_^ - MouseDog

5 One Squirrel, Two Fish

I'm thinkin' of a plot for this. - HondaCivic

The title kinda reminds me of 2g1c. Sorry

6 Pearl's Mom

This should be a mother's day special. - anonygirl

Yeah make Pearl's Mum be in one of the episodes. - PatrickStar3

Sounds great!

Cool. - MouseDog

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7 Football Sponge

SpongeBob finds out he is good for football due to his sponginess. When Mr Krabs finds out, he decides to rack in on the money and start a Bikini Bottom football team, "The Islanders". They quickly find out no one else is interested in playing football, so they quickly make their way to the outside world to play. Alas, due to the team's need to wear fish bowls, they quickly break, making the team defenseless. That is, until Sandy comes and helps- she doesn't need a helmet! (Idea: maybe Mr Krabs could somehow convince Pearl to play. Pearl doesn't need water to breath, she's a whale! )

This sounds cool

Rip-off of "Sportz? " - MouseDog

Sounds cool

8 Different Way: Talking Tom Edition

This has nothing to do with SpongeBob. - MouseDog

Talking Tom is Outfit7, not Nick. - HondaCivic

Nothing to do with SpongeBob. - HondaCivic

The town is suicde bombed

9 Mr. Krabs Moves Out

I guess Mr. Krabs will move out of his anchor home, and pearl will finally be a house owner.

What will hapen to the krusty Krabe gets shut dowen and spongbob sqwudward haf to live a life witowt the krusty crab till he comes back

10 Squid Family Reunion

All od Squidward's family come and spank Squidward.

Sounds good.. - HondaCivic

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11 Arts and Krabs

This sounds like a ripoff of Culture Shock.

I see it medium rare but you may have talent show

Good idea for an 11 minutes episode

Only if it's a art contest called arts and Krabs or the krusty Krabs 1st annual art contest (with purchess of one Krabby patty and side of coral bits and a drink

12 Chum Burger Formula
13 Jellyfish Destruction

When Krab's sister moves out, but they build their house in Jellyfish Fields. SpongeBob tries to get her to move somewhere else, but she refuses to move, since her house was already built. S SpongeBob buys a forklift, and transports her house to another region, next to Sandy's. She was actually pleased to be living next to Sandy at this point, and SpongeBob introduces her to Sandy. She's not part of the cast, but she's going to be a minor character. - Turkeyasylum

I said that sounds awesome

The fork lift sound cool

14 Free Krabby Patties!

SpongeBob decides to offer free Krabby Patties around Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krabs eventually gets upset with him giving out free patties, and puts him on reduced pay. SpongeBob continues to give out free patties, but eventually Plankton gets one. He examines toe patty, and finds the formula. Right when he finds it out, Krabs breaks in and shreds the piece of paper with the formula that Plankton wrote down. Plankton had no other sources, and he still has no memory of the formula. - Turkeyasylum

I think it's maybe rip-off of Free Samples. - Shevanda04

SpongeBob doesn't get payed

15 Mermaidman and Barnacleboy VIII

The voice actors for Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are dead, so it can't happen unless their voices sound completely different. - anonygirl

This is a good idea. They have a new voice actor for Mermaid Man.

That's in a weird position for a SpongeBob episode I don't know if Nickelodeon will make SpongeBob season 11

The Voice Of Barnacle Boy Is Still Alive At The Age Of 82

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16 Band Geeks Gets Banned

Just ignore this troll - puglover2008

17 The SquarePants Beauty Salon

This sounds interesting - HondaCivic

SpongeBob becomes a hairstylist I'm DYINGGG - Worksponge

18 Accusing

Why Narwhal Tom? Why not something more creative

Narwhal Tom accuses Mr Krabs for injuring him and for stealing all the money in the world when actually it was Narwhal Tom disquised as Mr. Krab to fool the judge he also gags SpongeBob and every lawyer or defense that will help Mr. Krabs win just so the Narwhal gets all of Mr. Krabs money - TheMask

Squidward falsely accuses Spongebob and Patrick of rape.

19 BDSMpants

Who in the right mind would show that in a kids show?! - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

Good idea. - PageEmperor

20 Princess Peach Explodes And Dies While Rarity Eats Her Body

Nothing to do with SpongeBob... - HondaCivic

Wow rarity is cannibal! *wink*

Rarity: Darling, This Idea Is Disgusting! - JPK

Stop! - HondaCivic2

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21 Spy Star

Here's what I think:
Spongebob asks Patrick if he wants to go jellyfishing, but Patrick says no as he's tired and would rather stay home by himself. What Spongebob doesn't realise is that as soon as he leaves, Patrick makes his way to a hideout as a secret agent and, well you can come up with the rest. - Rocko

I like that and the villain must be a clownfish

22 Bank Account

SpongeBob meets a unibrowed narwhal named Narwhal Tom who acts nice to him so SpongeBob lets him visit his house but what SpongeBob does not know is that the narwhal is hacking in to SpongeBob's bank account - TheMask

This is a good idea the main reason is the idea of a narwhal in SpongeBob it will be awesome

Yes this episode will be a blast what do you guys think about this episode - TheMask

SpongeBob meets a unibrowed narwhal who acts nice to him so sppngebob lets him visit his house but what SpongeBob does not know is that the narwhal named Narwhal Tom is trying to hack in to SpongeBob's bank account

23 Digibob Monpants

Quit with the crossovers. - HondaCivic

24 100,000 Pals for Gary (200-hour Special)

Paired up with One Trillion Coarse Meal. - KalloFox34

No-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho! - HondaCivic

25 Back to Help Wanted

Stop the sequels. - HondaCivic

26 Patrick's Store

I like this idea! - HondaCivic

27 Super Intergalactic Race

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and all the others have a Super race outside earth from One galaxy to an another to achieve a Universe Record. Who Would Win?

This kinda copies "The Great Snail Race" - HondaCivic

Boring, very used but ok

28 The Most Famous Sponge In the World

Imagine if the fans of "Sponge bob square pants" find out where he lives and try to take him for them selves out of the water (not paying attention to him not wanting to come with them) and his friends (thinking that they "kidnapped" Sponge bob) going after him to get him back, but when they find him, the find out that they also have a LOT of fans that they want to take them, what are they gonna do and how are they gonna get out of this mess?

The plot one made zero sense at all

Actually this one's... nice!

Ooh, Sounds nice. - HondaCivic

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29 Winx Club Meets SpongeBob

No, Just no. - LapisBob

OK idea - BorisRule

30 CrashBob BandicootPants

Nope. Crash Bandicoot is not Nickelodeon - HondaCivic

Nope! - MouseDog

31 More a Pal for Gary

Quit it! - HondaCivic

Just NO! - Tyler730

32 Sentimental Pet Sitter Pat

A rip off of Sentimental Sponge and Pet Sitter Pat - Tyler730

33 Happy Cinco de Mayo! (Double-length episode with Patchy the Pirate Segments)

This episode concept might work. - HondaCivic

34 Dead Krab
35 Caillou Meets SpongeBob 1 Hour Special

SpongeBob throws Caillou into a wood chipper and grinds his organs into Krabby Patties - KalloFox34

Caillou is PBS, not Nick! - HondaCivic

Imagine if Patrick babysits Rosie and pinches her

36 New Child?

What the crap is wrong with you guys?!?!?!? - OhioStateBuckeyes

What is wrong with this list?! - Garythesnail

I do not think that's a good idea

As long as it doesn't involve pregnant people or blood and gore. - HondaCivic

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37 Sandy Burps and Farts and Then She Laughs

Sanjay and Craig anyone?

We do not want this idea this is something Sanjay and Craig would do

This is like sanjay and Craig

Disgusting - JPK

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38 Gary and Millie

It's a shame most of this list is a SpongeBob x Sandy fan page. - Turkeyasylum

Can you please put more episodes of pearl

Just make them friends and not in love

Nickelodeon please make this!

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39 Sponges Galore!

This episode would be RIDICULOUS!

I like the idea until you got to the part where SpongeBob destroys Sponge Town. - anonygirl

The Sponge Town idea sounds a bit awkward. - HondaCivic

Who's Snady?

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40 Different Way on Mars

NO! - HondaCivic


41 Valentine Crush

SpongeBob's Valentine's day is crushed when he finds out that his best friend Patrick was dating Sandy instead of him. This is a drama story about love and exciting drama

Not if you will, but it seems an almost good idea

Maybe Pearl has a crush on someone and can't bring herself to give them a valentine. - Rocko


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42 Switching Lives

This copies "The Algae is Always Greener" - HondaCivic

They already made the episode, The alge is always greener. Where mr K and Plankton switch lives. Ring a bell?

43 Spongebob: The Musical

I think SpongeBob: The Musical is a really stupid name. Maybe you guys can name it SpongeBob Dies.

44 Business Gone Wrong

Maybe Mr Krabs makes the Krusty Krab into a restaurant chain or something. I don't think that's happened yet. Has it? - Rocko

SpongeBob is in charge of the restaurant for one week after Mr. Krab is put in jail for stealing a coin, but everything goes wrong when he decides to give everything for free. the Krusty Krab goes bankrupt and it's up to him and Squidward to restore the Krusty Krab back to it's glory before Mr. Krabs comes back.

45 Double Dolphins
46 Different Way x Infinity

This makes no sense at all... - HondaCivic

Thanos snaps his fingers and SpongeBob p3nis turns into dust

47 The History of Wumbo: 1 Hour Documentary

An hour long documentary narrated by Patrick Star that explains everything there is to know about Wumbology, the study of Wumbo.

This should be the third movie, like a 7 hour movie though.

I don't think it should be an hour. Only about 15 mins.

48 Imitation Sponge

Mimic Madness did this already - Tyler730

This repeats "Mimic Madness" - HondaCivic

49 Lovers in Heaven

SpongeBub and SaNdy die and go to heaven where they have six nonstop. - Imnotatroll


50 The Krusty Krab Gets a Catering Menu
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