Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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221 Spongebob's Favorite Color (20 hour Special)

That wouldn't fill 20 hours, plus 20 hours is WAY too long for an episode. - HondaCivic

222 SpongeBob Meets Loud House

Needs a different title. - HondaCivic

223 Plankton's Pizza

Okay... - HondaCivic

224 Larry the Snail Returns

I don't even... - HondaCivic

225 Jimmy Neutron Comes to Town (1-hour Special With Patchy Segments)

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius got cancelled. - HondaCivic

226 Calvin & Hobbes in Bikini Bottom

This won't happen. - HondaCivic

227 SpongeBob Meets Britgirl
228 Spyro the Purple Dragon Visits Bikini Bottom V 1 Comment
229 Spongorama

I Love Futurama, But This Will Never EVER Happen - JPK

Not a Futurama crossover! - HondaCivic

230 Game Show Sponge

That sounds like the idea "GameBob ShowPants" - HondaCivic

231 SpongeBob Meets The Fairly Odd Parents
232 Easter in Bikini Bottom
233 SpongeBob Poopants

Nope.. - HondaCivic

234 Different Way on Mars

NO! - HondaCivic


235 SpongeBob x Subliminal Message Girl

No! - HondaCivic

236 SpongeBob Reopens Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida

I don't think this will happen. - HondaCivic

237 SpongeBob X Snowball

Don't Ruin A Great Character - JPK

238 SpongeBob X Dr. Nefario

No - JPK

239 Different Way In Africa


240 Fishzilla: King Of Fish Monsters
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