Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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21 The Most Famous Sponge In the World

Imagine if the fans of "Sponge bob square pants" find out where he lives and try to take him for them selves out of the water (not paying attention to him not wanting to come with them) and his friends (thinking that they "kidnapped" Sponge bob) going after him to get him back, but when they find him, the find out that they also have a LOT of fans that they want to take them, what are they gonna do and how are they gonna get out of this mess?

Actually this one's... nice!

The picture
Is so beautiful
So nice
back at sponge bobs house
This is just a short preview

22 Back to Help Wanted
23 Patrick's Store

I like this idea! - HondaCivic

24 Winx Club Meets SpongeBob

OK idea - BorisRule

25 New Child?

What the crap is wrong with you guys?!?!?!? - OhioStateBuckeyes

What is wrong with this list?! - Garythesnail

I do not think that's a good idea

Here Come Those Pathetic And Anger Inducing Trolls From The Season 10 List

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26 More a Pal for Gary

Just NO! - Tyler730

27 Sentimental Pet Sitter Pat

A rip off of Sentimental Sponge and Pet Sitter Pat - Tyler730

28 Gary and Millie

Can you please put more episodes of pearl

Just make them friends and not in love

Sandy gets a snail and names it Millie. When SpongeBob comes over to Sandy's place with Gary to see Millie, Gary and Millie seem to like each other and want to be in a relationship

That rips off of Gary in Love and The Great Snail Race. Horrible idea. - RalphBob

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29 Happy Cinco de Mayo! (Double-length episode with Patchy the Pirate Segments)
30 Sandy Burps and Farts and Then She Laughs

Sanjay and Craig anyone?

We do not want this idea this is something Sanjay and Craig would do

This is like sanjay and Craig

That's gross - HondaCivic

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31 Band Geeks Gets Banned

Just ignore this troll - puglover2008

32 Switching Lives

They already made the episode, The alge is always greener. Where mr K and Plankton switch lives. Ring a bell?

33 Valentine Crush

SpongeBob's Valentine's day is crushed when he finds out that his best friend Patrick was dating Sandy instead of him. This is a drama story about love and exciting drama

Not if you will, but it seems an almost good idea

Seems like an okay idea, to be honest.


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34 Sponges Galore!

This episode would be RIDICULOUS!

I like the idea until you got to the part where SpongeBob destroys Sponge Town. - anonygirl

SpongeBob is sad because he seems to be the only Sponge around. Excluding Granny and parents.

(What happened to her anyways? )

Anyways, he sneaks into Sandy's treedome and steals a map. A MAP PEOPLE!

As he goes home, he sees that he could've simply BOUGHT one from he Map Store!

He heads over to the Sponge town, and somehow destoys their city. They're mad, (duh) and tries to take over Bikini Bottom. Then SpongeBob convinces them that vengance is never the anwser, they move in peacefully, and SpongeBob isn't sad anymore. Then Snady finds out about her shredded and stolen ap, and Sandy doesn't seem to listen to the moral. SpongeBob then has to pay her back for it.

Just an idea. I wanted it to have a moral,

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35 Caillou Meets SpongeBob 1 Hour Special
36 Spongebob: The Musical

I think SpongeBob: The Musical is a really stupid name. Maybe you guys can name it SpongeBob Dies.

37 Mr. Krabs Donates (11-minute Episode)

One day, Mr. Krabs wins $1,000,000, but thinks that he should keep it. However, Pearl tells him that he's selfish for doing so. While watching T.V., Mr. Krabs sees a depressing commercial of homeless, orphaned children in Bikini Bottom. Likewise, Mr. Krabs realizes how selfish he was. He then donates his money to orphaned & low income children in Bikini Bottom. He gets praised by everyone for doing so. - anonygirl

38 Business Gone Wrong
39 The History of Wumbo: 1 Hour Documentary

An hour long documentary narrated by Patrick Star that explains everything there is to know about Wumbology, the study of Wumbo.

I don't think it should be an hour. Only about 15 mins.

40 Imitation Sponge

Mimic Madness did this already - Tyler730

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