Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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61 Lovers in Heaven

Spongebob and Pearl play Seven Minutes in Heaven. They soon become an official couple.

62 Sex, Sex and More Sex

This is a kid show! What?!?!?! - Garythesnail

These ideas are so bad they are hilarious. - Gamecubesarecool193

This is like "Kissy Kissy Love You" from the season 10 list. THE IDEA IS AN ABOMINATION! IT WOULD RUIN THE SHOW, AND SORRY FOR USING CAPS HERE! - Turkeyasylum

This sounds WAY too inappropriate! - HondaCivic

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63 Spongebob & Patrick Go To Las Vegas

A fisherman fishing SpongeBob & Patrick and sells to an owner of a Las Vegas that puts them in a thin tank

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64 The Real Bad Sponge

This should be black jack returns - Ihaskitty1234

This is a rip off of Demolition Doofus, a bad episode. - Spandy4Eva

Mrs. Puff tried to kill SpongeBob but now it's up to SpongeBob to do it

65 TwilightBob SparklePants

Twilight Sparkle Is A Great Character, But This Will Never Happen - JPK

Where's The Bleach?

Twilight gives her wings to SpongeBob.

I Like MLP And SpongeBob Equally
But I'll Agree That This Idea Is Cancer

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66 Pingas Invasion

SpongeBob invades the world. Like rabbids invasion, I know.

67 SpongeBob and Mickey

Umm copyright. Mickey is Disney and SpongeBob is Nickelodeon

I don't think that Disney should have a crossover with Nickelodeon. - anonygirl

Really the trolls from the Season 10 ideas list invade this list.

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68 SpongeBob

Very Creative - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Here is the plot spongebob want to make everyone remember his times in life

Why is there is episode named "SpongeBob? " That doesn't make any sense. - anonygirl

Best idea yet. 10/10

69 Spongelam

A little too violent for a kids' show. - anonygirl

SpongeBob converts to Islam and becomes a terrorist and destroys the while town to get people to convert to Islam.

This should be number 1


70 BarrackBob ObamaPants

NO! - HondaCivic


71 Forced Frenzy

The Krusty Krab is extremely busy one day, and Mr. Krabs is complaining the food isn't getting out there quick enough. He then builds a machine to make Patties quickly, and top them with toppings by robot. SpongeBob then gets fired, and goes directly to Sandy's to try to get a new job. He is testing one of Sandy's inventions, and it accidentally breaks Mr. Krab's contraption. While he is furious, he realizes nothing can replace a human cook and hires him again.

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72 BDSMpants

Who in the right mind would show that in a kids show?! - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

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73 Super Different Way

For those of you who don't know: "Different way" as an idea added to the list "Top Ten episodes that should be created in season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants". The plot is that SpongeBob pees into Sandy's mouth. That's it. Gross, I know.

Super disgusting idea more like - RockStarr

Who in the love of Christ added this? - SubliminalMessages

Oh No! - HondaCivic

74 Two Coarse Meals

Not a squeal to one course meal

No more coarse meals. - anonygirl

Heck No! - HondaCivic

75 Handsome Squidward Return

I want no door slams ok but this would be great for season 10 1

Let me guess squidwards really handsome face at the end of the episode will be the main face

Squidward turns handsome again. How many random commentless weird ideas do we will need?

76 Squidward Cancels SpongeBob

In the series finale, Squidward is fed up with dealing with his annoying neighbors and boss for 11 seasons. He teams up with Plankton and destroys the entire SpongeBob universe. However, it turns out that Nickelodeon has the power to bring back SpongeBob at any moment. The entire cast then teams up and destroys Nickelodeon Studios and finally cancels the show. The episode ends with Nickelodeon coming back from the dead as a zombie and giving Patrick Star his own show that will never be cancelled.

This would be a great episode suspense humour I'd love it!

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77 How Sponge and Pat Became Friends

This should be the series finale. - anonygirl

78 The Sex Box

Mr. Krabs, thinking up of another money-making scheme, decides that many people like sex, like, a lot. So, he decides to set up prostitution area in his own restaurant, in which he proudly calls, "The Sex Box." SpongeBob is forced to be the prostitute until Sandy kindly offers to do the job for him. Soon, the Sex Box becomes insanely popular; so popular that even the Krabby Patties aren't doing as good anymore. Many people decided to apply a job for a prostitute, and soon, even Patrick starts to get his game on, and even Sandy and SpongeBob! But it becomes tiring after a while, and considering how prostitution is illegal in the Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob, and even Squidward, doesn't want their beloved restaurant shut down. It'll be a two-parter, with the proceeding part being called, "Different Way."

This is the funniest idea I've ever seen

Terrible idea! - HondaCivic

If this was an Adult Swim cartoon, then I would be ok with it. Otherwise I'm not. - anonygirl

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79 Let's Have More F.U.N. (Half an Hour Special)

When Squidward starts feeling lonely, he tries to find some help. But when no one wants to help except for SpongeBob, they learn how to be friends with people. But when Squidward is horrible making new friends, Plankton helps Squidward and SpongeBob how to be friends.

80 Squidward Leaves the Show

Squidward decides to leave BIKINI bottom

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