Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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101 Kissy Kissy Love You: Oh And Tip Edition

This has nothing to do with SpongeBob! - HondaCivic

Heck No! - HondaCivic

No More Kissy Kissy Love You! - ChuckECheese

102 SpongeBob X Mao Zedong
103 Gary Gets a Girlfriend

This already happened. - HondaCivic

104 Patricks Therapy

Patrick finally learns about his stupidity - LOTP

This actually sounds good. But, I'll reveal why this list is trash
1. It has SO MANY ideas about sex
2. 10 hour specials or even worse (100.000 pals for gary, 200 hour special
3. Other terrible ideas.

105 Donaldbob Trumppants
106 SpongeBob x Donald Trump x Kim Jong Un x Ali Khamieni x Nicolas Maduro

Please stop with the orgies! - HondaCivic

Nope. - PageEmperor

Stupid Idea - JPK

107 Sea Birds

Spongebob walks into the city one day and sees a seabird with an air helmet like Sandy on. The bird is nice and can talk and says he came to the ocean to escape his flock, who bullied him for not liking fish. In the episode spongbob and his friends try to introduce various foods to the bird - Patrick offers rocks, Squidward offers tea, Sandy offers acorns and Plankton offers chum but the bird doesn't like any. Then the bird goes to the krusty krabs and tries a krabby patty and likes it. So the bird gives mr krabs a lot of money then the episode ends. - Lunala

Seems interesting. - PageEmperor

Sounds decent - HondaCivic

108 Leni Loud, Patrick Star, Donald Trump, and Kanye West Presidential Debate

I don't even know what to say... - HondaCivic

Would be good as a short.

109 Sex, Sex and More Sex

This is a kid show! What?!?!?! - Garythesnail

These ideas are so bad they are hilarious. - Gamecubesarecool193

This is like "Kissy Kissy Love You" from the season 10 list. THE IDEA IS AN ABOMINATION! IT WOULD RUIN THE SHOW, AND SORRY FOR USING CAPS HERE! - Turkeyasylum


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110 Swimming In December

Isn't Bikini Bottom already underwater? That and the Blue Lagoon exists. At least there's no sex involved. - Turkeyasylum

Sounds repetitive. - HondaCivic

111 Krabby Patties at the Chum Bucket

It looks something silly and repetitive

112 Sponge Bob DC Comics Adventure

It's a bird it's a plane wait a second it's a
Flying sponge? - Ihaskitty1234

DC Is Warner Brothers, Not Nickelodeon - JPK

113 Squid Wood Returns
114 Good Sponge, Bad Sponge Good Sponge, Bad Sponge

Sandy's new invention accidentally separate the bad personality from sponge bob makes two sponge bob, one a completely annoying and jerk and the second one being a shy and "out of control" wussy weirdo. (scaring from his shadow and trying to make out with sandy EVERY SINGLE TIME he saw her which annoy Sandy) the "bad" Sponge bob runs away and it's up to his friends to get him and the "good" sponge bob mixed up again

115 Blue Lagoon Beach Party

SpongeBob and Patrick are invited to a beach party by Larry. They end up staying up all night and are really tired the next day. Larry invites them both the next night and they both come. After the party SppongeBob and Patrick vow never to sleep again so they don't miss beach party's. After 100 more party's they finally sleep and don't wake up for 2 years

116 Patrick And Pearl's Sex

Great! Two characters who have never interacted in any way have sex? - DapperPickle

That's really in inappropriate and should not make this episode it would ruin the show

That's disgusting and inappropriate

NO! I hate this idea! - HondaCivic

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117 Everyone Dies and The Show Ends

Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end. - anonygirl

Uh, no. I don't want this awesome show to end! 0_o - HondaCivic

Die. Die. Die. Die? Die?! Die! DIE?! DIE! - SammySpore

I Hate You SammySpore
Almost Everyone Loves SpongeBob

118 TwilightBob SparklePants

Twilight Sparkle Is A Great Character, But This Will Never Happen - JPK

Where's The Bleach?

Twilight gives her wings to SpongeBob.

I Like MLP And SpongeBob Equally
But I'll Agree That This Idea Is Cancer

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119 Oh! My Leg!

This wouldn't fill 11 minutes. - HondaCivic

120 SpongeBob Dies

What is wrong with you people

SpongeBob is a kid show and that would not happen

That's just sick and cruel. - HondaCivic

SpongeBob shoots himself and then dies.

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