Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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121 Sponge Baby


122 Locked

Patrick is shopping at a junk food store when it's about to close. But it gets locked and SpongeBob has to get him out before he eats all the food. He breaks in and gets Patrick out of the store. The next day, it turns ut they committed ancrime by breaking in and eating food, so they are sent to jail. So, someone has to get them out.

Sounds like a ripoff of Toy Store of Doom. - anonygirl

123 Spongebob Reads Twilight And Goes Insane

Why do we have description type names?

124 Spot and Julia 1.0

It will be nice if planktons dog has a robot friend

125 Spongbob Eats People

What's the episode called. Racist Sponge? Disgusting. - RockStarr

126 One More Meal
127 Gary's Splinter Meal With Doofus Vikings in Atlantis V 1 Comment
128 Logic, Fool!

Patrick predicts a flood in Bikini Bottom, so everyone goes crazy. But then Squidward tells him about logic. Ironically in the end, a flood happens. Mr. Krabs then says "in a cartoon, the laws of physics are non-existent."

129 Super Duper Mega Ultra Different Way

What's next? Different Way x Infinity?

130 Plankton Meets Dennis

They already know each other because plankton sent Dennis to kill SpongeBob and Patrick - RockStarr

Plankton is at a bad guy convention and he meets Dennis the Killer. It's a prequel the the movie.

131 Closed

Plankton finally sucseeds with getting the formula and the Krusty Krab closes. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs try to get it back

132 Lawyers

Patrick decides to get a job. He tries to be a lawyer, but he finds out he has to go through law school. "School? NEVERRR! " He decides to fake being a lawyer and takes several cases until Squidward points out Patrick is not a lawyer. This gets Patrick arrested, but SpongeBob bails him out. Patrick learns that impersonating an important figure will get you in trouble and gives up wanting to be a lawyer, in favor of a doctor. SpongeBob then tells him he has to go through medical school. "School? NEVERRR! "

133 The Krusty Squirrel

After being caught napping on the job yet again, Squidward is fired and Sandy replaces him as cashier.

Sounds like a great idea. - anonygirl

134 The New Krusty Krab Design

It would be awesome if there was a new design for The Krusty Krab

135 Gary's New Owner
136 The Wonderful Plankton Of Sauce

Plankton invents a new sauce that makes chum taste just like a Krabby patty. He ends up getting a ton of customers but it turns out Plankton put poison in the sauce but it was Krabby patty flavored poison. The customers figure that out, go to the hospital, and ditch plankton. Krabs gets his customers back and everything is back to normal.

137 Sandy and SpongeBob Get Married for Real

This would ruin the show, and my childhood. - HondaCivic

I do not think they should get married and I do not like sandy

Sorry, but they won't put this on. u_u

138 The Krabby Karnival V 1 Comment
139 Sponge of Terror V 1 Comment
140 The Krusty Krab Gets a Catering Menu
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