Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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161 Bikini Bottom's Got Talent

When SpongeBob auditions for Bikini Bottom's got talent, he gets sent home so his friends encourages SpongeBob to try again.

Culture Shock anyone? - Tyler730

162 Dunce Sells His Kidneys to SpongeBob

Another stupid troll idea that should not be here! - HondaCivic

163 Krab Network

SpongeBob starts the day making Krabby Patties. Then Mr. Krabs comes in, announcing the new Krusty Krab Network- a result of his study on fast food and advertising.

Krabs wants to she KKN to get people to buy Krabby Patties, however Squidward wants to make the network more than just hypnotizing-trash. Chaos ensues, with each main getting a segment ("show") in the episode (with the Krabby Patty making its way in somehow).

This sounds great! - HondaCivic

164 Johnnybob Testpants 2
165 Play Ball!

SpongeBob and the gang go and play baseball

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166 Meh

Krabs gets eaten by Squidward, Puffy Fluffy is shot, and Sandy drowns Fred.

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167 SpongeBob X Patrick (10 hour Special) V 2 Comments
168 Spatrick Day! (10 Hour Special)

Someone here is mentally insane and idiotic...

169 A Worm Named Willy

That kinda repeats "Wormy" and "House Worming" - HondaCivic

170 Staronge

What the heck? Are you guys retarded?

SpongeBob and Patrick have a kid

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171 Dead Krab
172 Two Pals for Gary

Not a sequel to A Pal for Gary, please. - anonygirl

173 Double Demolition Doofus
174 SpongeBob Got Served
175 Fifty Shades of SpongeBob
176 Top Bottom
177 SpongeBob Gets Pregnant

It turns out SpongeBob is anatomically female and has sex with Patrick.


178 Disaster In Bikini Bottom

A series of underwater earthquakes and volcanic eruptions inexplicably ravages Bikini Bottom.

179 Bleach: The Episode

Patrick bleaches his skin while Squidward drinks bleach.

180 Carl Returns
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