Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 11 of SpongeBob SquarePants

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161 In Bed With Mrs. Puff

After all else fails, SpongeBob sleeps with his boating teacher in order to pass his boating exam and receive his license.

162 Bleach: The Episode

Patrick bleaches his skin while Squidward drinks bleach.

163 Carl Returns
164 Another Coarse Meal
165 Everyone Visits Squidward's House

Based on the hit YouTube videos.

166 The Abrasive SquarePants Family

It turns out the entire SquarePants family has an abrasive side to them, not just SpongeBob and Grandma SquarePants.

167 SpongeBob on Social Media
168 The Tape

A sex tape leaks, starring...Betsy Krabs!

169 Patrick Gets Arrested V 1 Comment
170 Miss Bikini Bottom

Pearl enters the Miss Bikini Bottom Pageant, but Mr. Krabs has SpongeBob hijack it by cross-dressing and becoming a contestant. They coincidentally end up being the Final 2.

171 Spongebola

Just stop with the mean-spirited, horrible troll ideas! - HondaCivic

172 The Krusty Krab 3
173 To Hate a Patty
174 Bikini Bottoms

Bikini Bottoms become the latest fashion trend in Bikini Bottom and everyone starts wearing them, even males. In fact, that is the only thing most people wear all day.

175 The Crusty Crab V 1 Comment
176 SuperBob HeroPants
177 Pearl Gets Arrested
178 SpongeBob X Nancy Suzy Fish

Is it weird that I always saw these two together?

Who the heck is she

Yes it is weird 0,0

179 Inky Tentacles

Squidward's long-lost brother shows up to Bikini Bottom for a visit.

Inky can be one of Squidward's siblings. - HondaCivic

The brother's name is Inky by the way.

180 Vampire Fish V 2 Comments
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