Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 14 of Family Guy


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1 Stewie The Great

After Stewie does a Star Trek play he becomes an actor in the actual show but will he success last after Peter deliberately embarrasses him - RockStarr

2 Wine Or Whining

Peter Gives Up Drinking - RockStarr

3 The Talking Dead

After peters favorite actor dies from his favorite show. It ends... So he becomes part of a science club to bring back the dead - RockStarr

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4 Sweet And Sour Lois

Usually Lois gets over peters accidents but not this time how will it end? - RockStarr

5 Death By Stewie

Stewie becomes a pro assasin so he tries to hurt his one enemy... Lois - RockStarr

Stewie becomes a professional assasin so he tries to kill his one enemy... Lios! - RockStarr

6 The Griffin Show

The griffins win the lottery twice in a row seeing the family's obsession with T.V. they make their own show - RockStarr

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7 Chris's Habit

Chris becomes addicted to smoking - RockStarr

8 The Wolfgang Dog

They Get A Friend For The new Dog Not Realising This Dog Was A Killer - RockStarr

9 Quagmire's Childhood

Quagmire tells his friends about this childhood

10 Gravity Fools

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? 1980s

The Contenders

11 The South Park Multiverse
12 Yo Peter Peter
13 Totoro: Family Guy Edition
14 Black Metal Jacket
15 Bad Bou
16 MegStar
17 Waiting For Cleveland
18 Rose Rose
19 Stewie's Tea Party
20 Ex Enemy
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