Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 14 of Family Guy


The Top Ten

1 Stewie The Great

After Stewie does a Star Trek play he becomes an actor in the actual show but will he success last after Peter deliberately embarrasses him - RockStarr

2 Wine Or Whining

If the actual season 14 had these episodes it would be so much better

Peter Gives Up Drinking - RockStarr

3 The Talking Dead

After peters favorite actor dies from his favorite show. It ends... So he becomes part of a science club to bring back the dead - RockStarr

There is actually a show called The Talking Dead. - RalphBob

4 Sweet And Sour Lois

Usually Lois gets over peters accidents but not this time how will it end? - RockStarr

5 Death By Stewie

Stewie becomes a pro assasin so he tries to hurt his one enemy... Lois - RockStarr

Stewie becomes a professional assasin so he tries to kill his one enemy... Lios! - RockStarr

6 The Griffin Show

This basically sounds like a clone of "15 Minutes of Shame". - RalphBob

That's a little like PTV - OneWayStreet

The griffins win the lottery twice in a row seeing the family's obsession with T.V. they make their own show - RockStarr

7 Chris's Habit

Chris becomes addicted to smoking - RockStarr

8 The Wolfgang Dog

They Get A Friend For The new Dog Not Realising This Dog Was A Killer - RockStarr

9 Quagmire's Childhood

Quagmire tells his friends about this childhood

10 Gravity Fools

The Contenders

11 The South Park Multiverse
12 Yo Peter Peter
13 Totoro: Family Guy Edition
14 Black Metal Jacket
15 Bad Bou
16 MegStar
17 Waiting For Cleveland
18 Rose Rose
19 Stewie's Tea Party
20 Ex Enemy
21 Connie La Rica
22 Family Guy and King of the Hill Crossover
23 Kissy Kissy Love You: Peter and Meg Edition
24 Everybody Dies and Show Ends
25 Meg Travels Back in Time
26 Peter Babysits Caillou
27 Stewie Founds a Death Note
28 Boku No Herbert the Pervert
29 Peter vs Teen Titans Go
30 Lois Griffin Dies (For Real and Never Comes Back)
31 Ellen gets Grounded
32 The Mining

The Griffins go to the mountains to visit the Quahog Mining Museum. Then all of a sudden when Peter notices a boulder, he tries to pick it up but it’s too heavy. Which causes the boulder to block the exit. Now the Griffins are stuck in the Mining Museum until they are rescused by Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe, and the rest of the People who live in Quahog. This is a reference to The Shining by Stephen King.

33 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
34 Road to Egypt

After hearing the incident about how the Mummy Statue from the Quahog National Museum was stolen by an Egyptian criminal on the Channel 5 News, Stewie, Brian, Meg and Chris take a trip to Egypt to look for the criminal with his stolen item, and take the statue away from him back where it belongs. Meanwhile Peter and Lois try to build a new Mummy Statue to replace the old one that was stolen.

35 1980s
36 Futurama Guy
37 Persona Brian

While Brian is driving home with Stewie one night after a visit at Jasper's house, He and Stewie notice that Jillian who is baby-sitting Olivia are both being sexually abused by two thieves demanding them to go out with them. Meanwhile, Lois and Peter become doctors trying to fill in for Dr. Hartman while he's on vacation.

38 Family Pony: Crossover is Magic
39 Stewie's New Fursona
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