Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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181 My Leg!: The Musical

The title sounds a little bit funny to be honest.

How do you make a gag into a musical lol

That sounds hilarious. A running gag turned into a musical. - Powerfulgirl10


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182 Smacky Smacky Hate You Squidward and and Luna Edition

I don't think a crossover is a good idea but the plot is fair enough and I think it could be worked into a regular Spongebob episode.

Another pointless crossover - rjbarg042

Enough those cartoons have nothing to do with each other - MrMonkey

Even the title doesn't use proper grammer! - ChiefMudkip

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183 One Coarse Splinter Loving a Patty's Buddies For Gary's Face Freeze Among Us Shuffleboarding with Sandy in the Wringer

Please don't tell me it's One Coarse Meal, To Love a Patty, The Splinter, Boating Buddies, A Pal for Gary, Face Freeze, Fungus Among Us, Shuffleboarding, Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy, and Stuck in the Wringer combined into one episode. I will crack if it is. - anonygirl

Screw my life... - Goatworlds


WHAT THE HELL?! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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184 Every Square Sponge

Another pointless crossover. But at least another Nickelodeon show, unlike Simpsons, Regular Show, The Flintstones, Gravity Falls, and many other crossover ideas. I still do not think it should be made because Every Witch Way is a live action show while SpongeBob is a cartoon. - anonygirl

Every square sponge in Bikini Bottom?

This list is crap

What? Every Witch Way was a live action T.V. that got canceled a few years ago. - TopTenHaters

185 SpongeBob Undercover

This could actually be good if not at all related to Spy Buddies.

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186 Spongebob's Suicide


187 Calvin Becomes Constipated

This has zero to do with Spongebob. - TopTenHaters

Uh No...Calvin and Hobbes is some of my favorite Comic characters - ChiefMudkip

How does this do anything with SpongeBob? - HondaCivic

More like spongebob + calvin.

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188 SpongeBob Meets Minecraftsucks101

And by Meets, he means Kills - ChiefMudkip

189 Cancer in the Butt

What the? I'd rather watch a marathon of the Different Way and Kissy Kissy Love You episodes and the Crossover Orgies.

This should be a sanjay and craig episode - tupacisalive7

This is a very mean spirited idea! - TopTenHaters

This idea is disgusting - anonygirl

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190 Moana Moans

Another idea that has zero to do with Spongebob.

Nothing to do with Spongebob. - TopTenHaters

Nothing to do with SpongeBob.. - HondaCivic

Don't Ruin Moana For Me - JPK

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191 SpongeBob x Videogamefan5 x Judy Hopps x Nick Wilde x Bellwether x Cheif Bogo x Clawhauser x Gazelle x Mr. Big x Finnick (10 Hour Special with Patchy Segments)

Haha! Someone should tell Videogamefan5 about this. He might just crack up!

This looks like some fanfic

SpongeBob and videogamefan5 fight the cast of Zootopia.

192 Kissy Kissy Love You: Twilight Sparkle And Rainbow Dash Edition (2 Hour Special)

This has nothing to do with SpongeBob - HondaCivic

Where does Spongebob come into this?

Nothing to do with Spongebob. - TopTenHaters

What does any of that have to do with SpongeBob? - anonygirl

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193 SpongeBob x Kevin x Stuart x Bob x Scarlet Overkill x Herb Overkill x the Nelsons x Queen Elizabeth x Frankie Fishlips x Dumo the Sumo x Professor Flux (10 Hour Special with Patchy Segments)

The casts of SpongeBob and Minions get into the ring to determine the best of the best of these two franchises. The tournament is 10 hours long. Well, it may be a crossover but at least it isn't sexual.

Stop doing this! They are getting annoying! - HondaCivic

Please no. These are getting old.. - TopTenHaters

Inappropriate And VERY Stupid - JPK

194 SpongeBob X Kylo Ren

I just revived bad ideas such as Spylon, Underwater Matrix, Omega Sponge, and I Know What You Did At The Krusty Krab and turned them into good ones. Nothing sexual, so feel free to check them out.

Stupid Idea - JPK

195 Chocolate with Nuts 2 (15 Min)

No. It's a great episode but it doesn't need a sequel.

I like the first one

Another Stupid Sequel To An Episode - rjbarg042

196 Time Sponge (Half Hour Episode)

Maybe the premovie characters go to the future where they see themselves as the post movie characters! Mr. krabs scolds himself for being too greedy! Pre movie Patrick tries to stop sociopathic post movie Patrick. Pre movie Squidward tries to give himself things, pre movie sandy teaches herself karate, Plankton tries to teach post movie plankton to actually be evil, SpongeBob tries to teach himself to not be a doormat and to be aware of things, and Mr. Puff tries to teach herself not to overreact but big Zeus and Big Casey try to stop it because the show is getting "too creative", and "too awesome", then the creator of SpongeBob stops them by giving them big pink slips! Here's the dialog for that part! Big Zeus and Big Casey- we need more plot twists get the copy of SpongeBob you're fired and good neighbors. Stephan H. -here's your two "big pink slips" you're never writing a SpongeBob episode again! Big Casey and Big Zeus-NO then all the fans and the ...more

They'd never put Stephen, Zeus or Casey in, but the rest sounds great.

No it should be when SpongeBob and patrick go back in time and relive all the other famous SpongeBob episodes from season 1,2 and 3

Just Like An Idea Earlier On The List, Modern Spongebob Is Never Going To Meet Pre Movie Spongebob, Enough Said - rjbarg042

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197 The Real Hash Slinging Slasher

Here's how it should. The hash slinging slasher (the nice one) was actually tricking Spongebob and Squidward and actually wants to kill them. They run away and then then they found the cliff to rock bottom and pushes the hash slinging slasher into it and dies. They celebrate and get back to their jobs.

You know that he was supposed to be a drug dealer, right? "Hash"

The Hash-Slinging Slasher isn't even supposed to be real. It's just a story Squidward made up.

Another Worthless Sequel Of A Classic Episode - rjbarg042

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198 Gravitybob Fallspants

I like Gravity Fall, but this idea sucks

Ok, making a crossover of Gravity Falls and SpongeBob is just wrong. - Minecraftcrazy530

Copyright! SpongeBob is Nickelodeon and Gravity Falls is Disney. Therefore, this should never happen. - anonygirl

Spongebob has it right bill ciper in sponge fall

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199 The Viacom Story

Plankton kills the current writers and Viacom in order to become evil again.

This also results in Krabs caring about people again, Patrick being nice again, Sandy no longer being a scientist, and Squidward getting what he deserves again.

AWFUL IDEA, These Modern Spongebob Writers And Viacom And Nickelodeon Workers Are Trying their Best To Make Good Episodes And Shows And Some Kids And Teens Like These New Episodes Of Spongebob, Plus It's An Insult To These Workers Too, And The Other Idea About The Spongebob Documentary Already Happened Before - rjbarg042

Viacom is EVIL because it sues people for making fanmade videos or parodies... - HondaCivic

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200 More Sand Castles in the Sand (30 min. special)

Hopefully this episode is just as good as the first...

I like the idea, but why are we making puns of the good episodes when we should be making better versions of the bad episodes.

It sounds good, but why are we partially copying all the decent episodes?

How About Thinking of ORIGINAL Ideas People? - ChiefMudkip

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