Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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201 Spongebob Visits This List

He might be insulted by some ideas. - Garythesnail

Them he murders every one here because this list it the worst thing I've ever seen.

The list can make a cameo in an episode when SpongeBob is typing.

This will never happen. - TopTenHaters

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202 #SpongeOnTwitter

Stupid idea, stupid plot.

After SpongeBob and Patrick find out about Twitter, they have a hashtagging contest

Sounds dumb. Do not bring the hashtag curse to SpongeBob!

Don't make this why kids need more care at internet - Centaurus

SpongeBob has a Twitter account. He has blogs and tweets to people. - HondaCivic

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203 Racist Sponge

Are you crazy? Racism is a terrible thing. Skin color does not matter, that's the exterior. It's what's inside that counts. - Turkeyasylum

Even I think this sucks - SpongebobSuxx

What's this going to be about? Eating fish?

RACIST SPONGE? My childhood is ruined! - TopTenHaters

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204 Pearl Gets Eaten and SpongeBob Gets Turned Into a Tool

Extremely awkward topic and odd plot - PatrickStar

Lol minus the eaten part and it can be an interesting episode - FerrariDude64

What the f I'm dying. Laughing

What kind of plot is that? - TopTenHaters

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205 Time Traveler Twits (30 Minute Special)

SpongeBob wants to see the modern times so he gets sandy to make one then patrick, sandy, Gary and squidward join him then they get stuck in time so they must work together to get home to only find a great ending in the modern times...

Way to much things going on in this episode. This idea is bad - PatrickStar

Back to the Bottom

Back to the Future and SpongeBob Squerpants!

Pretty good idea, this could parody Back to the Future. - TopTenHaters

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206 Puffy Fluffy Blows Up

Puffy Fluffy spontaneously combusts and everyone in Bikini Bottom within 1 kilometer of the explosion dies from the impact. Puffy Fluffy's remains are scattered throughout the whole city but there's a twist. It's all poison. Everyone in Bikini Bottom dies within a month from poisoning including Spongebob and Gary and the show ends.

In the delusions of my mind, this has already happened. Please don't tell me otherwise because that would be a disappointment.

YES. THIS BETTER HAPPEN. Jk, this won't happen. But I really want to see it happen.

I Want To See This, But Sadly It Will Never Be Made - JPK

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207 SpongeBob Goes to North Korea

SpongeBob wants to go to North Korea to save Patrick from Kim Jung Un

TERRIBLE IDEA, This Episode Might Offend The Country And Spongebob Going To Other Countries Just Is Not Right For The Series - rjbarg042

SpongeBob kills Kim John Un - Goatworlds

Terrible - JPK

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208 SpongeBob Hits Puberty

Isn't he an adult? The idea is still stupid anyway

I do not think puberty should ever happen on a kids cartoon (that would ruin the show for characters to grow up). Instead, parents and other trusted adults should talk directly to the children about it. - anonygirl

This is just wrong

SpongeBob's Already A Grown Sponge, And This Idea Sucks - JPK

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209 Evil Karen

This Is Good But If Done Differently From Other Episodes - rjbarg042

Plankton reprograms Karen to make her evil to finally get the formula but it backfires on him

Umm, Karen is already evil, dumbass...

210 Mr. Krabs Turns the Krusty Krab Into an XXX Movie Theater

And the theater shows all the terrible 18+ ideas on this list

What Perverted Sicko Put This Here?

How are there so many likes on this? :I


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211 SpongeBob Visits Ferguson

After a Ferguson looter dives underwater and steals the Krusty Krab secret formula, SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs must go to Ferguson, Missouri to take the formula back. However, they must face killer cops, rampaging thugs, and Michael Brown's ghost. Can they survive?

Killer cops, rampaging thugs, and Michael Brown are too inappropriate for SpongeBob. - anonygirl

Terrible, Inappropiate, And Offensive Idea That Is Never Going To Be Made And Is Added To The List Of Stupid Spongebob Goes To Places In The World Ideas - rjbarg042

Why are MB jokes here

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212 Spongiest Dreams

Someone Is Probably Right For This Copying Another Classic Episode And The Other Plot For Spongebob Having A Wet Dream About A Girl Is Just Bad For A Kids Show - rjbarg042

Please no. I like that song, and I don't want anything else traumatizing.

Sounds like Sleepy Time.

That idea sounds similar to "Sleepy Time" - HondaCivic

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213 Sandy Goes To The Gynecologist

What the heck man

What even is a gynecologist?

Inappropriate. STOP WITH THE SEXUAL LIST ITEMS ALREADY - thisisaveryrandomusername88

Very educational! Should air on T.V. ASAP!

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214 Puffy Fluffy x Gary

Gary kills Puffy Fluffy - Goatworlds

They're enemies, not friends. That's just wrong...

Gary kills Puffy Fluffy by farting all over him. Screw Breadwinners. - AlphaQ


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215 Why Do Sponges Fall In Love?

(Title card music is why do fools fall in love)
Set in 1959 Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob hears how his parents fell in love. His dad was in his highschool talking to Patrick's dad, when he saw the most beautiful sponge girl ever. Harold tries to get hold of her but fails. One day later, his school catches fire, and the girl sponge is trapped inside. And in a feat of bravery, he rescues her.

That sounds great! it's better than most.

Actually, this sounds nice. I would like an episode set in the 50's. - anonygirl

Seeing characters in there younger states, how Bikini Bottom changed since the days of Spongebuck, backstory on Spongebob's parents and references to 50s songs in the title... Let's do it!

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216 SpongeBob: Fate Slayer Night

In Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean, SpongeBob SquarePants wakes up after having a dream about his last moment with her father Tokiomi. Once he arrives at school, he realizes he is early because the clocks in his home were set forward by an hour. He meets with other people at the school who arrived early, including Gary, the head of the school's archery club; Pearl Krabs, a new member of the archery club; Squidward, Sandy, Mrs. Puff, one of the schoolteachers; Plankton, and an unknown red-haired fish fixing a heater for Plankton. After school, SpongeBob performs a summoning ritual and summons a Servant of the Saber class, much to his displeasure, as he hoped to summon a Servant of the Saber class. Patrick is initially dissatisfied with SpongeBob, who uses one of his Command Seals to order Patrick to listen to all of his orders. While the order is worded vaguely and therefore pointless, Patrick admits that he now realizes his skill as a mage. The next day, SpongeBob skips school and shows ...more - Goatworlds

What the heck? SpongeBob mixed with Fate/stay Night?! What's next? SpongeBob Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Might as well add Attack on SpongeBob or Sponge Art Online. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This Is Just Really Stupid And Does Not Fit In With The Spongebob, Plus This Rips Off Something Too - rjbarg042

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217 Holy Crap!

Sandy Cheeks' devoutly Catholic father Francis is forced to retire from his job at the Pawtucket Mill, and moves in with her. Francis yells at his elder grandson, Seth, because he believes that he is masturbating in the bathroom when he is merely defecating. He makes his granddaughter, Lizzie, feel guilty for holding hands with a neighbor boy, and tells his younger grandson, Sean, bedtime stories of the punishments that await sinners in Hell. Francis and his teachings to his grandchildren cause Chris to become convinced that defecation is a sin, while it makes Sean become fascinated with God and his power to punish sinners.

Sandy takes the Pope to her house; when Larry sees him he is terrified that Sandy kidnapped him. Although she kidnapped him, the Pope agrees to tell Francis what a good person Sandy is. Before they go, Sandy fixes the problems Francis had created for his grandchildren; he tells Seth that what happens in the bathroom is between him and God, and to LIzzie that ...more

Really? We do not need another episode idea like Different Way and its thousands of other parts! - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

They convert her father to not be so religious and then he stops being annoying

This is a rip-off of the Family Guy episode Holy Crap!

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218 Two Pals for Gary

Here's the plot: During a holiday weekend, SpongeBob spent so much time with Gary that Gary could not imagine his life without SpongeBob. When SpongeBob got back to work, Gary was okay with being alone until he looked out the window and saw other snails with their owners as well as other snails. This made Gary jealous, which caused him to cling to SpongeBob once SpongeBob got home. SpongeBob got so concerned that the next day, he asked Mr. Krabs to stay home from work, but Mr. Krabs told him that he could not get paid otherwise. Once SpongeBob got home from work, he then came up with another solution to adopt more pets. SpongeBob thought that getting another pet like Puffy Fluffy would harm Gary more, so SpongeBob went to pet store and adopted 2 other snails. SpongeBob named those 2 snails Mary and Barry. Once Mary and Barry got adopted, Gary befriended them, and he didn't feel lonely anymore. - anonygirl

I know sequels are usually terrible ideas, I would still want a more moral version of A Pal for Gary. Why make terrible versions of great episodes when you can always make better versions of terrible episodes? - anonygirl

Another Useless Sequel - rjbarg042

Nobody wants a A Pal For Gary, part 2. No thanks! - TopTenHaters

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219 The Spatrick Photo Album

This Stuff Belongs In Porn, Not a SpongeBob Episode - ChiefMudkip

SHUT UP With This Garbage NOW - rjbarg042

SpongeBob and Patrick's pictures in bed are revealed to the viewers

EWWW (W Goes On Forever Because Of How Dumb This Idea Is) - JPK

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220 Breadwinners X Caillou

What do those two shows even have to do with SpongeBob SquarePants? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What Does This Have ANYTHING To Do With Spongebob, This Is Also One Of The Worst Ideas On The List As Well - rjbarg042

This better not be a sex episode. - Powerfulgirl10

Nothing To Do With SpongeBob - JPK

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