Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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241 Jake Dimuro Gives Squidward a Swirlie

Excuse em?! First off, this will never fill 11 minutes. Second, what is Jake Dimuro, third, just no - ChiefMudkip

242 Max and Gidget Make Out

This has nothing to do with SpongeBob. - HondaCivic

I Ship Them But, No Thanks - JPK

No, besides it already happened in TSLOP - ChiefMudkip

How does this relate to SpongeBob? - anonygirl

243 SpongeBob meets HondaCivic

Hey look, it's me! But this is not going to happen! - HondaCivic

No more crossovers with anything non-Nick. - TopTenHaters

No more crossovers with Top Tens users! - HondaCivic

244 The Nick Jr. Massacre

I Hate Most Nick Jr Shows, But No - JPK

This sounds disturbing. - anonygirl

That will never happen. - TopTenHaters

Stop it guys! - HondaCivic

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245 The Bikini Bottom Dabbing Contest

Dabbing as in the dance? If so, this would be hilarious!

That will never happen. - TopTenHaters

LOL not gonna happen - HondaCivic

If you're looking for serious things to vote on everyone, go to the top 100, however these troll ideas are giving me a good laugh - Phillip873

246 Underwater Matrix

There's a major underwater archeological dig in Bikini Bottom where a pair of archeologists find a lost underground tomb. However, the objects found within the tomb go missing from the matrix (the physical material from which objects are archeologically excavated). The Bikini Bottom Police Force shows up and it turns out a rainstorm the night before washed everything away. The episode ends with everyone having a good laugh.

SpongeBob has s e x with Neo

This Idea Would Not Work For 3 Reasons
1.The Matrix Is Not Nickelodeon
2.Its Rated R
3.Its Not Animated

247 Kermit The Frog Visits Bikini Bottom

I Love The Muppets, But This Will Never Happen Because The Muppets Are Not Nickelodeon And Are Not Animated. - JPK

Personally I would love for this to happen but Disney owns the Muppets, not Nickelodeon,

I don't think Kermit the Frog can't breathe underwater.. - HondaCivic

248 Gru's Toilet Trouble

1.This Has Nothing To Do With SpongeBob
2.EWW! - JPK

249 SpongeBob X Charlie X Grandpa Joe X Willy Wonka X Augustus Gloop X Violet Beauregarde X Veruca Salt X Mike Teavee (10 hour special with Patchy segments)

Another Awful 10 Hour Orgy Crossover That Will NEVER EVER Happen! - JPK

What...? - PeeledBanana

Get some new ideas.

250 SpongeBob Gets a Fake iPhone

A Bikini Bottom version of the iPhone?

To Be Honest, Not A Good Idea - JPK

Cheap - ChuckECheese

251 Spongebob x Sandy

I don't think whoever put this is the worst user, but I agree that the idea is abysmal. - Garythesnail

Well I'm a SpongeBob fan and I don't want to see this. - spongebobgymnast

Um, this is a terrible idea. - Garythesnail

There's like 50 episode ideas of that.. - TopTenHaters

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252 Crazy Krabs

It's Christmas time an mr Krabs finds it a good time to make money. But plankton gets in his way

This episode would be like the old ones. I would love to see it

Sounds Good, But It Should Be An Regular Episode And Not A Christmas Episode - rjbarg042

I actually really like this idea. - anonygirl

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253 Return to Rock Bottom (1 Hour Special)

How about return to original ideas?

I agree but, it shouldn't be 1 hour - spodermanfan1000

Another Stupid Sequel To An Old Episode That Should Never Be Made - rjbarg042

Another rip-off of Rock Bottom. - TopTenHaters

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254 Squidward's Suicide

It Happened in "Are You Happy Now" And I Hated That Part and I Wouldn't want to see this It's is basically Too Inappropriate. - Dreamformusic

This was never a "banned episode". It is just some stupid creepy pasta.

Nick removed this episode because it was inappropriate why would they make it again?!

What! No! - TopTenHaters

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255 Sponge and Fry

I like both shows, but this isn't a good idea. First of all, why would Fry visit SpongeBob in the first place? That just seems pretty random and unusual. Also, Futurama isn't a kids show. There are to many terrible crossover ideas on this list. This one idea would probably ruin both shows, and shall not be made.P.S. , how does Fry get underwater? - RalphBob

Futurama isn't a kid's show...

Another Dumb Spongebob Crossover Idea With A Show That's Not A Nickelodeon Show And Is Not For Kids - rjbarg042

Futurama is not Nick. - TopTenHaters

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256 Spongecake, Sir? (10 Min)

This will be a much better version of Krusty Dogs. It starts with SpongeBob finding a sack of flour in the freezer, and finds out that it's frozen in the shape of a pancake. He talks to Mr. Krabs about starting a breakfast menu, and he says yes. People stop coming in the afternoon, so Mr. Krabs takes Krabby Patties off the menu and replaces it with sponge cake, which will grill for extra tastiness to keep SpongeBob happy. He starts making an effort to get it off. Finally, he curls up in a circle to look like sponge cake and moves around a little, causing people to think "The sponge cake is alive! " And not come back for breakfast in the best moment of the episode. At the end, SpongeBob starts cooking Krabby Patties.

Sounds Like A Good Idea But There Are Better Ideas On The List - rjbarg042

I like the idea but get rid of the part where Krabby Patties were taken off the menu. - TopTenHaters

Ripoff of SpongeBob Gets Served (which is well needed and deserved, to be honest).

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257 Celebrity Sponge

They already have model sponge

I Don't Think There Never Going To Make Another Episode Where Spongebob Is Going To Become A Star On T.V. - rjbarg042

258 Day Care Sponge

Sounds like a good idea all the babies like Patrick and hate Squidward - PatrickStar

Again One Of The MOST OUTSTANDING Ideas On The List That Could Probably Be Made Into An Episode - rjbarg042

I love children so much. This is an extraordinary idea! - anonygirl

The Krusty Krab opens a daycare. - TopTenHaters

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259 Patrick and PatrickStar meet

That would be cool actually - PatrickStar

Lol, PatrickStar is lucky

An episode where a SpongeBob character meets a user of TheTopTens is impossible. - anonygirl

This Makes NO SENSE At All - rjbarg042

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260 SpongeBob New Year's Party (3 hours, from 9-12)

Then kids wouldn't have time to watch the Ball Drop so they should air it on Dec. 18, 2015 on CBS and Nick. - FasterThanSonic

Spongebob' House Party sequel but live! Spongebob's house becomes a huge party with crossovers from over 1500 different shows and all the Spongebob characters and all the TopTens users, with Patchy as the guest star and the Chainsmokers as the party band. Then Spongebob's house becomes so wild! - TopTenHaters

It would work with hour but people won't have time to watch 3 hours of it!

It should be only 30 minutes long snd not run until midnight.

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