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241 The Spelling Sea

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Pearl, and Mrs. Puff all sign up for Bikini Bottom's 1st annual spelling bee. At the spelling bee, the winner receives $10,000. The spelling bee was really challenging, so the contestants had to study really hard to do well. Every contestant worked together to study except for Patrick, who was just goofing off and doing his own thing. When SpongeBob caught Patrick falling asleep, he woke him up and told him that the bee was in 3 hours. Patrick realized that he forgot, so SpongeBob then studied with him for about an hour. An hour later, every contestant went yo the bee to organize themselves. For the first 90% of the bee, everyone thought either Squidward or Mrs. Puff would win. In fact, they were so far ahead of everyone else (and they tied so often) that the judges had a hard time figuring out whether Squidward or Mrs. Puff would win. However, near the end of the bee, Patrick started to perform well out of nowhere. He started ...more - anonygirl

242 Spa Sponge

Sounded good until the boob messaging.

243 SpongeBall

A basketball falls off a ship into bikini bottom so sandy teaches everyone how to play basketball - tupacisalive7

Kinda like how SpongeBob House was created - ChiefMudkip

That sounds like a great idea, Tupacisalive7! - anonygirl

244 Rudolph x Frosty the Snowman

That has nothing to do with Spongebob! - Cartoonfan202

How does this do something with SpongeBob? - HondaCivic

Nothing to do with Spongebob! - TopTenHaters

It's not a SpongeBob List you people - ChuckECheese

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245 Pearl Moans (24 Hour Special)

Really people? This would not fill 24 hours, yet 11 minutes. - TopTenHaters

Who would want to hear Pearl moaning for a day? - Cartoonfan202

Stupid - JPK

246 SpongeBob X Harambe (2 Hour Special With Patchy Segments)

I Actually Like The Harambe Meme, But This Idea Is Terrible - JPK

NO. - Cartoonfan202


As much as I love Harambe, I think this idea is inappropriate for a show rated T.V.-Y7. - anonygirl

247 Problem Sponge

SpongeBob's parents' house burns down because of a large earthquake that happened. SpongeBob ended up saving their lives, but they encountered a problem. Mr. a nd Mrs. SquarePants have nowhere to stay. SpongeBob asks for Sandy an idea to solve the problem. Sandy came up with a solution to the problem. She decided to have herself, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, SpongeBob's parents, and Mr. Krabs build a low income apartment complex for SpongeBob's parents (as well as many other homeless people in Bikini Bottom.). Zeus an Casey are banned from writing this episode. Only Hillenburg will write this episode. Jokes that appeal to everyone (not the toilet humor that only a 5-year-old would laugh to). Hillenburg will make to where no one is crying, the plot is understandable, the episode is moral, and it feels like a Season 2 classic. They need to recreate episodes with the feel of episodes like Band Geeks and Ripped Pants. - anonygirl

Gary, Squidward, Plankton, and Mrs. Puff have had it with SpongeBob so they decide to get back at him by abusing him. This will be a 1-Hour Special. Warning: Contains rape and other forms of torture such as waterboarding and attempted murder.

248 SpongeBob DiarrheaPants

Spongebob eats poison and has diarrhea and explodes, sending diarrhea tsunami waves that destroy bikini bottom.

I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick! 😖 - JPK

Ew gross - Cartoonfan202

Another disgusting troll idea. - TopTenHaters

249 SpongeBob Hits a Bong (420 Hour Special)

420 Hours is way too long for an episode, plus that sounds inappropriate. - HondaCivic

Just by looking at the title makes me wanna vomit. - TopTenHaters

For Pete's sake! 17.5 Days? That's literally impossible! And Spongebob doing drugs? I've seen LOTS of bad ideas on the list but this is definitely in the Bottom 10 along with the 10-Hour Crossover Orgies, Sandy/Pearl/Moana/Gidget/Cookie Monster Moans, Kissy Kissy Love You 10 (Gaston and Lefou Edition), Grinch x Lorax, Bill Cosby Drugs Sandy/Pearl, Spongebob and Patrick's Poop Contest, Character Abuse, Insanity Day, and Mrs. Call Gets Killed by a Drunk Driver.
Dishonorable Mentions: The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back and The Great Greatest Different Way of All Time

Awful, Awful Troll Idea - JPK

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250 Squilliam Turns Zootopia Into a Strip Club

Zootopia has nothing to do with Spongebob and this is a KIDS show! - TopTenHaters

Good god, these new ideas keep just getting worse and worse.


That is not appropriate for a show rated T.V.-Y7. - anonygirl

251 Jake Dimuro Gives Squidward a Swirlie

Excuse em?! First off, this will never fill 11 minutes. Second, what is Jake Dimuro, third, just no - ChiefMudkip

252 Max and Gidget Make Out

This has nothing to do with SpongeBob. - HondaCivic

I Ship Them But, No Thanks - JPK

No, besides it already happened in TSLOP - ChiefMudkip

What the heck? I ship them but they should not do that on a T.V.-Y7 show - PeeledBanana

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253 SpongeBob meets HondaCivic

Hey look, it's me! But this is not going to happen! - HondaCivic

No more crossovers with anything non-Nick. - TopTenHaters

No more crossovers with Top Tens users! - HondaCivic

254 Flea Market

SpongeBob starts a flea market from his house but it turns out he was operating illegally and is forced to shut down.

As long there is no drugs or bombs or violence involved, this episode could be a good idea. - TopTenHaters

I'm the one who came up with this idea just to let you know. - HondaCivic

Spongebob builds a flea market and sells food. Then fleas destroy the market and eat the food. Then spongebob twerks and farts and the fleas smell his farts and grow muscles and destroy bikini bottom. Then all of the users of thetoptens twerk and fart so badly they start a tsunami that crahes into a nuclear factory causing a nuclear explosion that starts a permanent pollution all over the world.

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255 The Nick Jr. Massacre

This sounds disturbing and irrelevant to SpongeBob. - anonygirl

That will never happen. - TopTenHaters

I Hate Most Nick Jr Shows, But No - JPK

Stop it guys! - HondaCivic

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256 Underwater Matrix

There's a major underwater archeological dig in Bikini Bottom where a pair of archeologists find a lost underground tomb. However, the objects found within the tomb go missing from the matrix (the physical material from which objects are archeologically excavated). The Bikini Bottom Police Force shows up and it turns out a rainstorm the night before washed everything away. The episode ends with everyone having a good laugh.

SpongeBob has s e x with Neo

This Idea Would Not Work For 3 Reasons
1.The Matrix Is Not Nickelodeon
2.Its Rated R
3.Its Not Animated

257 Kermit The Frog Visits Bikini Bottom

I Love The Muppets, But This Will Never Happen Because The Muppets Are Not Nickelodeon And Are Not Animated. - JPK

Personally I would love for this to happen but Disney owns the Muppets, not Nickelodeon,

I don't think Kermit the Frog can't breathe underwater.. - HondaCivic

The Muppets are not Nickelodeon. - anonygirl

258 Gru's Toilet Trouble

1.This Has Nothing To Do With SpongeBob
2.EWW! - JPK

Gru from Despicable Me? This has nothing to do with Nickelodeon, let alone SpongeBob. - anonygirl

Stupid Troll Idea! - ChuckECheese

259 SpongeBob X Charlie X Grandpa Joe X Willy Wonka X Augustus Gloop X Violet Beauregarde X Veruca Salt X Mike Teavee (10 hour special with Patchy segments)

Another Awful 10 Hour Orgy Crossover That Will NEVER EVER Happen! - JPK

What...? - PeeledBanana

Get some new ideas.

260 SpongeBob Gets a Fake iPhone

A Bikini Bottom version of the iPhone?

To Be Honest, Not A Good Idea - JPK

Cheap - ChuckECheese

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