Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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261 Kissy Kissy Love You: Different Way

Good idea (Don't worry, it is just Sarcasm, nothing really bad) - BorisRule

OH MY GOSH NOO! - Gangem


262 Different Way: Mr. Krabs, Osama Bin Laden and Jabba Edition

What is wrong with people nowadays? - Tyler730


263 Spongebob x Sandy

I don't think whoever put this is the worst user, but I agree that the idea is abysmal. - Garythesnail

Well I'm a SpongeBob fan and I don't want to see this. - spongebobgymnast

Um, this is a terrible idea. - Garythesnail

There's like 50 episode ideas of that.. - TopTenHaters

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264 Crazy Krabs

It's Christmas time an mr Krabs finds it a good time to make money. But plankton gets in his way

This episode would be like the old ones. I would love to see it

Sounds Good, But It Should Be An Regular Episode And Not A Christmas Episode - rjbarg042

I actually really like this idea. - anonygirl

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265 Return to Rock Bottom (1 Hour Special)

How about return to original ideas?

I agree but, it shouldn't be 1 hour - spodermanfan1000

Another Stupid Sequel To An Old Episode That Should Never Be Made - rjbarg042

Another rip-off of Rock Bottom. - TopTenHaters

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266 Squidward's Suicide

It Happened in "Are You Happy Now" And I Hated That Part and I Wouldn't want to see this It's is basically Too Inappropriate. - Dreamformusic

This was never a "banned episode". It is just some stupid creepy pasta.

Nick removed this episode because it was inappropriate why would they make it again?!

What! No! - TopTenHaters

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267 Sponge and Fry

I like both shows, but this isn't a good idea. First of all, why would Fry visit SpongeBob in the first place? That just seems pretty random and unusual. Also, Futurama isn't a kids show. There are to many terrible crossover ideas on this list. This one idea would probably ruin both shows, and shall not be made.P.S. , how does Fry get underwater? - RalphBob

Futurama isn't a kid's show...

Another Dumb Spongebob Crossover Idea With A Show That's Not A Nickelodeon Show And Is Not For Kids - rjbarg042

Futurama is not Nick. - TopTenHaters

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268 Spongecake, Sir? (10 Min)

This will be a much better version of Krusty Dogs. It starts with SpongeBob finding a sack of flour in the freezer, and finds out that it's frozen in the shape of a pancake. He talks to Mr. Krabs about starting a breakfast menu, and he says yes. People stop coming in the afternoon, so Mr. Krabs takes Krabby Patties off the menu and replaces it with sponge cake, which will grill for extra tastiness to keep SpongeBob happy. He starts making an effort to get it off. Finally, he curls up in a circle to look like sponge cake and moves around a little, causing people to think "The sponge cake is alive! " And not come back for breakfast in the best moment of the episode. At the end, SpongeBob starts cooking Krabby Patties.

Sounds Like A Good Idea But There Are Better Ideas On The List - rjbarg042

I like the idea but get rid of the part where Krabby Patties were taken off the menu. - TopTenHaters

Ripoff of SpongeBob Gets Served (which is well needed and deserved, to be honest).

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269 Day Care Sponge

Sounds like a good idea all the babies like Patrick and hate Squidward - PatrickStar

Again One Of The MOST OUTSTANDING Ideas On The List That Could Probably Be Made Into An Episode - rjbarg042

I love children so much. This is an extraordinary idea! - anonygirl

The Krusty Krab opens a daycare. - TopTenHaters

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270 Patrick and PatrickStar meet

That would be cool actually - PatrickStar

Lol, PatrickStar is lucky

An episode where a SpongeBob character meets a user of TheTopTens is impossible. - anonygirl

Spongebob would never have an episode where they meet a TopTens user... - TopTenHaters

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271 SpongeBob New Year's Party (3 hours, from 9-12)

Then kids wouldn't have time to watch the Ball Drop so they should air it on Dec. 18, 2015 on CBS and Nick. - FasterThanSonic

It would work with hour but people won't have time to watch 3 hours of it!

There can't be a 3 hour special - toptenzen

It could a T.V. special televised in a random T.V. network in which SpongeBob and other Nicktoon characters do things, show clips from episodes, and they watch the Ball Drop - GumballWatterson

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272 LivBob MaddiePants

A Crossover With A Live Action Show That Is NOT Nick "Amazing" : ( Idiots - rjbarg042

Liv and maddie sucks and spongebob is nick and liv and maddie is diseny chunnel - epictoonsfan1

273 Sandy's Favorite Colors

(SARCASM) Wow! I can't wait! I'll get to spend 11 minutes finding out a squirrel's favorite colors! Really, though, think before you write!

They would be white, brown and purple.

What a very boring idea. - TopTenHaters

This would be better as a short. - anonygirl

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274 The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

SpongeBob places a straw on a camel and it tears re poor camels body in half, showing graphically blood and gore and a close up of the sufferings creature. SpongeBob is pelted with crap for doing this horrible deed. He is mocked and shamed, and becomes an outcast from society, eventually falling off a cliff and starving to death. Patrick finds his decomposing body and eats it, gets put in a mental institution where he is r4ped and beaten everyday, eventually leading to his death. Squidward becomes overjoyed and gets w4sted on drugs and alcohol, eventually running into the path of a speeding truck, leaving him a bloody pulp, shown graphically. Mr. Krabs has nobody to make him money anyone, so he becomes homeless and eventually slits his wrists with a dollar bill. It is revealed that Sandy actually had a huge crush on SpongeBob, and she goes into a depression, using drugs to take away the sadness. She invents a machine that looks like spogebob but it goes haywire and impales her, ...more

By Far The Worst Idea On The List, Inappropriate And Mean Spirited. In My Opinion This Even Worse Than Everyone Dies And The Show Ends Even If That Is A God Awful ldea As Well. Whoever Added This Idea Needs To Be Banned From The Site. This List Could Have Been Good Potential But Instead We Get Crossover, Sex, Suicide, Racist, Bloody, Fart, Poop, Stupid, Sequel, And Rip Off Ideas On This List. I Bet The Writers For This Show Will Be Disgusted And Insulted If They Saw This List. - rjbarg042

Technically, this is the same thing as Everyone Dies and the Show Ends. - anonygirl

This idea is more like some sort of seriously messed-up creepypasta that belongs in the deep dark depths of the internet than an actual SpongeBob episode that would air on a channel meant for KIDS. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

So basically everyone dies and the show ends? This episode would get banned because it is too disturbing. I almost exploded from anger and sadness seeing this idea. - anonygirl

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275 Starlight

Maybe it was a legendary orb star that belonged to the space gods.

SpongeBob and Patrick find a Magical Star in Jellyfish Fields which is Very Valauble. They want to Keep it But Everyone really Want that Star

This actually sounds good

This list is trash, I vote for this because it sounds good. I actually made my own Spongebob season, (just plots), although maybe my ideas aren't so good they at least aren't so bad as Plankton Gets The Formula, Mr. Krabs Gets Arrested or Pizza Delivery 2. Here's my idea for a last Spongebob episode (i didn't included this in my Spongebob season)
Spongebob finnaly passes his boating test and Mrs. Puff is free
Squidward becomes a good clarinet player, and is better than Squilliam, becoming happy.
Plankton moves away, and actually makes a good burger gaining success in that other town, and both him and Mr. Krabs become happy.
Plankton and Mr. Krabs become friends again (same with Squidward and Squilliam and maybe Spongebob and Bubble Bass)
Sandy's friends from Texas move to her treedome so she will never be homesick again
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy finnaly force the villains to give up, and the town is free.

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276 Krusty Krab Krew

This Is Confusing - rjbarg042

This abbreviates into KKK...

The Krusty Krab Krew is secretly the KKK

This abbreviates into KKK

277 Spongebob Kills Satan

Well, I can't say I mind. - Garythesnail

Not gonna complain here. - Therandom

This seems pretty good - Goatworlds

Would be the best episode ever, but this is not happening. - anonygirl

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278 Poopypants Crapbob

Why else are his pants brown?

Yet another awful idea! Who keeps adding these?! Add it to the worst ideas list please!

These Trolls Must Have A Low IQ - rjbarg042

Gross! - TopTenHaters

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279 High-Tech Krab

When Mr. Krabs gets a coupon for free technology, he gets it and updates the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob doesn't like it as much, and misses the simpler days. He shows Mr. Krabs all of the malfunctions and problems, but he still won't bring back the old technology. Eventually, he gets the bill for the electricity bill, and it's HUGE. So he takes away the old technology, and the Krusty Krab is back to normal.

I meant he takes away the new technology.

This sounds good. - anonygirl

280 Intestine Attack!

At night, everyone's intestines crawl out and they all join to become a giant intestine worm! The whole town has to fight it and they win because all the intestines explode with poo (it comes out of their end, an anus). Everyone also dies because they no longer have intestines. Before everyone died, SpongeBob soaks up all of the poo and feeds it to the world.

Amazing. This has the potential to become a classic. This could make SpongeBob a great show again. It's got everything: funny jokes, good morals, creative plot. This could be a masterpiece like Band Geeks or Pizza Delivery.

Reminds me of the beginning of cia warning of doom

Another gross and weird idea. Someone just copied that idea straight from that Barney episode idea list. - TopTenHaters

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