Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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281 High-Tech Krab

When Mr. Krabs gets a coupon for free technology, he gets it and updates the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob doesn't like it as much, and misses the simpler days. He shows Mr. Krabs all of the malfunctions and problems, but he still won't bring back the old technology. Eventually, he gets the bill for the electricity bill, and it's HUGE. So he takes away the old technology, and the Krusty Krab is back to normal.

I meant he takes away the new technology.

This sounds good. - anonygirl

282 Intestine Attack!

At night, everyone's intestines crawl out and they all join to become a giant intestine worm! The whole town has to fight it and they win because all the intestines explode with poo (it comes out of their end, an anus). Everyone also dies because they no longer have intestines. Before everyone died, SpongeBob soaks up all of the poo and feeds it to the world.

Amazing. This has the potential to become a classic. This could make SpongeBob a great show again. It's got everything: funny jokes, good morals, creative plot. This could be a masterpiece like Band Geeks or Pizza Delivery.

Reminds me of the beginning of cia warning of doom

Another gross and weird idea. Someone just copied that idea straight from that Barney episode idea list. - TopTenHaters

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283 CoolBob SwagPants

This idea sucks. Nick never air this.

Oh no, not another episode about rap. Rap sucks, and I think this episode would suck as well. - anonygirl

OH YEAH! Awesome idea! - HondaCivic

This is where after SpongeBob listens to rap, he decides to become like a rapstar.

284 SpongeBob Makes a Stinky

Sounds Like a Breadwinners or Sanjay and Craig Episode - ChiefMudkip

Eww that sounds like Sanjay and Craig. - TopTenHaters

SpongeBob and Patrick fart for 10 minutes and 58 seconds.
The last 2 seconds are SB and Pat saying APRIL FOOLS!

285 Pikachu and Spongebob Kill The New Pokemon

Garbodor has a bomb tossed to it - Goatworlds

No. I like the new ones.

Can we keep Popplio? - ChiefMudkip

They also kill Probopass, Trubbish, Binacle, Barbaracle, Tepig, Emboar, Snivy, and other crappy new Pokemon. However, they let cute ones like Oshawott, Emolga, Minccino, Chespin, Pansage, Piplup, and other cute ones live. - Goatworlds

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286 Help Wanted

Its totally not a ripoff of the series premiere, Help Wanted!

Wow, this is such a creative and original idea! (Sarcasm)

This is such a great idea! Why did the writers not think of this before?

That is already an episode title. - TopTenHaters

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287 Mr. Krabs Gets Krabs

And it's itchy and painful

I Don't Get It - JPK

Another Awful And Inappropriate Troll Idea - JPK

@JPK: Crabs is basically lice except it's on your pubic hair instead of your head. And it's an STD.

288 Loopy x Bard

Loopy is a character in the Dumb Ways To Die 2 game, but I don't know who is Bard. - GumballWatterson

This Has Nothing To Do With SpongeBob - JPK

Nothing to do with Spongebob. - TopTenHaters

Zero to do with SpongeBob - HondaCivic

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289 Horrible Torture

Another Atrocious Troll Idea - rjbarg042

I Think One Coarse Meal Fits That

Sounds good to me.

Gross idea. - TopTenHaters

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290 SpongeBob Twerks

*Sarcasm* Hey director, lets make an episode about butts! Kids will love it! - FerrariDude64

Mind Numbingly Awful - JPK

As If The Powerpuff Girls Twerking wasn't Bad Enough -_0 - ChiefMudkip

This will never happen, this is a work of a troll. - TopTenHaters

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291 Squidward's Rich Art

This Plot Already Happened In Other Episodes Already, But If It's Done Differently From Those Episodes This Could Probably Be Good - rjbarg042

Whats this suppose to mean? His art is worth money? - FerrariDude64

292 SpongeBob Gets Hooked On Meth

You can't be this stupid. Really people? Drugs? - FerrariDude64

Stupid idea. That would encourage kids to hook up on meth. - anonygirl

I love it. This would be like season 4.

Wow, like a really need a drug Episode (sarcasm) - TopTenHaters

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293 Spongebob vs Pig Goat Banana Cricket

Stop with the crossovers, Plus, that show sucks.

Just Another Worthless Crossover On The List, However At Least In This Idea Spongebob Is Crossovering With Another Nick Show, Unlike Other Stupid Crossovers Like Mario, Simpsons, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, And Futurama - rjbarg042

Stop making useless crossovers. - TopTenHaters

Kill Me

294 SpongeTurd SquarePoop

Added To The Trolls List Of Worthless Ideas - rjbarg042

This would suck and its disgusting. TROLLS. SpongeBobSuxx is the worst troll ever. - Goatworlds

Gross! Stop it guys! - HondaCivic


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295 SpongeBob: Gotta Fry 'Em All!

No. Way. I think there's already enough crossovers. - Gamecubesarecool193

No more Squidward torture. - TopTenHaters

Another Bad Worthless Crossover With A Non Nick Show - rjbarg042

Another worthless SpongeBob/Pokemon crossover. - anonygirl

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296 Sugala Compie

Ok, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to enter a contest called sugala compie, the winner gets a 5 day trip to Atlantis and 300$ dollars, sponge bob and Patrick are excited to have the prize, SpongeBob needed 300$ to get a robot money maker for mr crabs (he loved his boss) Patrick wanted all the toys of the bikini bottom so they both enter the contest. When they entered sponge bob and Patrick thought they were dreaming, there were over 10 sugary foods on each table the first person to finish wins, there were 2 cream puffs 5 cupcakes and 3 birthday cakes, the friends zoomed into the chairs while the judge announced, when the contest started sponge bob and Patrick shoved the food into their mouths, but unfortunately they finished in 5 seconds so some of the assistants gave them another 10 but they ate that in 7 seconds, the judge is shocked how they beat a world record, so he made the challenge, Patrick and SpongeBob got 100 sugary food, unfortunately Patrick and SpongeBob go crazy they flip ...more

This sounds like a really good idea actually. - anonygirl

One of the best ideas on this list - pupcatdog

That sounds like Founder's Day. - TopTenHaters

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297 Mama Krabs x Mama Tentacles

This would be hilarious.

298 National No Plankton Day

This Idea Sounds Terrible In My Opinion And Is Never Going To Be Made - rjbarg042

Let's make original ideas instead of ripping off bad episodes. - TopTenHaters

No more ripoffs of bad episodes. I do not like them. - anonygirl

Come on. Every one needs a day off from that evil prick.

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299 Miss Bikini Bottom Pageant

This is a great idea! - HondaCivic

It would involve cross dressing somewhere down the line.

Guest voice: Reese Witherspoon as Girly Teengirl

Pearl enters the pageant and Mr. Krabs responds by having Spongebob enter as "Girly Teengirl." Mr. Krabs ultimately discovers that the real Girly Teengirl is in the competition while SpongeBob is out jellyfishing with Patrick. Oh and Squidward is a judge while Squilliam is the MC.

300 The Patrick Chronicles

Squidward pays SpongeBob to record everything Patrick does for the next month and publish it in a magazine that Squidward is secretly working for on the side as revenge for Patrick torturing him worse than SpongeBob. By Squid's logic, since he'll be making money off of torturing Patrick, he'll be regarded as a national hero. At first, Patrick is unsuspecting about SpongeBob's recent change in behavior. But that is before The Patrick Chronicles (as Squidward calls it) is published in the gossip section of the hit magazine, the Bikini Bottom Beacon. Patrick then finds out and tries to get Squidward fired and unfriends SpongeBob for stalking him. Squidward isn't considered a hero and instead vilified by everyone in Bikini Bottom except SpongeBob. Realizing that two wrongs don't make a right and that money doesn't make you a better person, Squidward apologizes to Patrick in the end. SpongeBob also apologizes for violating Patrick's privacy.

This is really good idea, impressed after how awful this list has gone - ChiefMudkip

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