Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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301 To Be Stupid

No Plot But It Will Probably Involve Patrick - rjbarg042

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302 SpongeBob vs Lincoln

More like The Kids Choice Awards 2017 in a Nutshell

303 The Krusty Cookies

Though I'd re-title it "The Krusty Kookies." - anonygirl

Not Bad - ChiefMudkip

Great - JPK

Don't worry. It will be a different and better story than the Krusty Dogs in case you think it's a ripoff.

One day, an inspector came in to review the Krusty Krab. He thought it was a good restaurant, but he thought it would be better if a desert was sold as well. He said that he will come back to the restaurant in a week to review it. SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs brainstorm ideas for a desert to sell. SpongeBob came up with cookies, with the cookies being in a variety of different flavors. Mr. Krabs and Squidward both thought it was a great idea, so they sold them at the Krusty Krab along with Krabby Patties. A week later when the inspector came back, he gave the Krusty Krab an award for having the best deserts out of any fast food restaurant in Bikini Bottom. - anonygirl

304 Jacobbob Sartoriuspants

First of all, Jacob Sartorius sucks. Second of all, a real-life person meeting a fictional character is just not right. - anonygirl

This Would Give Me Cancer
Only Because Of Jacob Sartorius

305 SpongeBob Gets Arrested

Good. Not only does he deserve to be arrested, but executed.

306 Extreme SpongeBob Abuse

This happened in Dumped, Gone, Stuck in the Wringer, the Card, and SpongeBob, You're Fired. - anonygirl

I Think Gone was Enough - ChiefMudkip

Paired with its sister episode Masturbation Station


307 The Plankton Who Stole Christmas

This will not be a crossover. This will be a parody of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (although many parts of the plot-line to this episode will be original), with Plankton acting like a Grinch. - anonygirl

Interesting - JPK

308 Fred Gets Cholera

That's Not Funny

What Does That Have to Do With SpongeBob?! - ChiefMudkip

This idea is terrible! - HondaCivic


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309 The Return Of Weenie Hut Jr's

Weenie Hut Juniors returns to Bikini Bottom after shutting down for several years and has new buildings in Rock Bottom and New Kelp City.

No Troll Comments Please

I'm to bored to make a troll coment

310 Futuristic Sponge (1-hour Special with Patchy the Pirate Scenes)

Then they do a rap at the end but with Spongebob and Patrick and the same high tech robot as the one in Ugh! - TopTenHaters

This episode is copied off of Beep!

It is Beep! Beep! (Futuristic Sponge) was actually my idea, but many people took that title was cussing, so I improved the title. - anonygirl

The name for the SpongeBob SquarePants part will be Beep! (Futuristic Sponge will be Beep!, just as SpongeBob's House Party was Party Pooper Pants, WhoBob WhatPants was What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? , and SpongeBob goes Prehistoric was Ugh). - anonygirl

This will be like Ugh, but instead of taking place in the prehistoric times, this will take place in 5000 A.D. Every inch of Bikini Bottom will be covered in silver metal, cars will be self-flying, and the characters (SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Gary, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Pearl, Plankton, jellyfish, Spot, Larry, Squilliam, and the Townspeople) will be shown as their robotic selves.

Since SpongeBob had a prehistoric special, I think it should have a futuristic special as well. - anonygirl

311 SpongeBomb MuslimPants

Not all Muslims are terrorists you know...

Very stupid idea. This is inappropriate for SpongeBob. - anonygirl


Another Stupid Troll Idea - JPK

312 SpongeBob Changes the Nickelodeon Logo Back to the Splat

I would like to see this happen, but this episode is not going to be made. - anonygirl

I am more concerned about the quality in the shows Nickelodeon puts out than the logo. Beside the new logo looks fine, it doesn't need changed.

Actually, the splat brings more character to Nickelodeon than the new logo. However, this episode will never happen. - anonygirl

313 The Spelling Sea

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Pearl, and Mrs. Puff all sign up for Bikini Bottom's 1st annual spelling bee. At the spelling bee, the winner receives $10,000. The spelling bee was really challenging, so the contestants had to study really hard to do well. Every contestant worked together to study except for Patrick, who was just goofing off and doing his own thing. When SpongeBob caught Patrick falling asleep, he woke him up and told him that the bee was in 3 hours. Patrick realized that he forgot, so SpongeBob then studied with him for about an hour. An hour later, every contestant went yo the bee to organize themselves. For the first 90% of the bee, everyone thought either Squidward or Mrs. Puff would win. In fact, they were so far ahead of everyone else (and they tied so often) that the judges had a hard time figuring out whether Squidward or Mrs. Puff would win. However, near the end of the bee, Patrick started to perform well out of nowhere. He started ...more - anonygirl

314 SpongeBob's Punishment Day

I approve. He needs punishments carried out by Squidward, Plankton, Mrs. Puff, and Gary for harassing and bullying them. Also, it needs to end in SpongeBob's Death.

I Personally Like GoAnimate, But No Thanks - JPK

More like SpongebobSuxx's Punishment Day, BAN HIM FROM THIS SITE - ChiefMudkip

No more Go Animate - ChuckECheese

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315 The Shiny Golden Watch

Squidward's mom gives him a golden watch that can do whatever Squidward wants. However, Squidward decided that he did not need it anymore, so he buried it (and Mr. Krabs was secretly watching). Squidward then watched T.V. and immediately saw a commercial on how valuable the watch was. Squidward then tried to undig the hole, but Mr. Krabs already undug and sold it. Because of the money Mr. Krabs got, he gave $1,000 to Squidward and $1,000 to SpongeBob because of the golden watch. He also thanks Squidward for finding the watch. - anonygirl

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316 SpongeBob Meets The Secret Life Of Pets

Another Pointless Crossover With A Movie That's Not Nick, Not 2D Animated - JPK

The Secret Life Of Pets is not Nick. - TopTenHaters

I Like The Secret Life Of Pets, But This Idea Is Stupid😒

I'm sick and tired of these crossovers with non-Nick stuff. - anonygirl

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317 Squidward's Birthday

Spongebob realizing he has been cruel to squidward he decides to make up for it by throwing him the greatest party ever - tupacisalive7

I think this is a good idea because Squidward deserves praise after being tortured too many times.

Though I created a similar idea called "Thank You, Squidward." - anonygirl

Good idea, I wanna see this. - HondaCivic

great idea

318 Mr. Krabs's Crotch Transplant

Gross! - TopTenHaters

Stupid troll idea that is inappropriate for SpongeBob. - anonygirl

Another Inappropriate Troll Idea That Will NEVER Happen! 😤 - JPK

319 SpongeBob x Grover


Stop With The $exy Stuff - ChuckECheese

320 SpongeLittle SquarePony: Underwater is Magic

I'm Going to go insane! - ChiefMudkip

I'm A Brony, But I Still Don't Want This Happening. - JPK

Ahh, no! - TopTenHaters

I do not think it is natural for Hasbro to do a crossover with Nickelodeon. - anonygirl

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