Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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21 Armless Sponge

Doesn't he grow arms automatically back if Spongebob loses his arm? - TopTenHaters

He doesn't have arms? - ChiefMudkip

Well, in this episode, he purposely loses them for no reason, and is happy about it. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Spongbob loses his arms because he masterbated so much they fell off

22 Clarence's Giant Sub Sandwich

There is no plot so I am going to create one:

In order to gain customers, Plankton meets a girl named Clarence, a fish who makes sub sandwiches. She was looking for a job, so Plankton hired her. Since the Krusty Krab was closed, SpongeBob decided to temporarily work at the Chum Bucket with Clarence. SpongeBob and Clarence made the best sandwiches; the Chum Bucket had tons of customers; and everything went well. Everything went well until later in the week when the oven caught on fire. Plankton, SpongeBob, and Clarence tried everything they could to put out the fire, but it did not work. Luckily Mr. Krabs ran over and put out the fire. Plankton, Clarence, and SpongeBob all thanked Mr. Krabs by complimenting him, giving him money, and giving him a copy of Clarence's sub sandwich recipe. Clarence was hired to make sandwiches at the Krusty Krab while SpongeBob cooked Krabby Patties. Plankton stopped having customers by that point, but he was happy that Mr. Krabs had customers and ...more - anonygirl

This has nothing to do with SpongeBob, plus Clarence is a Cartoon Network show - HondaCivic

Nothing to do with Spongebob. - TopTenHaters

23 Under the Water

This episode shows Sandy's reason for living underwater.

This episode could become very deep (LOL get it) and could pull the seaweed covering Sandy's story. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

This list didn't seem to have any feasible ideas above this, but this would be a diamond.

Not bad - anonygirl

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24 Baseball Sponge

Petting Zoo Sponge will be its sister episode. Those 2 episodes combined together will be the usual 22-minute episode. Baseball Sponge will be 11 minutes, and Petting Zoo sponge will also be 11 minutes. - anonygirl

They could premier this on a hang zone with Lincoln Loud Saturday morning special. - TopTenHaters

Yeah, an Episode where the gang plays Baseball is a cool idea - ChiefMudkip

Thanks. I just added it again because Baseball Tie was removed by admin for some odd reason. I have no idea why. - anonygirl

What an awesome and creative idea - TopTenHaters

I am adding this again because I think the other one that I added got deleted.

A new baseball stadium opens up in Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Pearl, Plankton, Karen, Larry and Mrs. Puff decide to go to that stadium to play baseball. The judges will put SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Pearl, and Larry on the Joy Team while they put Squidward, Mrs. Puff, Mr. Krabs, Karen, and Plankton on the Calm Team. Whichever team won wins $10,000. Because of how strong Sandy and Larry are, everyone thought that the joy team would win. In fact, the Joy Team was winning during the first half of the game. The Calm Team was really disappointed that they fell so far behind. Squidward started to tell his team that they have not been practicing enough. As a result, the Calm team started to practice and work out more at home, resulting in them improving significantly. The Calm Team eventually started to become stronger than Larry and Sandy combined, hit 6 home runs, and ...more - anonygirl

25 Funny the Puddle

What does that even mean? - ChiefMudkip

What has this list turned into? - Scr3aM

It's from Pet Sitter Pat. - TopTenHaters

Huh? - HondaCivic

26 More F.U.N.

Wouldn't this be kind of a filler episode? I mean...11 minutes just for that? I do not like the idea to be honest...

SpongeBob forgets the FUN song lyrics, so he and Patrick write a new one.

Nickelodeon please make this!

No, I like F.U.N but a sequel would ruin it. - TopTenHaters

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27 Squid Shoes

Squidward Gets 2 New Pairs Of Black Plastic Shoes For His 4 Tentacles, The Shoes Make Squidward Have A Better Attitude, However The Shoes Go Missing All Of A Sudden Because Someone Stole The Shoes - rjbarg042

Why are people thumbing this down it's better than your ideas - epictoonsfan1

I like your ideas, rjbarg042! I envy you because I do not have the intelligence to create a great idea. - anonygirl

Great idea! - TopTenHaters

28 SpongeBob's Rocket to the Himalayas (30 Min Episode)

Sandy gives SpongeBob a mission to fly to the Himalayas to uncover an old golden compass. - TopTenJackson

This kind of reminds me of Atlantis SquarePants. - spongebobgymnast

What about the yeti attacks them

Great idea! - TopTenHaters

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29 Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff Get Married

I'd like to see them on another date, but I don't want them married.

Not Going To Happen Because Mr. Krabs And Mrs. Puff Getting Married Is Just Not Right - rjbarg042

LOL I am thinking about what it looks right now

The cringe... - TopTenHaters

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30 Fry Cook Games 2 (One Hour Special)

No, we shouldn't have a sequel of The Fry Cook Games and this would not fill an hour anyway. - TopTenHaters

Another Stupid Sequel That Is Not Going To Be 1 Hour And Is Never Going To Happen - rjbarg042

31 Listen To Squirrel

Sandy Becomes A Karate Teacher Of Young Fish At The Local Dojo And She Teaches With The Help Of Spongebob And Patrick - rjbarg042

Done correctly with good gags sprinkled in, clever dialogue, funny antics, good pacing and keeping the characters personalities the same this might be an original and legitimately good episode. Whodda thought it.

I love this. This should definitely be an episode. - anonygirl

Not bad. This should be an episode. - HondaCivic

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32 Another Best Day Ever

I actually liked the first one but we don't need another.

This Is Added To The List Of Pointless Episode Sequels As Well - rjbarg042

Honestly, the first one I didn't like...but if you add clever jokes, it could be pretty good.

Considering how bad the original Best Day Ever was, I don't really want to see this.

Maybe they could make it work with some clever jokes and stuff, but it would most likely suck hardcore. No thank you.

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33 The Cursed Jellyfish

An evil jellyfish comes to town and scares off the rest of the jellyfish from Jellyfish Fields. Now it's up to Spongebob and Patrick to tame this Cursed Jellyfish and restore Jellyfish Fields.

It's Sad That A Terrible And Mean Spirited Idea Like This Is At #14. Troll : ( - rjbarg042

Patrick sees commercial for blender he buys blender puts everything he owns in blender blends it patrick hears knock no ones there jellyfish flys in patrick assumes it wants some of his special blend patrick gives it all to jellyfish jellyfish leaves house patrick continues on his regular morning jelly flys home to jelly hive jelly starts growing and turning yellow from patricks sweat it starts turning into more and more jellyfish they kill the regular pink ones and start raiding bikini bottom though on there way back they turn back into one the whole police force comes to destroy the jelly fish spongebob protests against he killing of jellyfish in the end once the jellyfish destroys the whole town patrick comes out of his rock and says " oh they gave the neighberhood a makeover "

Troll idea, but this idea could be great with a different plot. - TopTenHaters

34 The Secret Formula

In this episode as Plankton could not open the safe where the secret formula is inside, Plankton gives a evil power to the secret formula where the secret formula can MOVE. The secret formula finds it way to Plankton. But Plankton did not know that the secret formula will not open. Mr Krabs finds out that Plankton has the secret formula and gets SpongeBob and Squidward to fight for it. Plankton gives up and he gives the secret formula

Cool idea, but Plankton shouldn't give up. That doesn't mean he should win though.

The Title REALLY Needs To Be Changed, Otherwise Good Idea And Plankton Should Not Give Up - rjbarg042

The secret formula is made of human meat

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35 Sponge Splash Park

The water park should relate to Knots Soak City or something like that. - TopTenHaters

SpongeBob attends a new water park in bikini bottom

Hey! I remember this post. As I recall, I posted this when I was still a visitor. Thanks! - Scr3aM

Probably one of the best ideas on the entire list. - anonygirl

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36 Gary and Spot (30 minute special)

SpongeBob notices that Gary seems lonely and takes him to the Chum Bucket and introduces him to Spot. They become friends, and SpongeBob is happy. However Plankton does not approve. But Spot gets lost and Gary runs away to find him. SpongeBob and Plankton have to work together to find them. Through their search, they rescue them from a thug-like snail and realize they aren't so different after all. They decide to be friends along with rivals. It ends with them returning home, and Plankton snatches the formula, and it ends with a chase scene. - Garythesnail

Thanks for your votes, guys! - Garythesnail

Honestly guys I don't know. Gary is like a cat and Spot is like a dog right? We already seen a plot like this in Pet or Pests. I mean I can actually see this one working but I don't know.

It would be a great idea as a regular 11 minute episode. - TopTenHaters

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37 Starlight, Sea Bright

One morning, SpongeBob and Patrick find a bright and magical star in Jellyfish Fields. The star is extremely valuable because it has never been seen before. SpongeBob wants the keep it, but everyone else in Bikini Bottom wants it as well. SpongeBob then decided that each individual should have 5 minutes with the star (everyone listens and cooperates with the idea). After everyone got to hold the star, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to give it to Squidward for being the best Bikini Bottom citizen, and everyone else agrees. Squidward then thanked everyone by giving each person the same bright & magical star. Coincidentally, Squidward kept finding bright, magical stars as he has been hiking (that's how he was able to give the stars to everyone). - anonygirl

But seriously, it would be too GOOD to be true if they aired it. WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT VOTING!? Come on people. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

Nice idea, this could become a classic. - TopTenHaters

Awesome - JPK

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38 Tom and Jerry In the Town

We already had Kenny the Cat, and that turned out to be a masterpiece of failure, so you wanna have a cat AND a mouse underwater? Please, count me out.

It wasn't as bad as Little Yellow Book or SpongeBob You're Fired. - Goatworlds

That would be too ridiculous! Even Tom and Jerry
Are not Nickelodeon characters!

This would be just plain weird. Two non-verbal animals in Bikini Bottom sound boring and awkward. Not to mention that Tom and Jerry is not made by Paramount or Nickelodeon. - anonygirl

Another tacky crossover. Tom and Jerry is not a Nickelodeon show. - HondaCivic

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39 Ren and Stimpy visit Bikini Bottom

The Nickelodeon one, NOT the adult one! - Garythesnail

As long as it doesn't bring the wrong kind of gross out humor to SpongeBob

Not the greatest idea because Ren and Stimpy ended a long time ago, but at least Ren and Stimpy is another Nickelodeon show unlike Mario, Simpsons, Regular Show, Tom and Jerry, Pokemon, and many others. - anonygirl

As long as it is not the adult party one because that show is SO creepy and disgusting. - TopTenHaters

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40 Regular Sponge (1 Hour Special)

Don't like it. Plus it would encourage kids to drink alcohol and get drunk when they're older.

There's no beer or drugs in Regular Show, you're thinking of something else. - Goatworlds

I would like to see that. It is obviously not going to happen, though.

Looks like some idiots want a crossover again. Good luck with getting Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon to work together on this.

Regular Show is part of Cartoon Network, not Nickelodeon. - TopTenHaters

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