Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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381 Squidward, You're Fired!

Squid ward wouldn't care because he would have less time with SpongeBob

Squidward already quit a few times and came back so this would be dumb and a ripoff of the episode Spongebob, You're Fired!

What! They already abused squidward a million times already

I don't want a dumb sequel to Spongebob, You're Fired! - TopTenHaters

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382 Pearl Goes to College

It's Pearl's senior year, and she must decide where she wants to go to college.

Don't nobody cares about Pearl. - MeaganSaysHI

Seems a bit boring to me.

Never Going To Happen Because Pearl Never Ages Throughout The Series - rjbarg042

383 SpongeBob

How can there be an episode named SpongeBob - PatrickStar

The writers are completely out of ideas and decide to name an episode about SpongeBob and it will be about SpongeBob being SpongeBob.

That's it just SpongeBob - toptenzen

Just SpongeBob?
That's A Stupid Idea - JPK

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384 Sandy Abuse

What next an episode where it just shows SpongeBob taking a dump an it's a 10 hour special - toptenzen

Sandy is still a good character. - Garythesnail

This already exists. It's called "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy". - Goatworlds

Not happening - HondaCivic

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385 My Little SpongeBob: Patrick is Magic

I don't think most SpongeBob fans watch FiM. - Turkeyasylum

Just Another Plain Stupid Crossover Idea With A Non Nickelodeon Show - rjbarg042

Not Happening

As Much As I Love Both SpongeBob And My Little Pony, This Idea Is Stupid Because (Reasons Below)
1.MLP Is Hasbro, Not Nick
2.Many Anti-Bronies Watch SpongeBob And Because Of That Would Cause An Internet War Of Cyber Bullying (Anti-Bronies Are Very Mean)
3.The Mane Six Cannot Breathe Underwater - JPK

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386 Krabby Dogs

I think they did this with Krusty Dogs

Person who created this item, be glad you haven't seen Krusty dogs. - CardboardBox

The Krusty Krab adds Krabby Dogs.

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387 Another Pal for Gary

I would never watch this, honestly. - Garythesnail

If it's not Puffy Fluffy, I'd consider watching this. - Turkeyasylum

I would watch this I would give it a chance - PatrickStar

Stop - JPK

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388 Wasted Krabbies

The Krusty Krab throws out excess Krabby Patties, but Plankton gets hold of one. - Turkeyasylum

Cool, an actual creative idea for a Plankton episode! This should be higher than 206.

Hmm... this could be good!

This doesn't sound bad. - anonygirl

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389 Stanley S. Squarepants Abuse

How many ideas have to branch off of Patrick Abuse? - Turkeyasylum

Another bad idea.

This Is By Far The WORST Abuse Episode, A One Time Character Getting An Inappropiate Episode, How Stupid Is That? (Sigh) Trolls - rjbarg042

Mr. Krabs cuts off his body with his claws then re-attaches his legs so he is short like SpongeBob. Then he cooks him and serves him on a Krabby Patty.

390 Lotto Sponge

Great idea. Though I am okay with the Suds scene not returning because Patrick does not have anything to do with the episode. - anonygirl

SpongeBob wins the "Bikini Bottom Powerball" and gets a million dollars in Bikini Bottom's currency. Mr. Krabs and Plankton try to steal the money, but at the end, it's revealed that the money belongs to Squidward, and Squidward gets all the money. Also, a scene where Patrick is being tortured, borrowed from the end of Suds, is played as filler. - imacg4

Sounds Like An OK Idea, But That Scene From Suds Does Not Need To Return - rjbarg042

391 Patrick Got Served

Similar to the end of Suds, but extended with various more punishments, starting with Patrick being scrubbed, and ending with Patrick being flushed down the toilet. - imacg4

He tried to kill Gary in "Pet Sitter Pat" so please make this. On the other hand, the title is a rip off of "Plankton Got Served", the working title for "One Coarse Meal". - Goatworlds

Sounds like Patrick Abuse, without the Squidward revenge plot. I wouldn't wanna watch Patrick get tortured. - Turkeyasylum

Patrick is one of the worst characters of all time. He abused Gary, so he should be abused back. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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392 Swimming in December

Who would want to go swimming in December? No one because it well be to cold to go swimming dumbest episode ever.

What this is mediocre. - TopTenHaters

This Idea Sounds Mediocore At Best Because It's Cold To Go Swimming In December, Still WAY Better Than ALL Those Troll Ideas - rjbarg042

393 Sponge of the Dead Part 1 (30 Minute Special)

Mob of the Dead? Are you talking about the BO2 Dlc map for zombies?

This would be too inappropriate - RockStarr

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394 Squidward Abuse

Squidward ABUSE? Squid is my favorite though. - Turkeyasylum

They did this in Boating Buddies, Choir Boys, Good Neighbors, Boat Smarts, Squid's Visit, Squid Baby, Squid Wood, Tentacle Vision, Cephelapod Lodge, and probably a few I forgot or haven't seen. - Garythesnail

House Fancy Pineapple Fever Breath of a Fresh Squidward and Dear Vikings are also Squidward abuse too

There's enough episodes like this.

Another Awful Abuse Idea From A Troll - rjbarg042

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395 Mr. Krabs Must Die

Even though Mr. Krabs is bad at times, he does not deserve this. TERRIBLE IDEA! - HondaCivic

Just Another Atrocious Mean Spirited Troll Idea - rjbarg042

Funny, but terrible. Mr. Krabs must LIVE, but go back to his former self. :< - imacg4

Mr. Krabs MUST DIE! - Goatworlds

396 The Perfect Pet

Gary Is Already The Perfect Pet - RockStarr

If Another Character Gets A Pet Then It Could Work Good - rjbarg042

Squidward abuses a pet snail to try to make it perfect - minecraftsucks101

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397 SpongeBob Goes Bowling

SpongeBob and his friends all decide to go bowling! But, none of them have been bowling before... What adventures await them?

This would be a good episode. I assume the guy who said it wouldn't thinks modern episodes are good.

This Would be good but they don't adventures in bowling

That sounds like a great idea actually. - anonygirl

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398 National No Mr. Krabs Day

Can't say I disagree. It's a whole day inspired by getting away from this cheap jerk. - Garythesnail

This might actually be a good episode. Everyone needs a break from the fat bastard.

I hope this happens. If it does I will be happy because it will involve Mr. Krabs getting Ill from eating money at the end so he can convert it into golden money. - Gamecubesarecool193

Terrible, It's Just Another Bad Abuse Idea - rjbarg042

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399 Back In the Wringer

Basically the plot of Stuck in The Wringer, except Patrick is stuck in the wringer this time. SpongeBob tries to help him out, but fails. Patrick than pushes himself out and says "If you work hard, you really can do great things". Overall, it is Stuck in The Wringer with a better moral.

Better than "I guess crying solves your problems after all" - Turkeyasylum

This Time We'll Put Patrick In The Wringer For Being An Ass In Stuck In The Wringer

If it's more moral than Stuck in the Wringer, then I would like it. - anonygirl

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400 Pearl Abuse

Another Abuse Episode For A Character That Does Not Deserve It - rjbarg042

Awesome - Goatworlds

We already have Whale of a Birthday for that.

I wrote a fanfic that involved Pearl abuse before. - Murvine_Taylor

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