Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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481 Unleash the Magic!

Sounds like a great idea that could possibly be made. - anonygirl

Good idea - HondaCivic

482 SpongeBob Baby Pants

This Is Bland And Rips Off Other Episodes, Not Going To Be Made - rjbarg042

He did this in Squid Baby.

That rips-off Goo Goo Gas and Squid Baby. - TopTenHaters

Ripoff of Goo Goo Gas and Squid Baby. - anonygirl

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483 Spandy Dump Dip

Another Gross Troll Idea - rjbarg042

Cleveland Steamers

484 Bland Land

Rip Off Of A Simpsons Episode Where Everyone Acts Like Bart - rjbarg042

Everyone in Bikini Bottom acts like Spongebob

That sounds kind of boring. - TopTenHaters

485 The Elite Trio

Spongebob Patrick and Squidward have a darting contest

When Plankton runs off with all of Mr.Krabs money in hope of destroying it... He must take the seanic express... Giving three elite people... A chance to stop him! In this episode the elite trio, SB,PS and SC, go on the seanic express to stop Plankton.

486 Different Way: Part Six

More Troll Ideas That Don't Deserve To Be On The List - rjbarg042

You don't need capitals every word, not being a grammar nazi but it looks unintelligent, just saying - FerrariDude64

Cleveland Steamers

Hell No

PART SIX? - TopTenHaters

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487 Bad Farts

That sounds like something that would be seen on Sanjay and Craig...

This is one of the worst ideas on this list. - anonygirl

That sounds like a Sanjay and Craig episode. - TopTenHaters

SpongeBob eats beans so he farts everywhere. He stinks up the entire Krusty Krab so Mr. Krabs tells him to not come back until he stops farting with the smell of rotten eggs. Plankton uses SpongeBob to stink up the entire Krusty Krab to get the secret formula. The lock runs away in disgust and he reads the formula and he wins. Then he kills Krabs

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488 SpongeBob goes to Walmart

Maybe it's shopping day and SpongeBob goes to a store that parodies Walmart.. - HondaCivic

Bargain-Mart already exists.

I dunno maybe it's like a shopping day? - ChiefMudkip

Maybe there could be a store that paraodys Walmart but it's called Shellmart and Spongebob and Patrick go on a big shopping day! - TopTenHaters

489 SpongeBob Kills Justin Bieber

Lol. I would like to see that.

That would be too inappropriate for Spongebob. - TopTenHaters

Now that's disturbing! - HondaCivic

490 Krabby Goober

Mr. Krabs buys the Goofy Goober restaurant and the peanut starts singing at the Krusty Krab and now people can eat ice cream at the Krusty Krab - Goatworlds

Great idea, as long it does not end up like Krusty Dogs. - TopTenHaters

This doesn't sound bad at all. - anonygirl

491 SpongeBob DP: Sinnoh League Victors

Stop it with the Pokemon crossovers

492 Miley Cyrus x SpongeBob


Another Stupid Guest Star Idea From A Troll - rjbarg042

Hot - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Thank You For Replying And You Are Absolutely Right

493 Tea At The Treedome 2: Electric Boogaloo

What kind of episode is this? - TopTenHaters

Another Worthless Sequel To An Episode - rjbarg042

494 Spongebob As The Bachelor

This could actually be really awesome if executed properly. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

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495 Fancy Splinter Triton Shuffleboarding Splinter Face Freeze Meal In the Wringer

What this? House fancy + The Clash of Triton + Shuffleboarding + The Splinter + Face Freeze + One Coarse Meal + Stuck in the Wringer? epic NO. - Goatworlds

Okay. Here's what it is: House Fancy + Clash of Triton + The Splinter + Shuffleboard + One Coarse Meal + Face Freeze + Stuck in The Wringer. Uh, no. - Gamecubesarecool193

I can't stop laughing. - Dman1972

Honestly, I don't mind House Fancy (Don't give me dislikes please ;I - ChiefMudkip

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496 ScumBob SnarePants

SpongeBob kills season 6 SpongeBob. - Goatworlds

Then at the end pieguy shows up and says SCUMBOB

497 Fate Zero

Excuse me, but why does the episode title sound like the anime series Fate/zero? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

SpongeBob and members of the gang except mermaid man compete for jobs and owning the krusty Krabs since mr Krabs is retiring. SpongeBob will be CEO but the other spot to everyone else

This Sounds Like A Good Idea Except At The End Mr. Krabs Comes Back To Own The Krusty Krab - rjbarg042

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498 SpongeBob: Case Closed

SpongeBob takes an experimental drug. He turns from a boating school detective to a crime solving kid. - Goatworlds

The Drug Part Came From A Troll, But If He Uses Some Other Medicine Then The Plot Sounds Like A Good Idea As Long As It's Not A Rip Off Of Anything - rjbarg042

Spongebob gets put in a case filled with spikes and they close it - minecraftsucks101

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499 Pizza Krab

This is just disgusting. Hearing about a pizza where sausages and crust that are poop, the cheese is urine, and the pepperoni is blood almost made me vomit. - anonygirl

Gross, that sounds like Mr. Meaty. - TopTenHaters

Um, WHAT? - Goatworlds

What are you, negative 500 years old? - Goatworlds

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500 Butt Hackers

Gross, it reminds me too much of Family Guy. - TopTenHaters

What the f is this - KingCrimson69

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