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481 The Robbery of the Krusty Krab

Awesome! This could probably work as a double length episode.

This Was On The List Earlier So This Should Be Deleted - rjbarg042

The robbery gets botched and they kill everyone. - minecraftsucks101

Two fish decide to rob the Krusty Krab. They steal all of Mr. Krab's money and this piece of paper in a bottle. Mr. Krabs decides to hire SpongeBob as a detective. Patrick tries to recite the KP formula from memory and gets it right. The two fish are caught and sent to jail. Mr. Krabs then has a 'Free Krabby Patty Day'and everything goes back to normal. - SwagFlicks

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482 SpongeBob Spreads the Word of God

NO don't make SpongeBob a religious show. - SammySpore

This would suck. Atheists forever! No offense - Goatworlds

I know this is a pretty stupid idea but you guys are just acting idiotic... :T

Even though I'm a Christian, I don't really like this idea because SpongeBob isn't supposed to be religious in any way, shape, or form. - anonygirl

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483 HarveyBob BeaksPants

Another Bad Crossover Idea, However It Is Another Nckelodeon Show Unlike Adventure Time, Regular Show, Mario, Simpsons, Futurama, And Those Other Stupid Crossovers - rjbarg042

That's a great idea,how ever it should be called The Beak in Bikini Bottom - RyanMtheGamer

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484 A Day at the Barg'N-Mart
485 Come Out of Your Shell

In this episode SpongeBob persuades Gary to come out of his shell because as Gary is so dirty he will need to get a clean in the snail care headquarters. Gary does not want to, so SpongeBob will Give something to Gary IF Gary does the cleaning. Gary does go, and he is helpless when he does the cleaning because it HURTS. Gary actually loved the cleaning, and SpongeBob asks what do you want. GUESS WHAT, Gary asks for another cleaning as it was fun for him. THE END.

This just copies Gary Takes a Bath.

These Rip Offs Keep Getting Dumber - rjbarg042


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486 Plankton Opens a Whataburger

Plankton gets a franchise opportunity and becomes more popular than Krusty Krab. Until they find out what Plankton is really serving! Plankton is using the Whataburger to control Bikini Bottom. Sandy could be the hero she's from Texas.

He closes the Chum Bucket and opens a Whataburger instead. - HondaCivic

"Cough" Copyright Infrigement "Cough"

487 Sexy Sponge

I'm more sexier! - pupcatdog

Stop with the Sexist Episodes

Stupid idea because SpongeBob is a kids' show. Where is rjbarg042 when you need him/her? - anonygirl

Another great kids show title. - Goatworlds

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488 Futureville (Double-Length Episode)

SpongeBob wants to go to the Goofy Goober's 50% off sale, so he has Sandy drive him there. Then, Patrick comes and decides to go with them because the boat is shiny. They both talk and laugh, and then Squidward goes in to complain to them, but Sandy starts the boat and they drive. But just in front of Goofy Goober's, a tornado comes and sweeps the boat away. They end up in a futuristic city with great technology and peaceful society, but the city's only problem is that no one knows how to cook. SpongeBob makes Krabby Patties for them, and they ask him to stay as their chef. He's about to say no, but the citizens don't give him the chance to answer and they put on his hat. He sort of enjoys his new job, but he misses the Krusty Krab. Sandy likes the science in the city and Squidward likes the art, but they both begin to miss Bikini Bottom as well. Patrick also misses the old town, because he doesn't understand any of the technology here. They all keep asking to leave, but the citizens ...more

This is Atlantis Squarepantis and WhoBob WhatPants combined. But this actually sounds good!

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489 Dancing With the Star

Patrick becomes an excellent dancer, and Squidward is determined to secretly learn his methods.

Patrick becomes a pole dancer

Patrick dances with s e x toys until he 0rg4sms white gunk all over himself

490 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 3

Apparently they'll make this!

This is coming in 2019 actually. - TopTenHaters

In 2019
I'm Not Lying Its Really Happening

491 Soak it Off

This idea is disgusting. If I see it, then I'll vomit. - anonygirl

Gross Gross GROSS Terrible Troll Idea - rjbarg042

Why is your comment getting thumbed down? I agree with your comment. - anonygirl

Eww this idea sucks. - TopTenHaters

492 Sponge Blood

WAY too gory, One Coarse Meal had enough gore, but this would be too far.

Sounds gory, it also sounds like something that would be from Family Guy. - HondaCivic

That sounds like an episode of South Park. - TopTenHaters

Sounds uncomfortable... - HondaCivic

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493 A Pal For Mr Doodles

Terrible Just Terrible Idea And Makes No Sense - rjbarg042

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494 SpongeBob Causes 9/11

Really, people? Do you really have to make an episode about an event that caused the deaths of 3000 lives? This episode suggestion is just mean. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Episode ideas like these are why we can't have nice things. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

Stop this right now! It's not funny! Deaths of 3,000 lives isn't anything to laugh about, so shut up you dumb troll. - Powerfulgirl10

Please no, this is no funny. - TopTenHaters

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495 The Fiery Fist of Pain safety video V 1 Comment
496 Finn And Jake Pay A Visit

Stop with the Crossover and Inappropriate Ideas you stupid Trolls.

Adventure Time is Cartoon Network, not Nickelodeon. - TopTenHaters

497 Spongebob Has A Reality Show

He has a party at his house. And serious drama goes down. Everyone makes a fourth wall break. And they use the dolphin noises to block out swearing.

This Idea Stinks - rjbarg042

The first story where SpongeBob has a party with serious drama and the 4th wall breaking sounds mediocre at best, and the second story where everyone has an orgy until they are decomposed is just another disturbing troll idea. - anonygirl

498 A Nut Job

The guy who keeps saying nasty stuff, just shut the hell up and leave this site.

The Word Nut Job Gives Me Nightmares Of That Cancerous 2014 Movie

I love the idea where Sandy is about to hibernate and her treedome gets filled with nuts, but I think the idea of Patrick massaging SpongeBob's nuts is just another gross troll idea. - anonygirl

Sryanbruen's Idea Is Fantastic And Creative, But The Idea Of Patrick Massaging Spongebob's Nuts Might Sound Inaprropiate - rjbarg042

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499 Pokebob

This sounds stupid because I don't think that a Western cartoon should ever cross over with a Japanese anime. Also, Pokemon is not a Nickelodeon show. - anonygirl

"Spongebob Used Annoying Laugh"

Another crossover!? - HondaCivic

Stop t this idea sucks this is better off a fanfctoin plus pokemon is not nick - epictoonsfan1

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500 SpongeBob's Crush

When SpongeBob is on his way to work he accidentally bumps into a cute lady he instantly falls in love with her and later that day at the krusty Krab she returns and SpongeBob serves her she is impressed with his love of cooking as she loves cooking too so they become BFFs and SpongeBob asks her on a date...

It was revealed that Spongebob already has a crush on Sandy...

Guys, Stephen Hillenburg made it so that SpongeBob can never fall in Love - ChiefMudkip

SpongeBob alraedy has a crush on Patrick

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