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61 Charity Snow Removal

The episode starts of as a very cold and snowy day in town. Eventually, a lot of snow had been amounted to all over the place, including the area around the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob realises Mr. Krabs is feeling a bit depressed because barely any customers are visiting thanks to the massive snow pileup outside the restaurant. SpongeBob decides to make him feel better and go and move away the snow, and convinces Squidward to help out. They both went and cleared out the snow, and as a result, the path to the Krusty Krab became clearer and customers could drop by now. Krabs thanks the 2 for their hard work and agrees that he will be more generous towards them. After work, SpongeBob thought of an idea to go around town and start a snow removal service and use the money they obtained to donate to charity. Squid originally objects as he wanted more free time, be he eventually decides to help him out again and so they both proceeded to go around town clearing out snow from other fish's houses. ...more - PageEmperor

62 Nickelodeon vs Disney Channel vs Cartoon Network vs PBS vs 4kidstv vs Lwa and CBSDT and 1mm vs DHX vs the Hub

What does all this have to do with SpongeBob?

Reasons why this is NOT happening: 4kids is bankrupt; what is a Lwa?; Cartoon Network doesn't have a main mascot; Disney Channel hates Nick; the Hub is NOT gonna give FiM to Nick; Again, what is a CBSDT; Still, what is a 1mm; DHX isn't gonna give Nick the rights to their characters; etc.
UPDATE: 1mm, Lwa, and CBSDT are all part of Litton. You should remove all three of those and add "Litton" to the title. - imacg4

The name is to long - PatrickStar

Okay now this is getting ridiculous.

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63 Different Way

Oh my gosh, who is the idiot who put this on here?!?!?!? - Garythesnail

Who would want to watch this? SpongeBob peeing into Sandy's mouth? The title should be changed to Porn 101... - Turkeyasylum

This will make everyone vomit hard. The most disgusting idea ever

NOOO worst idea ever - Lunala

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64 Atlantis Squarepantis 2: The Krabby Patty Formula

This idea is really stupid. - Gamecubesarecool193

As long as it has the REAL Neptune in it and no annoying musical numbers, then it's an average idea.

I hate Atlantis Squarepantis though, don't think there's a point to making a sequel, as the amulet was taken away by Lord Royal Highness (bad name, R.I.P David Bowie).

No offense, but the original Altlantis Squarepantis was bad enough.

This sounds like a lazy ratings trap idea. No offense, but we don’t need a sequel to a bad episode. - TopTenHaters

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65 Bikini Top Trouble

The Idea Of Another City Called Bikini Top Goes On The List Of Great Creative Ideas, But The Other Plot Of Sandy's Bikini Tops Disappearing And She Having To Walk Around Nude Is From The Work Of A Troll - rjbarg042

This idea is pretty good, but Mrs. Puff going to jail for taking a straw just ruined it. - Powerfulgirl10

Make the rivaling city episode a 1 hour special. - TopTenHaters

The rivaling city idea is awesome but the nude one is a work of a troll. - TopTenHaters

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66 anonygirl x Spongebob

Spongebob pee in anonygirl's mouth

That's wrong in so many levels.. - TopTenHaters

This is horrid - ChiefMudkip

*BARF* - BorisRule

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67 The Squidward Tentacles Special

Squidward Q. Tentacles has always been unappreciated, underestimated, and deemed one of the biggest losers in Bikini Bottom. It seems he will never get his chance to prove himself worthy. But when a certain sponge mysteriously disappears... Bikini Bottom panics, and it is up to Squidward, (although against his will), along with some help, to rescue him before it's too late.

Great Idea! Unless they crap on squidward at the end, this would be great!

This deserves to be higher on this list! Squidward deserves to have the spotlight after how many damn torture porns - FlakyCuddles43

Great idea, I think we need an episode that praises instead of tortures Squidward. - anonygirl

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68 Sandy and the Whale (15 Min Episode)

This isn't the best idea, but it's better than Sandy Abuse or Cartman and the Sponge - Turkeyasylum

Great Idea, Although At The End Of This Episode Pearl Gets Adjusted At Her Home Again - rjbarg042

Pearl wants to have the ability to not hear what Mr. Krabs says, so she goes to Sandy's to fix the problem. - TopTenJackson

69 Krabby Patty Infection

No offense, but I do not like this idea. It's bad enough that we had Fungus Among Us and The Krusty Sponge. We do not need another episode that involves illnesses. - anonygirl

Or the Fungus Among us episode sort of

Sounds kind of like when they ate spongy patties and got sick

No, we have too many illness related episodes already. - TopTenHaters

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70 Aquarium Sponge

The main cast of SpongeBob decides to open up their own aquarium in Bikini Bottom. Sandy will be the tour guide. SpongeBob represents the sea sponge exhibit, Patrick represents the starfish exhibit, Mr. Krabs represents the crab exhibit, Squidward represents the squid/octopus, Larry represents the lobster exhibit, Plankton represents the zooplankton exhibit, Pearl represents the whale exhibit, Gary represents the sea snail exhibit, Spot represents the sea worm exhibit, Mrs. Puff represents the putter fish exhibit, many of the jellyfish represent the jellyfish exhibit, and Karen represents the computer used to tell information about sea creatures.

This is a stupid idea, but I am not known for making great ideas. - anonygirl

71 Return of the Geeks

The plot description is fat too terse, and the plot would be boring and horrible. - CardboardBox

As much as I like Band Geeks, I do not think that this sequel should air. In my opinion, Band Geeks is a one-time episode. - anonygirl

No we already have Band Geeks 2 and that idea is garbage already. - TopTenHaters

If this aired, they should have the song extended and make it full.

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72 Another Squirrel in Town

This Could Be About A New Squirrel Moves Into Bikini Bottom And She's Has All The Talents And Hobbies Of Sandy But She's More Talented Than Sandy Which Makes Her Jealous, So Sandy And The Squirrel Compete In Activities To See Who's Better, In The End They Become Friends - rjbarg042

Another squirrel moves in but she is very dumb and can't speak either so Spongebob, Patrick, and Sandy help her. - TopTenHaters

We already had New Fish In Town

73 Attack on SpongeBob

They need Trump Fish to help build a wall against the monsters to survive! And there's one gigantic fish less shark that can destroy the wall! How will they survive? - FerrariDude64

SpongeBob saves the world from giant skinless fish - Goatworlds

74 Redecoration!

Here's the plot: No customer wanted to enter the Krusty Krab because of its outdated look. This made Mr. Krabs feel angry because he did not get enough money. Squidward and SpongeBob then came up with the idea of giving the Krusty Krab a more contemporary look. They then remodeled the Krusty Krab into a futuristic look. Former customers of the Krusty Krab look at the new design of the Krusty Krab, think that it's not as charming as the original Krusty Krab was, and wish to take their granted wish back. This upset Mr. Krabs (not to the point to where he whined and cried), but SpongeBob came up with another idea. SpongeBob decided to give the Krusty Krab a retro timeless look (a look that is updated, but still has the charm of the original Krusty Krab). Once the Krusty Krab was redecorated again, customers started going to the Krusty Krab. This gave Mr. Krabs loads of money and happiness. - anonygirl

No, I Actually Really Like This Idea, I Think with a Few More Plot Holes and Jokes And Could be a great Episode - ChiefMudkip

I Really Like This Idea anonygirl - ChiefMudkip

75 The Embarrassing Party Photo

Make it a 3 minute short instead of a full 11 minute episode. - TopTenHaters

That'd actually be a funny clip in the middle of a commercial or something - ChiefMudkip

76 The Talk Show Sponge! (1 Hour Special of the Season finale)

Talk shows huh? I don't want it to end up like Tentacle Vision. Maybe the Spongebob gang talk about certain stuff. Spongebob would talk about the Krabby Patties, Patrick would talk about the best sausage brand, Squidward would talk about music, Mr. Krabs would talk about the Krusty Krab, Gary would talk about balls, Plankton would talk about how to get the secret formula, and Sandy and Larry would talk about karate and a muscle mass program that the viewers should try out. - TopTenHaters

At least it's not the series finale - PatrickStar

In My Opinion, This Sounds Kinda Stupid And It Might Rip Off An Older Episode, This Should Not Be 1 Hour And Should Not Be Made - rjbarg042

Nickelodeon please make this episode!

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77 Plankton Goes to Silicon Valley to Get the Krabby Patty Formula

I think whoever made this means that Plankton goes to Silicon Valley, get's a special piece of technology, and tries to get the Formula. - LedZepp81

You're right. Plankton will use a new robot to steal the Formula. - imacg4

I don't think the Krabby Patty formula is in Silicon Valley, Plankton. Nice try. - Turkeyasylum

Yeah, the formula isn't in Silicon Valley, but if you wanna go looking there...

Good Idea, Although Plankton Should Goes Somewhere Else And Gets The Formula After Mr. Krabs Lies To Him Where That's Where The Formula Is - rjbarg042

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78 Air SpongeBob

Rip-off of the Sponge Who Could Fly. - TopTenHaters

79 Mecha Gary

Plankton locks gary and dresses up as gary( a robot gary ) then he tries to ask SpongeBob the secret formula..but fails when its time for Gary's yearly shell waxing from the inner side.. - mrkarbs

This just copies off of Shellback Shenanigans. Though if the plot was done differently, then this episode could work. - anonygirl

People Need To Stop Ripping Off Episodes That Happened Already - rjbarg042

Gary turns into a robot, or SpongeBob creates a robot that looks likes Gary? - HondaCivic

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80 The Simpsons Come to Town (1 Hour Special)

Why is this even on the top tens? It is a stupid idea. - spongebobgymnast

This and the Mario one are very unrealistic Mario just is not happening and Simpsons is not a kids show

Copyright issues there. they would need special permissions, and have to probably try to buy rights to the Simpsons. Too much of a time waster. They could maybe team up with Fairly OddParents. And Plankton traps Cosmo, and he takes over the town, and steal the Secret Formula. Andd SpongeBob and Timmy team up to get back Cosmo.

Not Happening - JPK

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