Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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61 Thank You, Squidward

It's Squidward's birthday (but a typical day at the Krusty Krab). SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs have noticed that Squidward has been more miserable than usual. Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob planned a surprise party at the Krusty Krab the next day. Once the Krusty Krab closed and Squidward went home, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs decorates for the surprise party with the help of Patrick, Sandy, Plankton, and Pearl. SpongeBob bought 10 different clarinets for Squidward to play with, Pearl hires singers to sing songs that thank Squidward for all the great things he has done, Patrick creates a sculpture of Squidward's favorite artwork, Sandy buys Squidward his favorite vegetable plant, Plankton buys a birthday card that thanks Squidward for his positive traits, and Mr. Krabs donates $100 and awards Squidward for being the best employee. When Squidward came back to work the next day, everyone screamed, "Surprise! " Squidward got all the gifts that Pearl, SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Patrick, ...more - anonygirl

Spongebob pees in squidward's mouth and poops in his nose. Then squidward barfs in mr krabs mouth pees on sandy's suit and fart in plankton's butt. Then squidward eats the poo out of his belly button and vomits creating a vomit river that destroys this list and the entire site. Then spongebob says thank you squidward and vomits.

I added this because Squidward had so many torture porns in the past. I think there should be an episode where Squidward gets praised for a change. - anonygirl

Amazing idea - ChiefMudkip

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62 The Greatest Different Way Of All Time (24 Hour Special)

Stupidest idea ever! Many of the characters listed are not SpongeBob, it involves peeing and pooping, users of TheTopTens as well as YouTube are in it, teachers at my school are involved in it, and it is 24 hours long (way too long for an episode). - anonygirl

The 2nd Worst Idea On The List Behind The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back - rjbarg042

OH MY GOD! We have like 50 Different Way Episodes and this one has a very mediocre plot. - TopTenHaters

24 HOURS?! If you want a good Different Way, check out my idea (Different Way to the Krusty Krab). - Tyler730

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63 SpongeBob PoopPants

Wow Another Bad Idea I Just Can't Stand - rjbarg042

Koopa added this - epictoonsfan1

Who the hell is Koopa?

Koopa is a user he is not well known he said were jealous that this idea is good - epictoonsfan1

Awful And Disgusting Idea - JPK

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64 Five Nights at the Krusty Krab (1 Hour Special)

Please no. There are already too many fan games, including SpongeBob ones.

Not a good idea because Five Nights at Freddy's are way too scary for 8-year-olds (the age group that watches SpongeBob). - anonygirl

This Is Just Another Stupid Idea That Is A Rip Off Of A Game That Could Get Nickelodeon Sued - rjbarg042

1. Nickelodeon could get sued for copyright violations.
2. FNAF is too bloody, gory, and scary for most of the age group that watches Spongebob. - TopTenHaters

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65 Climate Change

The water gets too hot and everyone tries to stop the climate change.

The Plot Where The Water Gets Too Hot And Everyone Tries To Stop The Climate Change Is Pure Genius And Funny, But The Plot Where Everyone Dies Is Just Some Stupid Troll - rjbarg042

This may or may not work, depending on the writing.

What? The hot water idea would kill the show and the one involving Sandy is inappropriate for Spongebob. - TopTenHaters

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66 Banned Geeks

LOL! What would they be banned from, anyway?

Hopefully from making more sequels.

Pointless Worthless Sequel Like The Other Ones On The List - rjbarg042

What's next? Graveyard? - Gangem

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67 Magic In My Heart

Squidward faces his greatest challenge ever when she must face a huge audience including his father but evil crashes the party and Man Ray try's to get rid of Squidward's father away from the party by doing tons of Adventurous Events! Music power is put to the ultimate test to save the concert and Squidward beloved father.

This Is Probably One Of The BEST Ideas On The Entire List, VERY Creative And A VERY Great Plot - rjbarg042

Love the idea! The title sounds creative, and this episode concept has lots of potential. - HondaCivic

I love this idea! This sounds something I would see in Season 2. It is really funny and interesting. - anonygirl

68 The Handy-Hand

Plankton works at a technology shop and invents something called a handy-hand. He uses it to this to get the krabby patty formula. -and fails. - spongebobgymnast

Seems a bit boring.

Sounds like a decent episode. Not the greatest idea, but it is certainly better than many of the troll ideas listed on here. - anonygirl

Sounds good. Just so you know, I came up with the idea "SpongeBob and the Book of Mischief" - HondaCivic

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69 SpongeBob's Best Moments (Series Finale)

I think fans will only accept season 1-4 episodes. - FasterThanSonic

SpongeBob will not end on its 10th season

This Is Ridiculous People Say Spongebob Is Getting A Season 11 But If That Season Gets Cancelled, I Really Don't Want The Series Finale To Be A Clip Show - rjbarg042


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70 Glove Universe

In the episode where they replaced Glove World with Glove Universe SpongeBob and Patrick chained themselves to Glove World. So they wouldn't be able to go to Glove Universe. So this episode would probably show SpongeBob and Patrick crying for a long time cause they can't go to Glove Universe. So this episode idea isn't really the best on this list. But I still wouldn't really mind this episode being made. - toptenzen

Well they got unstuck somehow because there were still episodes after that. - RalphBob

SpongeBob and Patrick never got to go to glove universe in an episode... I mean what ever happend to glove universe? It was said in the episode that they were tarring down glove world and opening glove universe... So when are Patrick and SpongeBob going to glove universe? I would be so exited to de sponge and pat go to glove universe! THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE ON THIS LIST

You'll have to watch glove world R.I.P. to find out whats going on in this episode. SpongeBob and patrick have chained themselves to the gate of glove world when they hear that glove world is closing but when hear the only reason glove world is closing is the opening of glove universe. When SpongeBob and patrick hear this they will do anything to get the key from glove lake


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71 The Krusty Bucket

Hmm... maybe the Krusty Krab is having financial trouble, and Mr. Krabs and Plankton are forced to open a restaurant together?

Aka The Chum Krab

Gross. Plankton would ruin the Krusty Krab. - TopTenHaters

Krusty Krab + Chum Bucket = Krusty Bucket - HondaCivic

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72 The Good Days

SpongeBob and Patrick remember the good old days, where blue apropos stick yeti cream and the unicycle birdie farts the yellow turret

Squidward's Happy Days is already on this list.

73 Bikini Top Trouble

The Idea Of Another City Called Bikini Top Goes On The List Of Great Creative Ideas, But The Other Plot Of Sandy's Bikini Tops Disappearing And She Having To Walk Around Nude Is From The Work Of A Troll - rjbarg042

This idea is pretty good, but Mrs. Puff going to jail for taking a straw just ruined it. - Powerfulgirl10

Make the rivaling city episode a 1 hour special. - TopTenHaters

The rivaling city idea is awesome but the nude one is a work of a troll. - TopTenHaters

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74 Atlantis Squarepantis 2: The Krabby Patty Formula

This idea is really stupid. - Gamecubesarecool193

As long as it has the REAL Neptune in it and no annoying musical numbers, then it's an average idea.

I hate Atlantis Squarepantis though, don't think there's a point to making a sequel, as the amulet was taken away by Lord Royal Highness (bad name, R.I.P David Bowie).

No offense, but the original Altlantis Squarepantis was bad enough.

Atlantis Squarepantis Is Not Going To Have A Stupid Sequel, Just Like Pizza Delivery And F.U.N Earlier On The List - rjbarg042

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75 Reality Sponge

Is it going to be a SpongeBob version of 16 and pregnant?

No. This would probably include sex, drinking, and cursing, which shouldn't be seen in a kids' show.

This Sounds Like A Poor Idea, The Gang Going Real Action With Real Actors Sounds Expensive, Probably Happened Before, And Not Going To Turn Out To Be The Best - rjbarg042

This would suck. - anonygirl

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76 Sandy and the Whale (15 Min Episode)

This isn't the best idea, but it's better than Sandy Abuse or Cartman and the Sponge - Turkeyasylum

Great Idea, Although At The End Of This Episode Pearl Gets Adjusted At Her Home Again - rjbarg042

Pearl wants to have the ability to not hear what Mr. Krabs says, so she goes to Sandy's to fix the problem. - TopTenJackson

Sandy should kill pearal!

77 The Squidward Tentacles Special

Squidward Q. Tentacles has always been unappreciated, underestimated, and deemed one of the biggest losers in Bikini Bottom. It seems he will never get his chance to prove himself worthy. But when a certain sponge mysteriously disappears... Bikini Bottom panics, and it is up to Squidward, (although against his will), along with some help, to rescue him before it's too late.

Great Idea! Unless they crap on squidward at the end, this would be great!

This deserves to be higher on this list! Squidward deserves to have the spotlight after how many damn torture porns - FlakyCuddles43

Great idea, I think we need an episode that praises instead of tortures Squidward. - anonygirl

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78 Krabby Patty Infection

Spongebob pees, poops, vomits, spits, sneezes and throws buggers, pus, and blood( from a pimple he just popped) in a bucket. Then he stirred and cooked the stuff and served it on krabby patties. After the costumers eat the patties they get salmonella and vomit and have diarhea. Then patrick throws up in a volcano and the volcano erupts shooting in the air tons of boiling hot vomit that destroys bikini bottom and kills everybody. This episode will be a half hour special with patchy segments where patchy vomits and dies.

No offense, but I do not like this idea. It's bad enough that we had Fungus Among Us and The Krusty Sponge. We do not need another episode that involves illnesses. - anonygirl

Or the Fungus Among us episode sort of

We already have Fungus Among Us, The Krusty Sponge, and Squiditis. - TopTenHaters

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79 Redecoration!

Here's the plot: No customer wanted to enter the Krusty Krab because of its outdated look. This made Mr. Krabs feel angry because he did not get enough money. Squidward and SpongeBob then came up with the idea of giving the Krusty Krab a more contemporary look. They then remodeled the Krusty Krab into a futuristic look. Former customers of the Krusty Krab look at the new design of the Krusty Krab, think that it's not as charming as the original Krusty Krab was, and wish to take their granted wish back. This upset Mr. Krabs (not to the point to where he whined and cried), but SpongeBob came up with another idea. SpongeBob decided to give the Krusty Krab a retro timeless look (a look that is updated, but still has the charm of the original Krusty Krab). Once the Krusty Krab was redecorated again, customers started going to the Krusty Krab. This gave Mr. Krabs loads of money and happiness. - anonygirl

No, I Actually Really Like This Idea, I Think with a Few More Plot Holes and Jokes And Could be a great Episode - ChiefMudkip

I Really Like This Idea anonygirl - ChiefMudkip

80 Aquarium Sponge

The main cast of SpongeBob decides to open up their own aquarium in Bikini Bottom. Sandy will be the tour guide. SpongeBob represents the sea sponge exhibit, Patrick represents the starfish exhibit, Mr. Krabs represents the crab exhibit, Squidward represents the squid/octopus, Larry represents the lobster exhibit, Plankton represents the zooplankton exhibit, Pearl represents the whale exhibit, Gary represents the sea snail exhibit, Spot represents the sea worm exhibit, Mrs. Puff represents the putter fish exhibit, many of the jellyfish represent the jellyfish exhibit, and Karen represents the computer used to tell information about sea creatures.

This is a stupid idea, but I am not known for making great ideas. - anonygirl

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