Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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121 The Greatest Different Way Of All Time (24 Hour Special)

Stupidest idea ever! Many of the characters listed are not SpongeBob, it involves peeing and pooping, users of TheTopTens as well as YouTube are in it, teachers at my school are involved in it, and it is 24 hours long (way too long for an episode). - anonygirl

The 2nd Worst Idea On The List Behind The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back - rjbarg042

OH MY GOD! We have like 50 Different Way Episodes and this one has a very mediocre plot. - TopTenHaters

Everyone in Bikini Bottom masturbates into Sandy's mouth.

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122 SpongeBob Goes To Vegas (1 Hour Special)

SpongeBob is not going to do these stupid traveling around the world. - spongebobgymnast

That's a good idea, but it will encourage kids to gamble and lose their money. It should be a Vegas parody and it can be like oceans thirteen.

If SpongeBob was an Adult Swim cartoon like Family Guy or South Park, and it did not take place underwater, then I would be okay with it. Otherwise, that sounds inappropriate. - anonygirl

This Is By Far Another Idiotic Idea Too, This Is Never EVER Going To Happen - rjbarg042

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123 Jellyfish Destruction

Somebody builds a house at the jellyfishing spot SpongeBob goes.

Another Pointless Episode Rip Off - rjbarg042

They already did this in SpongeBobs Last Stand - toptenzen

Sounds like Spongebobs Last Stand but not a highway.

124 The Krusty Krab Kloses (1 hour series finale)

What I meant to say was a horrible ending to the series

This would be a horrible ending to the errors

It says the KKK in it...

For Goodness Sake, Spongebob Might Not End In Season 10, And If It Does I Don't Want The Plot For The Final Episode To Be This - rjbarg042

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125 SpongeBob Pees

Sounds like something that would be on Sanjay and Craig. - Turkeyasylum

And the disturbing thing about this is that this is one of the better ideas on here. - Minecraftcrazy530

It turns out that SpongeBob is made of pee since he is yellow! He has to hold in his pee for a lifetime if he wants to live!

Don't turn SpongeBob into Sanjay... - AlphaQ

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126 Sponge for President (1 Hour Special)

SpongeBob, Patrick, and squidward go for president for the bikini bottom and the results was a tie with SpongeBob and Patrick (and squidward was surprised he losed by them. ) so SpongeBob and Patrick become enemies for the battle to be president will SpongeBob and Patrick be friends again.

It sounds like this would be an election day special.

This actually sounds very good, almost like the old episodes.

SpongeBob kills Donald trump -

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127 Winner or Loser?

Since no one wrote a description for this, I'll write one. SpongeBob and Patrick enter a competition and they both get tied at first place. SpongeBob and Patrick go home with their 1st place trophies but Patrick is unhappy because he wants to know who really won. So SpongeBob sets up extra competitions and SpongeBob and Patrick do all of them. But they always get tied. Then Patrick realizes that it's sometimes good to be tied because then nobody is better than the other person. - SammySpore

Cont. Since SpongeBob and Patrick make another race, Gary wants to be apart of it as well who actually goes to Sandy to help him make a robot replica of himself that is faster. He uses it to cheat and get the trophy. Then when Gary wins he tells SpongeBob what he did so SpongeBob, Patrick, & Gary agree to put on the ground which happens to be in front of Squidward's House who comes outside a sees the trophy and brings it in to his. The End

What would this be?

One of my favorite ideas on this list. - anonygirl

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128 Reality Sponge

Is it going to be a SpongeBob version of 16 and pregnant?

No. This would probably include sex, drinking, and cursing, which shouldn't be seen in a kids' show.

This Sounds Like A Poor Idea, The Gang Going Real Action With Real Actors Sounds Expensive, Probably Happened Before, And Not Going To Turn Out To Be The Best - rjbarg042

This would suck. - anonygirl

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129 National No SpongeBob Day

Happened in "Gone" - ChiefMudkip

Rip-off of Gone. - TopTenHaters

130 Shipwreck!

Spongebob and gang go on a boat ride but a storm sends them crashing into an unknown island. They need to work together with the natives of the island to escape.

How about if a cruise ship sinks into an area near Bikini Bottom and the citizens of Bikini Bottom investigate the shipwreck. - TopTenHaters

This sounds good. - anonygirl

131 Krusty Towers Gets Rebuilt

The building would be twice as tall and have many extra features.

I prefer coming up with new ideas, not reusing old ones.

Another Bad Episode Sequel That Should Never Exist - rjbarg042

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132 Electric Plankton

Plankton accidentally swallows a battery, becomes electric, and tries to make off with the formula. Unfortunately, he runs out of power at the front door.

A lot of Plankton trying to steal the formula, but there's something happening all the time.

I don't really like him swallowing a battery, because they'd make that way too gross. Maybe he creates a machine that makes him electric?

This would be a great idea. - TopTenHaters

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133 Third Restaurant

It's not a bad idea, but they've done it twice already, in The Masterpiece and The Other Patty.

I mean I like seasons 1-5 only after season 5 it turned to crap

Except it will have season 1-5 based jokes

Added To One Of The Worst Rip Offs - rjbarg042

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134 Five's a Crowd

SpongeBob realizes he has work and a boating test on the same day. Sandy comes over and asks if they can do karate, but SpongeBob refuses as he is busy. Same happens when Gary wants to play ball and Patrick wants to go jelly fishing. SpongeBob wants to multitask but ends up messing up everything. He comes up with an idea to have a boating test where he chops planks, catches jellyfish and throws balls. At the end of each lap he serves a Krabby patty. - Pug

This sounds like Overbooked. - Garythesnail

Probably a replica of Overbooked

Rip-off of Overbooked.

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135 Sandy vs. Spongebob

don't you understand that there is already lots of episode that SpongeBob plays with sandy in karate. So look it up

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136 Krabs Out Of Business

Or Squid on Strike

SpongeBob And Squidward Get Tired Of Mr Krabs Bossing Them Around So They Run Him Out Of Business - RockStarr

Another Pointless And Dumb Rip Off Of An Old Episode - rjbarg042

That sounds like Squid on Strike, a good episode. - Powerfulgirl10

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137 Radiation Sea

Everybody gets radiation and dies

Another troll idea that will never happen. - TopTenHaters

138 Krusty Krab World

Sounds like Krabby Land - Goatworlds

Rips Off An Older Episode And Probably Some Others, But If Mr. Krabs Builds It Some Place Away From The Krusty Krab And It Even Competes With Glove Universe, This Could Probably Work - rjbarg042

Done in Krabby Land - Gamecubesarecool193

Krabby Land already showed Krabs trying to make an amusement park.

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139 The Great Pollution

Great idea. Since SpongeBob had a prehistoric special, I think he should have a futuristic episode as well. - anonygirl

Terrible Idea, Spongebob Has Never Had Any Future Episodes (I'm Talking About Everyone's Lives In The Future) And Will Never Have Any Episodes Like This - rjbarg042

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140 Ugh 2

Another prehistoric story like the prehistoric krusty Krab - mrkarbs

They should show the prehistoric Chum Bucket in this one as well. - anonygirl

They should have a futuristic episode instead. Though I would like to see the prehistoric Krusty Krab, so I think this is a great idea. - anonygirl

It Will Be Great To Have Another Prehistoric Episode, As Long As It Does Not Relate The First One - rjbarg042

Thatd be funny. Itd be called the krungy krabgar.

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