Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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121 Krabby Patty Formula Tornado

A tornado could blow away the Krabby patty formula and SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Sandy and squidward have to go get it. Plankton comes along to but only to steal the formula.

That' not a bad idea

In My Opinion, This Copies An Episode That Was Already Made, So This Is Pointless At Best - rjbarg042

Sorry, but I do not think this would fill 11 minutes. - anonygirl

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122 Glove Universe

In the episode where they replaced Glove World with Glove Universe SpongeBob and Patrick chained themselves to Glove World. So they wouldn't be able to go to Glove Universe. So this episode would probably show SpongeBob and Patrick crying for a long time cause they can't go to Glove Universe. So this episode idea isn't really the best on this list. But I still wouldn't really mind this episode being made. - toptenzen

Well they got unstuck somehow because there were still episodes after that. - RalphBob

SpongeBob and Patrick never got to go to glove universe in an episode... I mean what ever happend to glove universe? It was said in the episode that they were tarring down glove world and opening glove universe... So when are Patrick and SpongeBob going to glove universe? I would be so exited to de sponge and pat go to glove universe! THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE ON THIS LIST

You'll have to watch glove world R.I.P. to find out whats going on in this episode. SpongeBob and patrick have chained themselves to the gate of glove world when they hear that glove world is closing but when hear the only reason glove world is closing is the opening of glove universe. When SpongeBob and patrick hear this they will do anything to get the key from glove lake


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123 Fun Sponge

First Of All, This Rips Off An Episode That Happened Already, Second Of All Squidward Has Already Laughed Many Times Throughout The Series, And It Gets Worse Here, Some Troll Added A Scene Where Squidward Vomits And Gives The Vomit To Patrick, And Some Troll Added A Horrendous Alternative Plot Where Spongebob Likes Peeing Better Than Pooping, Gross, The First Plot Is Never Going To Happen And The Other Plot Is Just A Troll Trying To Get People Mad - rjbarg042

SpongeBob realizes that squid ward never laughs..he and Patrick try to make him laugh...At the end squidward lets out a huge laugh because patrick says he got a big brain.. - mrkarbs

Funner is bad grammar -_-

124 Dear Sponge

SpongeBob falls in love with a female sponge named SpongeBecca whom he spends most of his time with. Jealous Patrick and Sandy, try to ruin it because he spends so little time with 'em. - sryanbruen

Spongebob Is Never Going To Fall In Love With Another Person And The Other Plot Where Spongebob Gets Horny And Explodes And Everyone Dies Is Proof That Trolls Are Starting To Take Over The List, First Plot: Terrible, Second Plot: Disasterpiece - rjbarg042

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125 The Search for SpongeBob (Squidward Special)

No offense, but I don't like that idea.

Rips Off An Older Episode, Just An Completely Horrible Idea - rjbarg042

Squidward does not hear SpongeBob for more than 5 minutes..he goes out for sunbathing..after a week of relaxation.. Squidward becomes worried...he goes out to search for SpongeBob... He goes into forests and spooky places and ancient temples with booby the end it is revealed that SpongeBob was just using squid wards toilet and fell asleep while reading the newspaper

Ripoff of Pre-hibernation Week. - anonygirl

126 SeaBob WeedPants (420 Min)

First of all, Weed is not an appropriate topic for SpongeBob. second, I will not a 7 hour episode - ChiefMudkip

Just No - JPK

127 The Simpsons Come to Town (1 Hour Special)

Why is this even on the top tens? It is a stupid idea. - spongebobgymnast

This and the Mario one are very unrealistic Mario just is not happening and Simpsons is not a kids show

Copyright issues there. they would need special permissions, and have to probably try to buy rights to the Simpsons. Too much of a time waster. They could maybe team up with Fairly OddParents. And Plankton traps Cosmo, and he takes over the town, and steal the Secret Formula. Andd SpongeBob and Timmy team up to get back Cosmo.

Not Happening - JPK

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128 Pillow Pals

Spongebob & Patrick Gets Sucked Into a Giant Pillow and Have to Go Through a Maze of Puffs to Find the Zipper - ChiefMudkip

I love this. This would be like Season 2! - anonygirl

Good idea, it should be aired. - HondaCivic

Great - JPK

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129 Sponge for President (1 Hour Special)

SpongeBob, Patrick, and squidward go for president for the bikini bottom and the results was a tie with SpongeBob and Patrick (and squidward was surprised he losed by them. ) so SpongeBob and Patrick become enemies for the battle to be president will SpongeBob and Patrick be friends again.

It sounds like this would be an election day special.

This actually sounds very good, almost like the old episodes.

An Episode About Bikini Bottom Getting a New Mayor Could Work - ChiefMudkip

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130 Happy Star. Patrick's Day!

This is actually a good idea. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Patrick is jealous because he is not green so Spongebob helps him became green

This concept is actually great! It has a lot of potential. - HondaCivic

This is quite the good concept

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131 Spongebob Gets Pregnant

SpongeBob is secretly a female.

Most hilarious idea on the list. Not being sarcastic.

Is it even possible for a male sponge to get pregnant?

Never will happen. - TopTenHaters

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132 The Greatest Different Way Of All Time (24 Hour Special)

Stupidest idea ever! Many of the characters listed are not SpongeBob, it involves peeing and pooping, users of TheTopTens as well as YouTube are in it, teachers at my school are involved in it, and it is 24 hours long (way too long for an episode). - anonygirl

The 2nd Worst Idea On The List Behind The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back - rjbarg042

OH MY GOD! We have like 50 Different Way Episodes and this one has a very mediocre plot. - TopTenHaters

24 HOURS?! If you want a good Different Way, check out my idea (Different Way to the Krusty Krab). - Tyler730

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133 Bucket Bakery

Mrs. Puff noticed how sad Plankton was because he had no customers. Mrs. Puff came up a solution to work with Plankton, and to turn the Chum Bucket into a bakery. The name got changed to the Bucket Bakery, it got redecorated into a bakery, and it sold muffins, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, fudge, bagels, English muffins, and cakes. The Bakery Bucket was doing better than expected. Both the Krusty Krab and the now Bucket Bakery were becoming equally successful. Suddenly, the Krusty Krab started to go bankrupt. Mr. Krabs wondered what happened and was desperate for a solution (he did not whine or cry, though). Squidward and SpongeBob then came up with a solution to become employees there, and Mr. Krabs agreed. Plankton and Mrs. Puff hired Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and SpongeBob to work at the bakery. Like Plankton, Mrs. Puff, and Karen; Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and SpongeBob all ended up making a decent amount of money. In fact, Mr. Krabs and his employees made enough money to reopen ...more - anonygirl

I love all of those foods! They're my favorite foods!

Mrs. Puff sucks! I hate her! I want Spongebob to hate her now! I want to die now!

Flawless idea anonygirl :D - ChiefMudkip

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134 Problem Sponge

SpongeBob's parents' house burns down because of a large earthquake that happened. SpongeBob ended up saving their lives, but they encountered a problem. Mr. a nd Mrs. SquarePants have nowhere to stay. SpongeBob asks for Sandy an idea to solve the problem. Sandy came up with a solution to the problem. She decided to have herself, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, SpongeBob's parents, and Mr. Krabs build a low income apartment complex for SpongeBob's parents (as well as many other homeless people in Bikini Bottom.). Zeus an Casey are banned from writing this episode. Only Hillenburg will write this episode. Jokes that appeal to everyone (not the toilet humor that only a 5-year-old would laugh to). Hillenburg will make to where no one is crying, the plot is understandable, the episode is moral, and it feels like a Season 2 classic. They need to recreate episodes with the feel of episodes like Band Geeks and Ripped Pants. - anonygirl

Gary, Squidward, Plankton, and Mrs. Puff have had it with SpongeBob so they decide to get back at him by abusing him. This will be a 1-Hour Special. Warning: Contains rape and other forms of torture such as waterboarding and attempted murder.

135 SpongeBob Goes To Vegas (1 Hour Special)

SpongeBob is not going to do these stupid traveling around the world. - spongebobgymnast

That's a good idea, but it will encourage kids to gamble and lose their money. It should be a Vegas parody and it can be like oceans thirteen.

If SpongeBob was an Adult Swim cartoon like Family Guy or South Park, and it did not take place underwater, then I would be okay with it. Otherwise, that sounds inappropriate. - anonygirl

This Is By Far Another Idiotic Idea Too, This Is Never EVER Going To Happen - rjbarg042

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136 Jellyfish Destruction

Somebody builds a house at the jellyfishing spot SpongeBob goes.

Another Pointless Episode Rip Off - rjbarg042

They already did this in SpongeBobs Last Stand - toptenzen

Sounds like Spongebobs Last Stand but not a highway.

137 The Krusty Krab Kloses (1 hour series finale)

What I meant to say was a horrible ending to the series

It says the KKK in it...

He wasn't trolling, I think that the person who added it made it say KKK on purpose. - TopTenHaters

This would be a horrible ending to the errors

For Goodness Sake, Spongebob Might Not End In Season 10, And If It Does I Don't Want The Plot For The Final Episode To Be This - rjbarg042

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138 SpongeBob: The Musical

I like musicals so I'd like to see a SpongeBob one with good music (unlike Atlantis Squarepantis).

If they did a bunch of clips of good SpongeBob songs and then put them into a top 10 with SpongeBob as the host.

Musicals are terrible. There's already a SpongeBob musical (Atlantis Squarepantis, pretty much)

Already made just you can only see it in palace theater - Spongebob12

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139 Winner or Loser?

Since no one wrote a description for this, I'll write one. SpongeBob and Patrick enter a competition and they both get tied at first place. SpongeBob and Patrick go home with their 1st place trophies but Patrick is unhappy because he wants to know who really won. So SpongeBob sets up extra competitions and SpongeBob and Patrick do all of them. But they always get tied. Then Patrick realizes that it's sometimes good to be tied because then nobody is better than the other person. - SammySpore

Cont. Since SpongeBob and Patrick make another race, Gary wants to be apart of it as well who actually goes to Sandy to help him make a robot replica of himself that is faster. He uses it to cheat and get the trophy. Then when Gary wins he tells SpongeBob what he did so SpongeBob, Patrick, & Gary agree to put on the ground which happens to be in front of Squidward's House who comes outside a sees the trophy and brings it in to his. The End

What would this be?

One of my favorite ideas on this list. - anonygirl

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140 The Chumy Duo (30 Minute Special)

Your idea sounds way too good to be true. - anonygirl

Mr.Krabs & Plankton are tired of Rivaling each other, so they decide to work together in the business by Selling Krabby Patties and Chum Burgers, All is well for a while until Mr.Krabs starts noticing Plankton going into the back of the Restaurant every night, Mr.Krabs goes there the next day and finds out Plankton has been installing explosives in the vents to destroy the KK, He dismantles the explosives but eventually finds out that was a distraction so Plankton could steal the formula, Mr.Krabs becomes heart-broken because their business was going so well, Plankton eventually feels guilty about this and decides to give back the formula, and each go back to their normal businesses - ChiefMudkip

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