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141 Split Apart (15 Minute Episode)

Sandy creates a device that clones SpongeBob. but all of the clones turn evil and they have to capture them!

This could pick up where Overbooked left off...

This could be a sequel to Overbooked.

No Overbooked was bad enough - TopTenHaters

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142 Plankton Opens a Whataburger

Plankton gets a franchise opportunity and becomes more popular than Krusty Krab. Until they find out what Plankton is really serving! Plankton is using the Whataburger to control Bikini Bottom. Sandy could be the hero she's from Texas.

He closes the Chum Bucket and opens a Whataburger instead. - HondaCivic

This can be good as commercial - BorisRule

"Cough" Copyright Infrigement "Cough"

143 Ugh 2

Another prehistoric story like the prehistoric krusty Krab - mrkarbs

They should show the prehistoric Chum Bucket in this one as well. - anonygirl

They should have a futuristic episode instead. Though I would like to see the prehistoric Krusty Krab, so I think this is a great idea. - anonygirl

It Will Be Great To Have Another Prehistoric Episode, As Long As It Does Not Relate The First One - rjbarg042

Good idea - PeeledBanana

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144 Zoo Escape

SpongeBob Finds Out His Seahorse From "My Pretty Seahorse" Has Been Caged in The Zoo and SpongeBob & Patrick Go Through Hilarious Tasks To Brake Her Out - ChiefMudkip

Please no bestiality with the dolphin because that is disgusting

This sounds like a great idea. - anonygirl

I wasn't talking about you in my dolphin comment, I was telling the troll to stop it.

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145 Krusty Towers Gets Rebuilt

The building would be twice as tall and have many extra features.

I prefer coming up with new ideas, not reusing old ones.

Another Bad Episode Sequel That Should Never Exist - rjbarg042

If it's done differently, it could be agood episode - BorisRule

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146 Freaks n' Geeks

The Band geeks meet the band freaks, Squilliam's band. They have to compete in a talent show, and not just any talent show, Mr. Krabs' one (Culture Shock 2) and they are the last two to qualify. They are the final two, but Patrick brings Ketchup instead of an instrument and they lose. They are sad that they lost, but happy that they all tried. But at the end, Mr. Krabs' uncovers that Squilliam was cheating by stealing Patrick's drums!

Good idea, but how many Band Geeks episodes do we need?

There's a lot of ideas for band geeks but this is the best one - PatrickStar

Rips off sanjay and craigs episode freaks and cheaks - epictoonsfan1

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147 Third Restaurant

It's not a bad idea, but they've done it twice already, in The Masterpiece and The Other Patty.

I mean I like seasons 1-5 only after season 5 it turned to crap

Except it will have season 1-5 based jokes

Added To One Of The Worst Rip Offs - rjbarg042

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148 Five's a Crowd

SpongeBob realizes he has work and a boating test on the same day. Sandy comes over and asks if they can do karate, but SpongeBob refuses as he is busy. Same happens when Gary wants to play ball and Patrick wants to go jelly fishing. SpongeBob wants to multitask but ends up messing up everything. He comes up with an idea to have a boating test where he chops planks, catches jellyfish and throws balls. At the end of each lap he serves a Krabby patty. - Pug

This sounds like Overbooked. - Garythesnail

Probably a replica of Overbooked

Rip-off of Overbooked.

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149 2000Sponge: A Sea Odyssey (30 Minute Special)

Kids will not even understand that crossover

Another Dumb Crossover And What Makes It Worse Is That Kids Will Not Understand This Episode - rjbarg042

They already did 20,000 Patties Under the Sea.

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150 Radiation Sea

I think Feral Friends

Everybody gets radiation and dies

Sponebob, Patrick, Balanceboy and Memeridman save Bikini bottom from Radiation - BorisRule

Another troll idea that will never happen. - TopTenHaters

151 Krusty Krab World

Sounds like Krabby Land - Goatworlds

Rips Off An Older Episode And Probably Some Others, But If Mr. Krabs Builds It Some Place Away From The Krusty Krab And It Even Competes With Glove Universe, This Could Probably Work - rjbarg042

Done in Krabby Land - Gamecubesarecool193

Krabby Land already showed Krabs trying to make an amusement park.

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152 The Great Pollution

Great idea. Since SpongeBob had a prehistoric special, I think he should have a futuristic episode as well. - anonygirl

Terrible Idea, Spongebob Has Never Had Any Future Episodes (I'm Talking About Everyone's Lives In The Future) And Will Never Have Any Episodes Like This - rjbarg042

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153 Castle of Squidward

Squidward builds himself a huge 90 stories castle in order to keep SpongeBob out..but he forgets the way inside because of all the rooms and stairs and he even plants a dungeon and tunnels... He seeks SpongeBob and patrick and sandy's Krabs also comes in search of money thinking that it's a prehistoric building...squidward says that he also installed booby the end when they finally reach squids room patrick accidently opens a door which is trap door and they all fall down in squidwards front lawn - mrkarbs

Great Idea, But Building A 90 Story Castle Will Take Decades To Make - rjbarg042

Your idea is amazing, mrkarbs! - anonygirl

154 SpongeBob and Friends

Are you telling me that SpongeBob should have a crossover with Barney? I hope not. - anonygirl

155 The adventures of Super Snail and spot (Half Hour)

Spot and Gary team up and fight crime against other animals or fish. Spot has the power to shrink and grow and Gary can go in his shell and roll over them. There is a Evil organization of super pet villain's and mermaid and barnacle boy help spot and Gary half way through the episode.

It may seem like a good idea

It would be nice to see spot again

As long as it does not relate to Patrick-Man! - TopTenHaters

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156 My Decision

There's No Plot, But If They Actually Made An Episode With This Title, It Better Be Good - rjbarg042

These trolls just wanted to make Spongebob bad as Teen Titans Go! - BorisRule

This rips off Different Way. - anonygirl

Its spongebobs decision to either poop or pee in sandys mouth

157 Gold Miner

Another Stupid Episode Rip Off - rjbarg042

Sounds like Argh!

Mr Krabs starts gold mining but realizes that it was only a Silly game and all the gold was folls gold - mrkarbs

158 It Came from the Goo Lagoon

There is already an episode of the same name, except they took "the" out of it.

An Episode That Was Already Made - rjbarg042

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159 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

A giant eel is living in the sewers of Bikini Bottom, and Sandy says that she is the one to get it out. Patrick is obsessed over bringing donuts along for a snack the whole time. Spongebob is offended that Sandy doesn't think he can do it, and tries to defeat the eel by himself. Sandy saves him, but then they both get cornered. Patrick comes down with a bag of fresh donuts and watches it like a movie. The eel's tail accidentally slaps the bag of donuts, and they scatter all over the place. One lands in the eels mouth, and the eel loves the donut, and eats all the rest. They lure the eel out with donuts, and the eel becomes Gary's pet. Gary feeds it donuts and pets it and gives it water, and stuff. Zeus and that other bad writer are banned from writing this one! And don't make the eel stupid looking, make it awesome!

Once Again, Another Episode That Was Made Already, But The Plot Someone Came Up With Before This Episode Was Made Sounds Good - rjbarg042

This is a real episode! We did it almost

160 SpongeBob Destroys Sanjay and Craig

Thank you for the idea of this show. - Potatoman

With the help of our favorite Nicktoons Rugrats, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Odd Parents, Hey Arnold, Catdog, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy and other great cartoons from Nick. - Connor360

I would love to See this but it's never gonna happen - RockStarr

YES! We need this episode!

This would be a great idea but I don't want them to crossover and it would be too mean spirited - PeeledBanana

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