Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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141 Castle of Squidward

Squidward builds himself a huge 90 stories castle in order to keep SpongeBob out..but he forgets the way inside because of all the rooms and stairs and he even plants a dungeon and tunnels... He seeks SpongeBob and patrick and sandy's Krabs also comes in search of money thinking that it's a prehistoric building...squidward says that he also installed booby the end when they finally reach squids room patrick accidently opens a door which is trap door and they all fall down in squidwards front lawn - mrkarbs

Great Idea, But Building A 90 Story Castle Will Take Decades To Make - rjbarg042

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142 The adventures of Super Snail and spot (Half Hour)

Spot and Gary team up and fight crime against other animals or fish. Spot has the power to shrink and grow and Gary can go in his shell and roll over them. There is a Evil organization of super pet villain's and mermaid and barnacle boy help spot and Gary half way through the episode.

It may seem like a good idea

It would be nice to see spot again

As long as it does not relate to Patrick-Man! - TopTenHaters

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143 My Decision

There's No Plot, But If They Actually Made An Episode With This Title, It Better Be Good - rjbarg042

These trolls just wanted to make Spongebob bad as Teen Titans Go! - BorisRule

This rips off Different Way. - anonygirl

Its spongebobs decision to either poop or pee in sandys mouth

144 Gold Miner

Another Stupid Episode Rip Off - rjbarg042

Mr Krabs starts gold mining but realizes that it was only a Silly game and all the gold was folls gold - mrkarbs

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145 It Came from the Goo Lagoon

There is already an episode of the same name, except they took "the" out of it.

An Episode That Was Already Made - rjbarg042

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146 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

A giant eel is living in the sewers of Bikini Bottom, and Sandy says that she is the one to get it out. Patrick is obsessed over bringing donuts along for a snack the whole time. Spongebob is offended that Sandy doesn't think he can do it, and tries to defeat the eel by himself. Sandy saves him, but then they both get cornered. Patrick comes down with a bag of fresh donuts and watches it like a movie. The eel's tail accidentally slaps the bag of donuts, and they scatter all over the place. One lands in the eels mouth, and the eel loves the donut, and eats all the rest. They lure the eel out with donuts, and the eel becomes Gary's pet. Gary feeds it donuts and pets it and gives it water, and stuff. Zeus and that other bad writer are banned from writing this one! And don't make the eel stupid looking, make it awesome!

Once Again, Another Episode That Was Made Already, But The Plot Someone Came Up With Before This Episode Was Made Sounds Good - rjbarg042

This is a real episode! We did it almost

147 SpongeBob Destroys Sanjay and Craig

Thank you for the idea of this show. - Potatoman

With the help of our favorite Nicktoons Rugrats, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Odd Parents, Hey Arnold, Catdog, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy and other great cartoons from Nick. - Connor360

I would love to See this but it's never gonna happen - RockStarr

YES! We need this episode!

This would be a great idea but I don't want them to crossover and it would be too mean spirited - PeeledBanana

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148 Out of Pocket

Mr Krabs goes bankrupt!

I think (if written well) this plot could really redeem the damage done to Eugine's reputation in earlier seasons by seeing a softer and sympathetic Krabs, rather than a greedy one! Most characters can help in some way and there would be plenty of opportunity some humour!

But most of all, I think this plot can really drag the characters back to their modest selves (No stupidity in this episode). It can also tie the characters forgotten and subliminal friendships back together! KK goes out of business, SpongeBob becomes devastated, squidward loses his income etc, they all have to rely on each other to restore their integrity!

The biggest fear I have if they produced this episode is the writing! If some of the modern writers like Zeus or Casey (who can make good episodes if the put more thought into the dialogue) write this episode with blank minds, it can easily becomes good plot turned into a bad episode! This plot could be in season 7, ...more

That would be good. He needs to get a break from getting his claws on that money so Sponge bob and Squid ward can finally get money for Pay Day and get some respect. Please make it Nickelodeon..

This could be like season 4. Great idea! - Goatworlds

Great idea, Wonder why Different way is above this.

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149 SpongeBob Vs. Harambe

Harambe comes back to life and accuses spongebob of killing him and they fight to the death

Oh god please stop it with harambe he lived a good life but please stop it - epictoonsfan1

I would pay to see that

This is hilarious - HondaCivic

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150 Pillow Pals

Spongebob & Patrick Gets Sucked Into a Giant Pillow and Have to Go Through a Maze of Puffs to Find the Zipper - ChiefMudkip

I love this. This would be like Season 2! - anonygirl

Good idea, it should be aired. - HondaCivic

Great - JPK

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151 The Chumy Duo (30 Minute Special)

Your idea sounds way too good to be true. - anonygirl

Mr.Krabs & Plankton are tired of Rivaling each other, so they decide to work together in the business by Selling Krabby Patties and Chum Burgers, All is well for a while until Mr.Krabs starts noticing Plankton going into the back of the Restaurant every night, Mr.Krabs goes there the next day and finds out Plankton has been installing explosives in the vents to destroy the KK, He dismantles the explosives but eventually finds out that was a distraction so Plankton could steal the formula, Mr.Krabs becomes heart-broken because their business was going so well, Plankton eventually feels guilty about this and decides to give back the formula, and each go back to their normal businesses - ChiefMudkip

152 Kissy Kissy Love You

Who Would want to see This.

It would be banned from ever airing.

I'd rather watch a marathon of: One Coarse Meal, A Pal for Gary, Face Freeze, Demolition Doofus, Stuck in the Wringer, Little Yellow Book, Squid Baby, SpongeBob You're Fired, The Splinter, Pets or Pests, Pet Sitter Pat, The Cent of Money, Penny Foolish, House Fancy, and To Love a Patty. - Goatworlds

NO! This would make Spongebob rated MA. - TopTenHaters

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153 Good Samaritans

Mr. Krabs has realized how selfish he has become, so he decides to set up a low income apartment for homeless and low income Bikini Bottomites. He does this with the help of SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward. Squidward helps those people get hired at new jobs, Sandy educates the youth, SpongeBob cooks food for the people, and Patrick arranges the furniture. - anonygirl

154 Back to the Seanic Future (30 Min Special)

Now that is an episode I could get behind.

It sounds fun

Okay I guess. Has potential. Maybe not as good as most comments make it out to be, but could still be good.

This could do well with an outside chance.

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155 SpongeBob Goes to Harvard

The law school Elle Woods went to in Legally Blonde? - Gangem

That makes zero sense! - TopTenHaters

You're right. SpongeBob can't breathe on land (at least not as far as Harvard). - anonygirl

156 SpongeBob Got Served

Squidward and Mrs. Puff team up to kill Spongebob, and they succeed by impaling him then dismembering his body. Bored, they then use his leftovers to make Sponge Cake which is immediately fed to Gary with positive results. The recipe for this Sponge Cake is sold to Plankton who then hires Dennis to kill the entire SquarePants family and he brings back all their dead bodies to produce an endless supply of Sponge Cake. Plankton's recipe becomes such a hit that Mr. Krabs loses business and is eventually forced to shut down the Krusty Krab forever.

Spongebob and the entire SquarePants family would finally get their long-awaited karma.

Alternately titled "Sponge Cake" and would serve as the series finale.

Like Squidward, I think SpongeBob had too much torture already. Also, getting served is too violent and and disturbing for a show that supposed to be for kids. - anonygirl

157 SpongeBob Goes to Compton

Is this anything like Spongebob Goes To Ferguson?

Hood sponge

158 q543frodomar watches SpongeBob x Squidward x Gary x Mr. Krabs x Mrs. Krabs x Mrs. Puff x Patrick x Sandy

This makes no sense. - anonygirl

He'd give it a ten! - Frodomar49

159 Plankton and Spot

Quit talking about regular show! This is SpongeBob!

This Copies An Idea On The List Earlier, So It Should Be Deleted, Plus People Need To Stop Talking About Other Shows On A Spongebob List - rjbarg042

Ripoff of Plankton's Pet. - anonygirl

Plankton's is my favorite Season 9 episode! 0000000000000.1% disagree

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160 Plankton Creates His Own Own Burger Formula, Which Does WAY Better Than Mr. Krabs' Formula

Change the name it sounds like that would be the description of the episode - PatrickStar

This would be a great idea, but I would name it The Recipe or something like that. Also, it would be good if Mr. Krabs has SpongeBob go undercover and figure out why the customers are going to the Chum Bucket.

This should ACTUALLY be called chum burger formula


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