Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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161 XXXX

That is mega porn. - nelsonerico6

Does this mean hug hug hug hug? If it does please take this off the list! - toptenzen

Let the troll part of this list BEGIN! Prepare to laugh, or be disgusted if you are super stubborn.

1. Porn is unacceptable. I really liked the warped time plot
2. if it would be porn, it would be XXX, not X - BorisRule

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162 F*** the Police

Yeah. What a great kid's show title.

It's not a kids show anymore, remember To Love a Patty, House Fancy, The Splinter and One Coarse Meal? - nelsonerica

I've actually made a plot that is not troll!

Officer Jon is mean to SpongeBob again, and SpongeBob uses bad word #11 (reference to Sailor Mouth, and the part where comes in) and Officer Jon uses it against SpongeBob, and gets fired for swearing at a citizen. SpongeBob feels sorry for him getting fired, and helps Officer Jon set up his own police agency.

Just change the title though - Gangem

Stop this! This reminds me of Family Guy, and I don't really like Family Guy. - HondaCivic

I hate this idea! - ChuckECheese

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163 My Leg!: The Musical

The title sounds a little bit funny to be honest.

How do you make a gag into a musical lol

That sounds hilarious. A running gag turned into a musical. - Powerfulgirl10

Here is the plot:
Once again, Fred hurts his leg when SpongeBob crashes into him, however, this time SpongeBob notices and decides to take care of Fred
I'm not sure how it would be a musical - Gangem

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164 The Magic Conch Returns
165 Sandy's Bathroom Emergency

Lol the trolls are still here.

This Is Disgusting

I don't like it. It reminds me way too much of Sanjay & Craig. - anonygirl

Disgusting. A troll put this on here

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166 Donaldbob Trumppants

TERRIBLE JUST TERRIBLE IDEA, This Episode Is Just Going To Cause Political Trouble Across The United States - rjbarg042

A small loan of a million trolls

They are NEVER going to do that. They won't...

JUST NO! - ChuckECheese

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167 anonygirl in Bikini Bottom

Even though anonygirl is very nice, this would not happen. - TopTenHaters

She can't breathe underwater though :/ - ChiefMudkip

No, I can't, even with an air helmet. I'm a person, not a sea creature. I don't think you can breathe underwater, either. - anonygirl

I think anonygirl is nice, but this is not gonna happen - HondaCivic

Anothervher troll idea - BorisRule

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168 SuicideBob SquadPants

Spongebob's life is miserable so he commits suicide by secretly hiring a firing squad. And this serves as the series finale.

A crossover between Suicide Squad and Spongebob Squarepants

Stupid For These 2 Reasons
1.Suicide Squad Is Warner Bros/DC, Not Nickelodeon, And Is Live Action And PG-13
2.Suicide Squad Has A TON Of Rabid Haters (I'm Talking About The Ones That Give Out Death Threats) And They Would Probably Give Death Threats To Nickelodeon's Headquarters - JPK

169 Machamp Gives Squidward a Wedgie

I don't think Machamp can breath underwater - ChiefMudkip

No not more Squidward abuse! - TopTenHaters

I can hear the ripping sounds of squidwards underwear in my head

170 SpongeBob Snorts Cocaine

Another retool. Spongebob is depressed and despondent one day and orders prescription medication to help ease the pain. The medication works like a stimulant (i.e. cocaine and steroids) and works so well that he breaks the records for the most Jellyfish caught and Krabby patties made in a day and even gets his boating license. Sandy, being a scientist and understands how drugs work, knows that something is not natural about Spongebob and calls him out to the police. All of his records and other accomplishments (including his driver's license) are revoked and is sent to jail for a month as a consequence for cheating (via drug use). Once Sponngebob gets out of jail, he stops using his medication under the notion that they caused more harm than good for him. Plus, he realizes that it's not okay to use drugs (prescription or otherwise) to enhance performance because that is cheating and cheaters never win.

Not appropriate for a show like SpongeBob. - anonygirl

Terrible idea.


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171 Puffy Fluffy Steals The Krabby Patty Formula

No more puffy fluffy! Please!

I would only like this if spongebob says sorry for how he treated gary in a pal for gary

Then, Gary lassos him and flings him to jail, and SpongeBob apologizes to Gary for being a jerk in APFG.

Plankton tames Puffy Fluffy - HondaCivic

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172 Trying Out Tennis

See? People, look at this as a role model. This could be a very good episode. - Garythesnail

SpongeBob can't go to work on a Sunday so he asked sandy if he can play tennis with her then squidward and Patrick join in - RockStarr

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy try Out Tennis

Great idea! - TopTenHaters

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173 SpongeBob Goes to North Korea

SpongeBob wants to go to North Korea to save Patrick from Kim Jung Un

TERRIBLE IDEA, This Episode Might Offend The Country And Spongebob Going To Other Countries Just Is Not Right For The Series - rjbarg042

SpongeBob kills Kim John Un - Goatworlds

SpongeBob murders Kim Jong Un with the help of Japan and the country makes a giant celebration - GumballWatterson

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174 New Snail On the Block

How about a new snail comes to town. It's very mean and it bullies Gary. So then SpongeBob notices and gets mad at the snail's owner. But he is also a bully and he threatens to beat up SpongeBob if he complains. Gary finds a gang of snails that are also being bullied and they chase the snail and its owner out of town. - SammySpore

This happened in Gary in Love.

Already happened in "The Great Snail Race."

Sammy Spore's Idea Is Perfectly Done

But The Plot Where Gary Has Sex With Another Snail Is Another Dumb Troll Idea - JPK

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175 SpongeBob meets PIEGUYRULZ

Sounds nice, but I don't think it will ever become an episode. - anonygirl

I don't want my favourite YouTuber annoyed

Funny if PIEGUYRULZ would be ranting in Spongebobs Face but not gonna happen

I Like PIEGUYRULZ - ChiefMudkip

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176 Yogurt Bob Pants

That sounds like a Family Guy ripoff. The episode when the bank lets Peter open up a cookie shop. - SavageLG

Spongebob gets a loan from the bank and opens his own frozen yogurt bar.

That sounds like Ice Cream Sponge. - TopTenHaters

What does that even mean? - HondaCivic

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177 Holy Crap!

Sandy Cheeks' devoutly Catholic father Francis is forced to retire from his job at the Pawtucket Mill, and moves in with her. Francis yells at his elder grandson, Seth, because he believes that he is masturbating in the bathroom when he is merely defecating. He makes his granddaughter, Lizzie, feel guilty for holding hands with a neighbor boy, and tells his younger grandson, Sean, bedtime stories of the punishments that await sinners in Hell. Francis and his teachings to his grandchildren cause Chris to become convinced that defecation is a sin, while it makes Sean become fascinated with God and his power to punish sinners.

Sandy takes the Pope to her house; when Larry sees him he is terrified that Sandy kidnapped him. Although she kidnapped him, the Pope agrees to tell Francis what a good person Sandy is. Before they go, Sandy fixes the problems Francis had created for his grandchildren; he tells Seth that what happens in the bathroom is between him and God, and to LIzzie that ...more

Really? We do not need another episode idea like Different Way and its thousands of other parts! - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

This does not sound like a kid-friendly episode title, plus the plot is a rip-off of the Family Guy episode Holy Crap! - TopTenHaters

This is a rip-off of the Family Guy episode Holy Crap!

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178 Explore City

Since Bikini Bottom was starting to get overpopulated (to the point where houses were being built near SpongeBob's house and other previously empty places in Bikini Bottom), SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and the construction workers build a new city called Explore City. Explore City will have houses, restaurants, stores, schools, and many other cool things. Will the city stay put? Will Bikini Bottom stay overcrowded?

It's all Stephen Hillenburg's (creator of the show) decision. - anonygirl

Hopefully people like this idea. - anonygirl

179 Smacky Smacky Hate You Squidward and and Luna Edition

I don't think a crossover is a good idea but the plot is fair enough and I think it could be worked into a regular Spongebob episode.

Another pointless crossover - rjbarg042

Enough those cartoons have nothing to do with each other - MrMonkey

And then they kiss! - jatboy

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180 One Coarse Splinter Loving a Patty's Buddies For Gary's Face Freeze Among Us Shuffleboarding with Sandy in the Wringer

Please don't tell me it's One Coarse Meal, To Love a Patty, The Splinter, Boating Buddies, A Pal for Gary, Face Freeze, Fungus Among Us, Shuffleboarding, Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy, and Stuck in the Wringer combined into one episode. I will crack if it is. - anonygirl

All the bad episodes combined into ONE?!?! This would lead to ROCK BOTTOM RATINGS, that probaly leads to being forced CANCELLED, and Nickelodeon will DIE! - BorisRule

Screw my life... - Goatworlds


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