Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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161 Out of Pocket

Mr Krabs goes bankrupt!

I think (if written well) this plot could really redeem the damage done to Eugine's reputation in earlier seasons by seeing a softer and sympathetic Krabs, rather than a greedy one! Most characters can help in some way and there would be plenty of opportunity some humour!

But most of all, I think this plot can really drag the characters back to their modest selves (No stupidity in this episode). It can also tie the characters forgotten and subliminal friendships back together! KK goes out of business, SpongeBob becomes devastated, squidward loses his income etc, they all have to rely on each other to restore their integrity!

The biggest fear I have if they produced this episode is the writing! If some of the modern writers like Zeus or Casey (who can make good episodes if the put more thought into the dialogue) write this episode with blank minds, it can easily becomes good plot turned into a bad episode! This plot could be in season 7, ...more

That would be good. He needs to get a break from getting his claws on that money so Sponge bob and Squid ward can finally get money for Pay Day and get some respect. Please make it Nickelodeon..

This could be like season 4. Great idea! - Goatworlds

Great idea, Wonder why Different way is above this.

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162 SpongeBob Vs. Harambe

Harambe comes back to life and accuses spongebob of killing him and they fight to the death

Oh god please stop it with harambe he lived a good life but please stop it - epictoonsfan1

I would pay to see that

This is hilarious - HondaCivic

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163 SpongeBob Goes to Compton

Is this anything like Spongebob Goes To Ferguson?

Hood sponge

164 Good Samaritans

Mr. Krabs has realized how selfish he has become, so he decides to set up a low income apartment for homeless and low income Bikini Bottomites. He does this with the help of SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward. Squidward helps those people get hired at new jobs, Sandy educates the youth, SpongeBob cooks food for the people, and Patrick arranges the furniture. - anonygirl

165 Back to the Seanic Future (30 Min Special)

Now that is an episode I could get behind.

It sounds fun

Okay I guess. Has potential. Maybe not as good as most comments make it out to be, but could still be good.

This could do well with an outside chance.

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166 SpongeBob Goes to Harvard

The law school Elle Woods went to in Legally Blonde? - Gangem

That makes zero sense! - TopTenHaters

You're right. SpongeBob can't breathe on land (at least not as far as Harvard). - anonygirl

167 SpongeBob Got Served

Squidward and Mrs. Puff team up to kill Spongebob, and they succeed by impaling him then dismembering his body. Bored, they then use his leftovers to make Sponge Cake which is immediately fed to Gary with positive results. The recipe for this Sponge Cake is sold to Plankton who then hires Dennis to kill the entire SquarePants family and he brings back all their dead bodies to produce an endless supply of Sponge Cake. Plankton's recipe becomes such a hit that Mr. Krabs loses business and is eventually forced to shut down the Krusty Krab forever.

Spongebob and the entire SquarePants family would finally get their long-awaited karma.

Alternately titled "Sponge Cake" and would serve as the series finale.

Like Squidward, I think SpongeBob had too much torture already. Also, getting served is too violent and and disturbing for a show that supposed to be for kids. - anonygirl

168 Spongebob's Sister

No, I think SpongeBob is fine as an only child. I would not mind this episode being made, though. - anonygirl

I Don't Think There Should Be An Episode Where Spongebob Has A Sister, Because Spongebob's Sister Would Be An Unnecessary Character - rjbarg042

I agree with rjbarg42 plus this looks like a sequal to stanley s squarepants this could be a book or a short plus I kind of want to see more squarepants residance - epictoonsfan1

169 Machamp Gives Squidward a Wedgie

I don't think Machamp can breath underwater - ChiefMudkip

No not more Squidward abuse! - TopTenHaters

I can hear the ripping sounds of squidwards underwear in my head

Good job anonygirl. - TeamRocket747

170 q543frodomar watches SpongeBob x Squidward x Gary x Mr. Krabs x Mrs. Krabs x Mrs. Puff x Patrick x Sandy

This makes no sense. - anonygirl

He'd give it a ten! - Frodomar49

171 Plankton and Spot

Quit talking about regular show! This is SpongeBob!

This Copies An Idea On The List Earlier, So It Should Be Deleted, Plus People Need To Stop Talking About Other Shows On A Spongebob List - rjbarg042

Ripoff of Plankton's Pet. - anonygirl

Plankton's is my favorite Season 9 episode! 0000000000000.1% disagree

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172 Spaghettibob Memepants (Over 9000 Minute Episode)

This would be almost a week long. - Goatworlds

Be sure to bring lots of spaghetti - yellowshadow

In other words, hell. - Dman1972

Very Funny But Very Stupid And Will NEVER Happen - JPK

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173 The History of Wumbo (1 Hour Documentary)

It is just something Patrick made up. And by the way, Spongebob would never have a documentary episode.

An hour long documentary narrated by Patrick Star. Explains everything there is to know about Wumbology, the study of Wumbo.

Hilarious, but will never be an episode

I don't think this should happen. But if it does, it should be a 5-minute mini-documentary. - anonygirl

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174 Spongebob Kills Lily Loud

No vote for my crossover one sponge in a loud loud pineapple this idea is mean spirited and spongebob wouldn't kill a baby - epictoonsfan1

Terrible Idea - JPK

Stupid idea - HondaCivic

175 One Sponge in a Loud Loud Pineapple

If SpongeBob was to do a crossover with another show, it will either be with this show (The Loud House) or the Fairly Odd Parents. - anonygirl

This is not a dumb crossover please vote - epictoonsfan1

Spongebob and the louds meet each other the loud kids will do the same things that spongebob does in his everyday life the next day spongebob will do everything the loud kids do in there every day life - epictoonsfan1

This will ruin both show - ChuckECheese

Why? They are both from the same channel, they're both popular with the younger audience, and they're both similar to each other. This is one of the better crossovers on this list if anything, honestly. - PageEmperor

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176 Minnow Catastrophe

I like the idea, but it sounds like a stereotypical situation of how people from North Jersey come down to the Jersey Shore to vacation. Also, Bikini Bottom citizens fighting for their houses back would probably be worse than you think knowing the writers even though I heard the show got better. - SavageLG

The Population of The Bikini Bottom Rises When Minnows Vacation There, And People's Houses Are Taken Over, And SpongeBob & The Rest of Bikini Bottom Have to Stop Them Before The Minnows Overtake The Town - ChiefMudkip

This episode is racist

Pretty mediocre idea because it sounds offensive to minnows. However, I would rather see this air than Different Way, Kissy Kissy Love You, Mario Pays a Visit, SpongeBob & Patrick's Poop Contest, Family Guy in Bikini Bottom, Rap Sponge Rap, SpaghettiBob MemePants, and many other troll ideas. - anonygirl

177 Alphabet Pants

I created this idea because I would like more parents to trust their kids to watch SpongeBob. Zeus and Casey are not allowed to write this, only Stephen Hillenburg is, No offense, but I think this is a good idea even though there are better ideas on here.

While SpongeBob went to Boating School, Mrs. Puff brought her toddler nephew with her because he had the day off from daycare, and there was nobody to watch him. Mrs. Puff nephew, Miles was behaving really well, played well with SpongeBob and his classmates, and performed well academically for the most part. Miles could even write his own name. However, there was one thing Miles struggled in. He had a hard time figuring out the order of the alphabet. After a funny frustration from Miles (funny to all ages, not just immature kids) SpongeBob had a solution to the problem, He decided to have every student stand from the front to the back of the classroom in ABC order by first initial. There were 26 students in that class, named ...more - anonygirl

No! There should be no episode that is educational. It will get Nickelodeon sued and I have met lots of parents who have let their kids watch Spongebob. You worry too much.

I have never met a girl that enjoyed SpongeBob; only boys. I do not worry too much; I am extremely laid back. This idea is awesome. - anonygirl

I am sorry for adding this idea. I just wanted to know what would happen if SpongeBob had an educational episode. - anonygirl

The reason why most mothers do not let their children (especially girls) watch SpongeBob is because it is not educational or appropriate enough for them. If this episode was made (or any educational episode for that matter), then more parents would let their kids watch SpongeBob. If more parents let their kids watch SpongeBob, then that would increase the amount of viewers that watch SpongeBob. The more SpongeBob viewers there are, the more money the creators of SpongeBob will receive. If you still think that I am stupid after reading this message, then that is your problem. I respect your opinion if you disagree with this idea. However, it is hard for me to be nice to you if I try my best to make something as good as possible yet everyone else thinks it is stupid. - anonygirl

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178 Gary's Origins

Good idea. Please make this. I can see it as kind of a sequel to Plankton's Pet. Which would be awesome. - Puga

When SpongeBob meets Gary.

Yes, this is a great idea. - Garythesnail

This sounds like a great idea - HondaCivic

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179 F*** the Police

Yeah. What a great kid's show title.

It's not a kids show anymore, remember To Love a Patty, House Fancy, The Splinter and One Coarse Meal? - nelsonerica

I've actually made a plot that is not troll!

Officer Jon is mean to SpongeBob again, and SpongeBob uses bad word #11 (reference to Sailor Mouth, and the part where comes in) and Officer Jon uses it against SpongeBob, and gets fired for swearing at a citizen. SpongeBob feels sorry for him getting fired, and helps Officer Jon set up his own police agency.

Just change the title though - Gangem

Stop this! This reminds me of Family Guy, and I don't really like Family Guy. - HondaCivic

I hate this idea! - ChuckECheese

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180 My Leg!: The Musical

The title sounds a little bit funny to be honest.

How do you make a gag into a musical lol

That sounds hilarious. A running gag turned into a musical. - Powerfulgirl10

Here is the plot:
Once again, Fred hurts his leg when SpongeBob crashes into him, however, this time SpongeBob notices and decides to take care of Fred
I'm not sure how it would be a musical - Gangem

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