Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Made In Dora and Friends: Into the City!

The Top Ten

1 Everyone Dies, the City Explodes, and the Show Ends

This really should happen - yuma9009

Even though I despite the show,this list is kinda harsh. No offense.

2 Dora Gets Stabbed

That will be spy from tf2

Or jeef the kill maybe?

3 A War Starts In the City and Dora Dies

This should happen

4 Curse Words

She said one by mistake

5 Dora Gets Murdered

Who slender man?

6 Dora Gets Smarter

I don't even know why I'm voting on this to comment. It's obvious that you'll never stop making these kinds of list. - GamerBoy

Dora goes to school and gets tortured!

7 Sniper's Revenge

That will be sniper from tf2

or swiper

8 Dora Explodes

Maybe a creeper did it?


9 Dora Becomes the New Nicki Minaj
10 Steve murders Dora

Witch is steve is it from blues clues or Minecraft?

The Contenders

11 Rarity and Sweetie Belle murder Dora and her friends
12 Dora's Friends Beat Her Up
13 Dora Dies
14 The City Gets Nuked
15 Baroness From G.I. Joe Kills Dora And Her Friends
16 Dora Gets On Fire
17 Godzilla Attacks The City
18 Sans Makes Dora Have a Bad Time
19 Dora and Alana Get Gum Stuck in Their Hair
20 The End
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