Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Made In Season 11 of Futurama

If Futurama ever comes back, these episode should be made.

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1 Fry-Day the Thirteenth

I like The Simpsons Halloween specials a lot, and since Futurama never had a Halloween episode, I think they should make this. It should be made in the format of The Simpsons Halloween specials, where there are three horror stories using the characters in the show. - RalphBob

True, but it isn't very Halloween-like. The format is similar though. - RalphBob

Nice play on words

The Hon king was a Halloween episode..and they made deliveries in a lot of the 2nd episode the took toys to the moon amusement park for the claw machine...have you even watched the show?

2 Futurama TV

Oh yeah! I'd love to see All My Circuts.

It would be an episode where it shows episodes of T.V. shows that the Futurama characters watch, such as All My Circuits and Everyone Loves Hypnotoad. If they make it correctly, it could be a really good episode. - RalphBob

3 Simpsorama Part II (One Hour Long)

I normally don't like sequels to episodes, but this episode needs a sequel. The original was rushed and kind of boring, but it was a good concept for an episode. The idea had potential, but it just ended up boring. If the sequel is one hour, it might be more entertaining. - RalphBob

4 Futurama: The Movie 5

Futurama had four movies at the time when it came back on air. Maybe if it comes back again, this could be the first episode of the new season. I just don't know what it would be about. - RalphBob

5 The Delivery

Did you ever notice that Futurama never really had an episode where Planet Express actually made a delivery? Maybe they can make an episode where they actually make a delivery, but it is on a different planet, and all this crazy stuff happens on the way there. - RalphBob

I agree. They should make a episode of Futurama when we get to see them do a delivery - Sparkjolt

My Three Sons was a great episode, unfortunately there have been more than a few episodes like this already

They have done that on the moon

6 Early Bender

At the beginning of Futurama, there was an episode called Space Pilot 3000, where Fry came to the Future. This would kind of be like that episode, instead it is about Bender going into the past. In the past, he meets his early ancestors, and he uses them for help to get back to the future. - RalphBob

7 Kiff Takes Over

Kiff gets tired of Zapp bossing him around, so he pushes him off the spaceship and goes out to war against the evil brain army from the episode "The Day the World Stood Stupid". On the other hand, Zapp got pushed off onto Mercury, and has the natives help him get back to the ship and battle Kiff for power. - RalphBob

8 Zoidberg's Childhood

In this episode, we get to see Zoidberg go through his childhood years. Since he is a crab, his childhood is much different from the others, so it would be a very unique episode. - RalphBob

9 30000 Years Past
10 Lela and Fry

Fry proposes to Lela for second time, but since Fry accidentally destroyed the time remote and they ended up married and where sent back to the day the earth stood still they don't remember getting married. Then they start fighting about everything and all of a sudden Lela collapses and is taken to the hospital. And it turns out that Lela is 3 months pregnant and Fry starts to worry, but Lela calms him down and they start planning for more than just their wedding, but also for their baby girl. They also start wondering on who is going to be the godmother and godfather of the baby girl, but it's a tough decision because they have many great friends.

I want to see the newlywed couple again in this season? IT WILL BE AWESOME?

This will be the second part of the season finale episode "Meanwhile".

Well I suggest that Amy and Bender will be the godparents of Fry and Leela's newborn baby girl whom they named "Lucy Munda Fry".

The Contenders

11 A Futurama Easter

Fry would believe in Easter in the future. I think that his wife, Leela and the gang had to teach Fry about the true meaning of "Easter in the future".

And Bender pretends to be the Easter bunny but Sam and Lucy were argue over the Easter Spirit and Lucy vows for her revenge on her younger brother, Sam while Sam vows for his revenge on his older sister, Lucy.

Fry notices that in the future, they don't have Easter, so he introduces the Planet Express team to the idea. Then, they try to bring back Easter into the future. In attempt to, Bender pretends to be the Easter bunny, while the others make candy and spread the word about Easter. - RalphBob

12 Amy's Past

We get zero background from Amy so it would help to clear up the story.

13 Fry Gets Pregnant

Like Cosmo from The Fairly Oddparents.

I hope that leela get pregnant with Philip j fry baby.😀😘

14 Everyone Dies, the City Explodes and the Show Ends

Skye risks her life to save everyone but it's too late; Her family is dead alongside her friends, co-workers and neighborhood.

Fry did what he supposed to do to save his city but he explains to Skye if they don't do something soon it will explodes and Skye decides that she and Fry will work together.

Everyone dies living happily ever after when the show ends.

15 Different Way
16 Begin The War of the Stars

Darth Bender the brother of Bender (That Nobody Knows About) is evil and wants to begin a war to control the universe

It sounds good, but Bender doesn't have parents, so how can he have a brother? - RalphBob

17 Futurama Meets F-Zero Gp Legend
18 Zylex Adventure

Zylex is a character that Futurama added in when they came back on the air. I didn't see very much of him yet, but since barely anybody even mentions him, I know he is pretty understand. This could be an episode where we get to learn more about Zylex. - RalphBob

19 Kissy Kissy Love You
20 One Coarse Fry
21 The Crapple Apple
22 The Sex Box
23 History

Where Fry is educated about the history from the year 2000 to 3000 and there are flashbacks of the famous parts of history including the New-Medieval New York and the sudden jump to futuristic technology - Harri666

24 Futurama: Different Way

Does Fry Pee Into Leela's Mouth? Eww! Gross! This Is A Bad Idea! - TheKirbyCreeper999

25 Skye's Personal Life in Australia and Skye's Friendship with Fry Has Ended

"Skye was born as the only child of the young couple but she was the older sibling to her younger sister.

Skye did tell her crew mates about her early years; she has a wonderful parents, an awesome sister, amazing friends in primary/high schools and options, a handsome boyfriend (whom just left high school one year before she was in year 10).

Skye was upset during her childhood, she had many friends, family/relatives or anyone she loves was dead. Fry and the others have to celebrate her 22nd birthday around the office so she could remember things after twenty two years ago.

During Skye's twenty two birthday party, it was Fry who was going to celebrate her birthday alongside his co-workers.

Angry and Hurt, Skye blames Fry for everything and suggest that she and Fry are not friends anymore. Fry was worried and hurt by Skye's comment on him, and decides that it will be best if Skye has left New New York to live with her family back in the ...more

26 Futurama Meets Power Rangers Time Force Crossover

Skye is a huge fan of Power Rangers when she was younger and convinces the crew to meet with them but the power rangers came into the future to solve the problem; Who killed Skye's cousin?

The Planet Express Crew and The Power Rangers decides to work together to find out about the murder of Skye's cousin and claims to be MOM was responsible for the murder of Skye's cousin.

27 Anthology of Interest III

Bender: murder mystery
fry: Minecraft was real
leela: was actually a alien

28 Intestine Attack!
29 Hunt Of Death

The professor makes a valuable watch whip inch can turn back time but somebody has stolen it. Luckily it had dr zoidberg armpit smell on it so he hoes around tracking down the scent While the rest study the code - RockStarr

30 Floyd

They should make a show about Hubert's younger brother Floyd.

31 The New President

There should be a episode where there is a new election and Donald Trump should win the election.

32 The Inside Job
33 Extreme Spots
34 Futurama Meets The Simpsons
35 Futurama Meets F-Zero Gp Legend Crossover
36 Futurama Meets Guardians of the Galaxy
37 Futurama Meets Final Fantasy VII
38 Futurama Meets Outlaw Star
39 Futurama Meets Cowboy Bebop Crossover
40 Futurama Meets Trigun Crossover
41 Future Quest

Parody of Space quest from Sierra adventure games

42 Bodak Yellow
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