Top Ten Episodes That Should Be In Season 3 of Gravity Falls

Don't add some ridiculous episode, Just add good and creative title of the episode and the plot

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1 Stan's Lab

Plot: Mabel and Dipper want a soda but Stan accidently put the mysterious password

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2 The Author

This is the episode after Stan's Lab. Plot: Dipper looks all of the pages. Then, He reveals that Stan was the author

This is basically an episode. We already know who the author is - AnonymousChick

Anyway, the author is already discovered. This is a spoiler warning (for people that didn't know) : It was Grunkle Stan's brother name Stanford.

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3 True Love

This is the episode that Mabel find her true love

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4 A Goodbye to The Shack

Plot: they are going back to the parents and Stan, being leaved jealously sobbing

So what is the event if they will leave the mystery shack

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5 Gideon Back!

Plot: He having revenge that is dangerously bad that could wreck the shack after he get out of the jail

6 A Frenemy

Who the hell is Kim? You mean Candy?

The episode is Mabel and Pacifica being Friends now while Kim and Grenda getting jealously having revenge to the frenemies

It's not Kim and Grenda.
It's Candy and Grenda

7 Not so bad?

I wish Mabel don't scream or ruin the whole episode

Yes! I love this shipping!

Plot: Dipper ran out of the mystery shack after he read in his journal of a map. He didn't know where the map would lead him. That's all he wanted to know. What the map did. But on his way he bumps into Pacifica and she comes with him on his journey.

(Spoil: Pacifica develops a crush for Dipper. )

I love this idea!

8 The War

Plot: The time has come! Bill Cypher has raised an army from all of the creatures of gravity falls. His magic weakening all of the pines family. Dipper and Mabel need to stop him, or someone will get hurt - AnonymousChick

The Weirdmageddon Saga. "The War" sounds more like the title of an episode of Avatar.

Oh well. The episode is probably next. Bill already got the darn rift. - AnonymousChick

9 Upon Us

Plot:After Dipper and Mabel grow up in 7 years by now, A zombie apocalypse just began and Mabel, Dipper, Wendy and Soos go into they're journey - Redrain

I don't know why. I know this plot seems kind of cheesy and extreme. But this sounds like it would make a great Gravity Falls fanfiction. I don't know about an episode. But if it was a fanfiction, I'd read it! :P - dipperpinesfangirl618

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10 Bill's Mastery Plan

Well I mean in the Weirdmageddon Part 3 summary it says that his true intentions will be revealed.

This episode is when he has a plan to take mabel's body. And this is the ep where you reveal the people in the Cipher wheel, pacifica is in this ep. =)

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11 Maybe Not

Plot: The parent's of Mabel and Dipper are going to take them home but Mabel and Dipper decide to convince there parents to let them go to school there.

12 Triangle Head

Phineas And Ferb Crossover with Gravity Falls

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13 Where the Darkness Shows, Children Follow.

Plot Grunkle Ford is experimenting in the lab, secretly trying to figure out a safer way back into the dimension he was in to continue his studies. He felt as if there was still something he didn't know. Even though he was there for 30 years. He had finally gotten it when Dipper ran down the steps. He was excited to show Grunkle Ford a pre historic fossil he had found in the forest. Grunkle Ford was so surprised by Dipper's sudden appearance His studies where supposed to be secret That he accidentally pressed the button that sends you to the dimension. Dipper's P.O.V. Dipper looks around to see empty space, as it looked like. His gaze was cut short by a face that suddenly appeared infront of him. Big, yellow eyes and a wide smile. You guys already know where I'm going with this Dipper jumped back and inspected the person. THe person had long curly blond hair and a poofy yellow dress with an eye pattern.

Girl Hhhmmm...

The girl says as she walks around him, inspecting ...more

14 Llama's Cradle

This episode is about how Pacifica finds out that her parents might not really be her parents and calls Dipper and Mabel to help her figure out the secret to find her real parents.

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15 Human

Plot: After Bill is stopped, he is sent back to his own dimension. But all the monsters turn against him, turn him into a human and send him back to the real world.

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