Episodes That Should Be On Season 5 of My Little Pony

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1 Mane-iac Returns

After Mane-iac gets defeated she seals her hair out of the book. Twilight gets one half while Discord gets the other. Discord summons the rest of Mane-iac and sends her to Cloudsdale. Rainbow Dash thinks Celestia got a makeover and sends her to control the sun. Then Twilight comes in, does not know Mane-iac is there and accidentally pushes her down. A poster comes down and covers her. At the end they figure out it was Discord and throw the paper out.

Ok Hasbro, this has to be a episode

2 My Little Game Show: Choices are Magic

Interesting.. And they would have to do it to get something special to one of the ponies

The host (Twilight) challenges the contestants (RD, Pinkie, Rarity, Applejack, Flutters, Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Candace and Shining Armor). The game is called Guess It. If the contestants lose all 3 strikes, they are out. The winner takes the grand trophy and makes a new Element of Harmony.

3 Skyla is Born

I totally agree, I'd love to see princess cadence give birth to a royal princess, skyla

Candace gives birth to Skyla.

Cadence already has a baby! Her name is Flurry Heart

Flurryheart is born in season 6

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4 Easter Banishing

Eggs get banished to the moon.

5 Discord kisses Celestia

Too Inappropriate For My Little Pony - JPK

Discord dreams about making out with Celestia.

Not happening this show is a y rating - Ihateschool

6 TopTenJackson pays a visit

The mane six are excited because their favorite TTT user TopTenJackson is coming to Equestria.

7 Applebloom Runs Away

At the end Applebloom gets grounded.

She did run away in season 4 some pony to watch over me - Ihateschool

Well this is kinda similar to when she ran off with the apple cart in "Somepony to Watch Over Me." (God, was AJ out of character in that one! )

8 Applejack's Mother

Applejack finds out her mom is behind her, and she is!

I thought applejacks mother dies by saving rarity?

9 The CMC Get Their Marks

Happens in crusaders if the lost mark - Ihateschool

Actually Happened In The Real Season 5 - JPK

This needs to happen were all waiting

I think it happens

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10 Discord Reveals His Feelings to Fluttershy

Discord fluttershy loves u too

No! Don't mention an uncanon show

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11 Cutie Pox Reinfection

For the first time, Scootaloo gets her cutie mark. Unfortunatley, the Cutie Pox infects her too.

12 Magic in my Mark (Season Finale)

Twilight faces her greatest challenge again: fighting Trixie.

Usually I don't vote on MLP FIM lists, but I would love to see Trixie again as she is my favorite but she redeemed herself so it probably wont happen - bobbythebrony

13 Tales of the Equestrian Ponies

Hello, I'm the creator of this list, and I enjoy your suggestion!

Kinda like Tales of Ba Sing Se from Avatar, but dedicated to background ponies like Derpy, Doctor Whooves, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, etc.

Hmmm, something similar to this occured in "Slice of Life."

There is rumors that this might happen! ^w^

14 Nightmare Moon Returns
15 Everyone Dies And The Show Ends

This is so mean! I hope whoever added this dies alone.

Nope - JPK

16 More Scootalove

Best thing about the show.

17 Rainbow Dash Coming Out

Please happen! It would be a great episode!

18 Luna and Celestia's parents and back story

"This should happen were all wondering how Celestial and Luna were born how the became Princesses and such


19 Crystal Clear Future: Royal Childbirth 2 pt Episode

Were Skyla is born but Cadence needs motherly help and she asks Grandma Velvet even a hope for a great future for the child! Twilight"s mother will be visiting the castle for the In-Law meeting and has troubling planning the meet! How will this end...

20 Rainbow Dash's Sister Lightning Dash

When Rainbow Dash finds out she has a twin sister! If you want me to tell you more Just do ask a question

21 Silverlay and Snowdrop

Come on it would be awesome snowdrop becomes fluttershy's sister

22 Sexy Time

Hell yes

23 The Death of Flash Sentry


24 Sonic the Hedgehog Kills Rainbow Dash

Another Bad Troll Idea - JPK

25 All the Mane 6 Become Alicorns
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