Top Ten Episodes that Should Not Be Created for a Sonic the Hedgehog Cartoon Series

i love sonic and i will be horrified if any of these get made

The Top Ten

1 Sonic Gets Constipated
2 Tails Abuse

More like Child Abuse! - Carsrule300

3 Keep Mobius Beautiful
4 One Coarse Hedgehog

Oh please we don't need a clone of Spongebob's One Course Meal. - Carsrule300

5 A Pal for Cram and Cheese

First off, you spelled Cream wrong (sorry 'bout that) Second of all, please not a clone of "A Pal For Gary"! - Carsrule300

6 Amy Abuse

Ok, what I'm going to say about this is, just because Amy is a spoiled, overrated, pervert BRAT! So, not to be too harsh on this character, I personally think even SHE doesn't deserve to be abused! - Carsrule300

7 Diffrent Way
8 Sonic and Tails Face Freeze

Please no more bad Spongebob episode clones just PLEASE! - Carsrule300

9 Peppa Pig Crossover

This one is gonna get so annoying! - Carsrule300

How darn insufferable! Imagine if Amy Rose had a catfight with Peppa Pig! >:(

10 The Gift of Gum

The Contenders

11 Omachaos Rodeo Daze
12 Stuck in the Wringer Stuck in the Wringer

Another unnecessary Spongebob cline - Carsrule300

13 Pregnant Sonic
14 Fred Meets Sonic
15 Marvin Marvin Meets Sonic
16 Teen Titans Go Meets Sonic
17 The Twerk
18 Dr. Eggman in a Bikini
19 Dr. Eggman in the Shower
20 Pregnant Tails
21 Sonic Seeks Help
22 Gay Sonic
23 Sonic and Tails in Attack on Titan
24 Shadshrek
25 New Child?
26 The Crapple Apple
27 Intestine Attack!
28 Sonic Abuse
29 Sonichu Crossover
30 Sonic Kills Mario and Mario Dies.
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