Top Ten Episodes that Should Not Be Created for a Sonic the Hedgehog Cartoon Series

i love sonic and i will be horrified if any of these get made

The Top Ten

1 Sonic Gets Constipated

What? - ToadF1

2 Tails Abuse

More like Child Abuse! - Carsrule300

This List is weird - ToadF1

3 Keep Mobius Beautiful

What? - ToadF1

4 One Coarse Hedgehog

Oh please we don't need a clone of Spongebob's One Course Meal. - Carsrule300

5 A Pal for Cram and Cheese

First off, you spelled Cream wrong (sorry 'bout that) Second of all, please not a clone of "A Pal For Gary"! - Carsrule300

6 Amy Abuse

Ok, what I'm going to say about this is, just because Amy is a spoiled, overrated, pervert BRAT! So, not to be too harsh on this character, I personally think even SHE doesn't deserve to be abused! - Carsrule300

7 Diffrent Way
8 Sonic and Tails Face Freeze

Please no more bad Spongebob episode clones just PLEASE! - Carsrule300

9 The Gift of Gum
10 Peppa Pig Crossover

This one is gonna get so annoying! - Carsrule300

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The Newcomers

? Sonic Abuse

The Contenders

11 Omachaos Rodeo Daze
12 Stuck in the Wringer Stuck in the Wringer

Another unnecessary Spongebob cline - Carsrule300

13 Pregnant Sonic
14 Fred Meets Sonic
15 Marvin Marvin Meets Sonic
16 Teen Titans Go Meets Sonic
17 The Twerk
18 Dr. Eggman in a Bikini
19 Dr. Eggman in the Shower
20 Pregnant Tails
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