Top Ten Episodes that Shouldn't Be Created for Season 2 of The Loud House


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1 Lincoln Loud Dies


2 Luna Abuse

More entertaining than most squidward torture episodes


3 A Murder Visits the Loud House

I only want them to to kill Lori. They should also make an episode when Clyde gets over Lori and roasts her.

The only good plot is that one of them knows the murder is trying to kill them and they try to warn the rest - epictoonsfan1

4 Luan Loud Gets Grounded for Nothing

Go animate loud house

Do any Sisters also count.

5 Leni Gets Run Over by Peppa Pig's Car

No, Leni is my favorite!

I wouldn't really care if this happened. The Loud House sucks and you need to learn to respect opinions.

No. The Loud House is great and that's a fact!

6 ISIS Takes Over the Loud House
7 Requiem for a Loud


8 Lily Abuse
9 Lincoln Running Away

Yay, no more least favorite character!

10 Loud House Meets Teen Titans Go!

Every loud house charecter will die from this horrible reboot!

Yes do this - SushigirlO6

The Contenders

11 Leni Gets Grounded for Nothing
12 Lynn Abuse

Do not do this. Please. Just don't

13 Bubble Guppies Crossover
14 Lincoln Goes to Jail

That actually happened.

15 Loud House Meets Deadpool

I don't know, dude

16 Lincoln Plays Dora the Explorer Journey to the Purple Planet
17 The Drone

Is it like SML Short the Drone? With the gore? That one sucked - Tyler730

18 SpongeBob meets the Loud House

Where SpongeBob improves, Loud House is becoming worse. The only way SpongeBob would get MORE worse is if Chris Savino was at the helm.

Can you please stop treating Chris Savino like he's Satan! You only hate him because he ruined your precious Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls! Shut up nostalgist! - Tyler730

19 Lincoln Insulting His Sisters
20 Loud House Meets Caillou
21 Lisa Abuse
22 Different Way - Loud House Edition
23 Loud House Meets Barney The Dinosaur
24 Fred Meets The Loud House
25 Marvin Marvin Meets The Loud House
26 Spongebob Kills Lily Loud
27 Spongebob Kills Lily Loud 2
28 The Louds Beat up Lincoln but Lincoln blackmails them. Kinda like Tattler's Tale.
29 Loud House Goes to Superjail!
30 Loud House Meets Dexter's Laboratory
31 Loud House Meets the Powerpuff Girls
32 Loud House Meets The Breadwinners

Baduce and Sway Sway shoves the Louds including Lilly's mouth with bread and twerk on their faces

33 Loud House Meets Sanjay and Craig
34 Loud House Meets Fanboy and Chum Chum
35 Loud House Meets Family Guy
36 Loud House in King Star King
37 Leni Finds a Death Note
38 Baby Sitter Pat

Patrick from Spongebob tries to babysit Lily until things got horribly wrong

39 Teen Titans Go Babysits Lily
40 Loud House in The Brother's Grunt
41 Ren and Stimpy Babysits Lily
42 Loud House Meets Trudy Walker (Poo Girl)


43 Lincoln goes to Taco Bell
44 Enough is Enough
45 Leni Beats Up Lori

This would be cool if leni comes out on top

That wouldn’t be an episode, it would be like 1 minute.

46 Luan Gets Hit by Lolaś Car
47 Lisa Kills Luan
48 Jenna Rose x Lincoln
49 The SuperMarioLogan House
50 The Loud House/American Dad Crossover
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