Top Ten Episodes that Shouldn't Be Created for Season 2 of The Loud House


The Top Ten

1 Lincoln Loud Dies
2 Luna Abuse


3 A Murder Visits the Loud House

I only want them to to kill Lori. They should also make an episode when Clyde gets over Lori and roasts her.

The only good plot is that one of them knows the murder is trying to kill them and they try to warn the rest - epictoonsfan1

4 Luan Loud Gets Grounded for Nothing

Do any Sisters also count.

5 Leni Gets Run Over by Peppa Pig's Car

I wouldn't really care if this happened. The Loud House sucks and you need to learn to respect opinions.

No. The Loud House is great and that's a fact!

6 Requiem for a Loud


7 ISIS Takes Over the Loud House
8 Lily Abuse
9 Lincoln Running Away
10 Loud House Meets Teen Titans Go!

Every loud house charecter will die from this horrible reboot!

Yes do this - SushigirlO6

The Contenders

11 Leni Gets Grounded for Nothing
12 Bubble Guppies Crossover
13 Lynn Abuse

Do not do this. Please. Just don't

14 Loud House Meets Deadpool

I don't know, dude

15 Lincoln Plays Dora the Explorer Journey to the Purple Planet
16 The Drone

Is it like SML Short the Drone? With the gore? That one sucked - Tyler730

17 SpongeBob meets the Loud House

Where SpongeBob improves, Loud House is becoming worse. The only way SpongeBob would get MORE worse is if Chris Savino was at the helm.

Can you please stop treating Chris Savino like he's Satan! You only hate him because he ruined your precious Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls! Shut up nostalgist! - Tyler730

18 Lincoln Insulting His Sisters
19 Loud House Meets Caillou

Caillou could visit his long-lost sister, Lori! Just saying - ForeverGirl

20 Different Way - Loud House Edition
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