Top Ten Episodes That Should've Been Created In Dora the Explorer

Make Sure ALL of the Episodes involve Dora Dieing, Dora Getting Hurt, or Being Killed.

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1 Dora Dies

That would be a great finale to the series.

Are you kidding me? Who made this list?! - ItsPisces

Alex pushes Dora into a hole that leads into the inner core.
Dora dies.
Then Alex kills Boots before going out to destroy Trump's wall.

2 Dora Explodes

She eats a grenade and explodes. The end.

Who ever made this list is too old to complain about a kids show!

I hate Dora. I always hoped Dora would be imprisoned by Swiper.

Dora the Exploder - AlexImmortal420

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3 Everyone Except Swiper Falls Into a Hole and Dies
4 Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainbooms Into Dora


Which Kills Dora On Impact! 😃

5 Everyone Except Swiper Dies and the Show Ends

I think a nuke can happen

6 The Mane Six Beat Up Dora
7 Dora Listens to I Love You by Barney and Dies
8 Dora Listens to Justin Bieber and Dies
9 Everyone Except Swiper Dies by Putting Fire in Their Mouths
10 Dora Drinks Gasoline and Eats a Match

The Newcomers

? Face Eating Aliens from Planet X

The Contenders

11 Deadpool Kills Dora and Boots
12 Rarity Sews Dora's Mouth Shut
13 The Damn Show Gets Nuked

Yes! BOTH dora shows NEED to bee NUKED! THANK YOU to the person who made this!

1 Billion Thumbs Up - JPK


14 Dora Gets Better Vision

That's right, Dora needs better vision.

15 Dora Gets Eaten By Barney The Dinosaur

I all the charactors from team fortress 2 might come and kill them

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16 Goku Kills Everyone Except Swiper
17 Dora Explores In The Scary Maze

She will play it and she'll get really scared by the exorcist

And then Dora dies of a heart attack - AlexImmortal420

18 Dora Gets Put on South Park

No! Dora will ruin South Park! - RockStarr

In One Episode Ike Did Watch Her Show

And instead of Kenny being killed, Dora will be killed! - AlexImmortal420

19 Gidget (The Secret Life Of Pets) Beats Up Dora
20 Invincibility Mario Kills Dora
21 Dora and Boots Go To Jail

"For all the stupid things you have done, you are under arrest by the Thetoptens Police Department"

22 Heart Attack
23 Boots Abuse
24 Team Rocket Kills Dora

Prepare for trouble, and make it double!

Team Rocket steals a Pokémon called "Dora" and goes to the Zelda universe and throws it into Death Mountain - AlexImmortal420

25 Dora Gets Grounded Forever

Her dad comes
"Dora you're too young to go to far all by yourself and your monkey cannot talk and you're grounded
Dad:Ahh a talking monkey

To whoever posted that other comment,
Here's a sequel
Dad: Dora, your talking monkey is going to hell, and you're going to your room
Dora: wahh (runs to bedroom and commits suicide and jumps out of the window)
Dad: finally she's dead - AlexImmortal420

26 Homer Simpson x Dora

That's perfect! the Simpsons and Dora the explorer crossover! - ConorDooley

And then Homer would strangle Dora.
I know Homer does it to Bart, and he doesn't get killed, but Dora will be killed when she gets strangled - AlexImmortal420


27 King Nixel Kills Them
28 Dora Goes to Hell
29 Swiper changes his name to Sniper

It must be sniper from team fortress 2 I think

He shoots her


30 Swiper the Stealer Wins

Swiper steals Boots and throws him into a fissure, then Swiper steals Dora and throws her into the spikes - AlexImmortal420

31 Dora Gets a GPS
32 The Crapple Apple

Dora eats an apple made of crap and turns into crap for a day

33 Dora's Execution
34 Dora vs. the World

Here's how the episode goes:
Dora and Boots do their intro, but while doing it, Alex (Alex from Killing Dora) goes up behind her and grabs her, then he takes her to court. The judge says that Dora is 9999% guilty for 999,999,999 illegal things Dora did. However, Dora unleashes her ultimate power. The world grabs some weapons and fires at her. Alex jumps onto Dora, but is fatally wounded. M. Bison, horrified, runs to Alex and heals him with his psycho power. Then, Alex calls Anupom to help kill Dora. Alex turns on the song "Let's Kill Dora" by One Direction (we know, it isn't real, but I got the idea from another Top 10 list about Dora). Dora destroys the radio. Then she grabs Alex and throws him into a temple 4 miles away. There, Alex sees a Legendary Sword inside a pedestal, also known as "The Immortal's Sword". He pulls it out of the pedestal, and is granted godly powers. With those powers, Alex is able to fight Dora. Then Alex and Dora fight for a long time, until Dora blows ...more - AlexImmortal420

35 Everyone Except Swiper Gets Abused
36 Doralittle Ponyexplorer: Dora is Magic

No Ruining Good Shows Allowed!

Rainbow Dash kills Dora, Diego, and Boots. - anonygirl

37 Pretty Little Liars/Dora the Explorer Crossover Pretty Little Liars/Dora the Explorer Crossover

Where A murders Dora - ZootopiaFan

38 Panda Attack

Dora goes to the zoo and a panda decides to be famous so it mutilates her, the panda is then famous

39 Total Drama: Behind the Scenes Special

A behind-the-scenes look at the TDAS finale. Turns out, instead of TD contestants flying into the sun, Dora and her friends flew into the sun!

Good one - AlexImmortal420

40 Dora Takes a Spanish Test

And then she fails, because she writes down incorrect Spanish words, and gets an F------------------- - AlexImmortal420

41 Dora Farts In Her Pants
42 Dora Abuse

One of the punishments would be that Map and Backpack abandon Dora and Boots. - AlexImmortal420

This NEEDS to be an episode

43 Dora Eats Too Much Food and Explodes
44 Dora Pees Her Pants
45 Dora Poops Out A Donkey
46 Swiper Kills Dora and Boots

Swiped was always my favorite

I mean swiper lol stupid autocorrect

47 Dora And Boots Fall Into The Sarlacc Pit

I'm Laughing My Ass Off Right Now! 😂

48 Dora Gets Rabies
49 Dora Goes to a Motorcycle Club

And she doesn't use a real motorcycle, she builds her own out of ineligible materials, then she is last place, because her 'motorcycle' doesn' move at all, and instead breaks down. - AlexImmortal420

50 The End

This needs to happen.


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1. Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainbooms Into Dora
2. The Mane Six Beat Up Dora
3. Everyone Except Swiper Falls Into a Hole and Dies
1. Dora Dies
2. Dora Listens to I Love You by Barney and Dies
3. Dora Listens to Justin Bieber and Dies


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