Top Ten Episodes That Should've Been Created In Dora the Explorer

Make Sure ALL of the Episodes involve Dora Dieing, Dora Getting Hurt, or Being Killed.

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1 Dora Explodes

She eats a grenade and explodes. The end.

I hate Dora. I always hoped Dora would be imprisoned by Swiper.

Maybe a creeper from minecraft?


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2 Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainbooms Into Dora V 1 Comment
3 The Mane Six Beat Up Dora
4 Everyone Except Swiper Falls Into a Hole and Dies
5 Dora Dies
6 Dora Drinks Gasoline and Eats a Match
7 Rarity Sews Dora's Mouth Shut
8 Dora Gets Better Vision

That's right, Dora needs better vision.

9 Boots Abuse
10 Dora Explores In The Scary Maze

She will play it and she'll get really scared by the exorcist

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? Mortal Kombat

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11 The Damn Show Gets Nuked

Yes! BOTH dora shows NEED to bee NUKED! THANK YOU to the person who made this!

1 Billion Thumbs Up - JPK


12 Gidget (The Secret Life Of Pets) Beats Up Dora
13 Dora Gets Eaten By Barney The Dinosaur

I all the charactors from team fortress 2 might come and kill them

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14 Everyone Except Swiper Dies and the Show Ends V 1 Comment
15 Dora Gets Put on South Park

In One Episode Ike Did Watch Her Show

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16 Dora and Boots Go To Jail

"For all the stupid things you have done, you are under arrest by the Thetoptens Police Department"

17 Heart Attack
18 Dora Gets Kidnapped
19 Dora Goes to Hell
20 Team Rocket Kills Dora

Prepare for trouble, and make it double!

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