Top Ten Episodes That Should've Been Created In Dora the Explorer

Make Sure ALL of the Episodes involve Dora Dieing, Dora Getting Hurt, or Being Killed.

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41 Dora Farts In Her Pants
42 Dora Abuse

One of the punishments would be that Map and Backpack abandon Dora and Boots. - AlexImmortal420

This NEEDS to be an episode

43 Dora Eats Too Much Food and Explodes
44 Dora Pees Her Pants
45 Dora Poops Out A Donkey
46 Swiper Kills Dora and Boots

Swiped was always my favorite

I mean swiper lol stupid autocorrect

47 Dora And Boots Fall Into The Sarlacc Pit

I'm Laughing My Ass Off Right Now! 😂

48 Dora Gets Rabies
49 Dora Goes to a Motorcycle Club

And she doesn't use a real motorcycle, she builds her own out of ineligible materials, then she is last place, because her 'motorcycle' doesn' move at all, and instead breaks down. - AlexImmortal420

50 The End

This needs to happen.


51 Dora Meets Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket
52 Dora Eats Too Much Bean Burritos
53 Dora Gets Pregnant

And then she dies trying to give birth. And then Alex adopts the baby. - AlexImmortal420

54 Dora Moons

And then she gets arrested for mooning - AlexImmortal420

What? - JPK

55 Dora Meets Sanjay and Craig
56 Dora Meets the Power Rangers Dino Charge
57 Dora Gets Ebola
58 One Coarse Dora


59 Dora and Boots' Face Freeze
60 Dora Get a Splinter
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