Top Ten Episodes That Should've Been Created In Dora the Explorer

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121 All About Death
122 John F. Kennedy Assassinates Dora
123 Dead Dora Pit

Dora commits suicide and Boots throws her into a pit - ZootopiaFan

124 Ebola in the Town
125 Dora Cooks Herself
126 Maui Cuts Dora's Head Off with His Hook
127 Highschool of the Dead/Dora the Explorer Crossover
128 Different Way: Dora Edition

Boots pees in Dora's mouth.

129 Boots: Skull Island
130 Dora and Her Friends in Naked and Afraid
131 Shining Armor Kills Dora with a Very Sharp Spear by Using His Magic
132 ChainDora ExplorerSmokers

The Chainsmokers Will Eat Dora - ZootopiaFan

133 Jesus Cuts Dora's Head Off
134 Dora Visits New York City
135 One Coarse Monkey
136 Dora Gets Sent To North Korea
137 A Thwomp Crushes Dora
138 10 Pals for Dora
139 Dora the Explorer/Teen Titans Go Crossover
140 Dora in Nina Needs To Go
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