Best Episodes from the Show Britain Girl

In This Show I've Made Up Show Called "Britain Girl" there is a Girl called Tina (Britgirl) who goes on lots of places in England with her friend's PositronWildhawk, Kiteretsunu, Keyson, Curti2594 (Main Characters), Pet Sounds, NerdyPweeps, Kormo, Funnyuser, PatrickStar, Hollyrolo, Dreamformusic, Sasuke Princess, usa123, Spongebobgymastic and JandS3000.

The Top Ten

1 Episode 7 - Britgirl Got Talent
2 Episode 2 - Love the Girl
3 Episode 11 - Britgirl's Birthday

I remember when we celebrated her birthday at TheTopTens. A real life episode on this sounds awesome! - Kiteretsunu

In This Episode everyone suprises Her With an Amazing Suprise Party. - JandS3000

4 Episode 1 - Britpilot
5 Episode 10 - Britgirl's Comedy

Britgirl and Her Friends are watching a really hilarious program so Britgirl thought that She could create a program which involves Comedy. And With Her Friends, When it was released, it become the most popular program on Earth - JandS3000

This is Pure Genius Dude, I wish That these could come true. - PatrickSmartpants

6 Episode 5 - Taking Britgirl To All The Places She Wanted To Visit

In This Episode Keyson, Curti2594, Positron and Kiteretsunu Takes Britgirl to all the places Britgirl wanted to visit whilst all the other users/People are Planning Something Nice for Her at the other end. - JandS3000

7 Episode 4 - JazzGirl
8 Episode 8 - Random Girl

Funnyuser, JandS3000 and Kiteretsunu (especially Funnyuser) teach Britgirl how to be random like them. This Episode has a lot of Humorous Jokes in it. - JandS3000

9 Episode 9 - Dancing Girl

The Boys take on the Girls on a Epic Dance Contest. Britgirl is the leader of the girls and PositronWildhawk is the leader of the boys. Who will win? - JandS3000

10 Episode 13 - Kindest Girl
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