Best Episodes of South Park Season 3


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1 Chipokomon
2 Two Guys Naked In a Hot Tub
3 Cat Orgy

This is one of the worst episodes of the whole series - 015804

Bad - ElSherlock

4 Tweek vs Craig

These comments yikes - ElSherlock

Craig looked so hot and raunchy I wanted to kiss him in the bed naked and rub him in between his legs with a fluffy blanket while he just moans in a hot way wanting more and when I'm done with that I'd put him in the bathtub with the water below his belly button but above his I - know -what and give him sucky sucky and tell him its comfier if he lies back and I'd crawl in between his legs while he flashes me and starts rubbing himself there I don't like to mention it much and say he'd feel better humping the bathtub while I rub him there from behind and call him my beautiful hot sexy naked cowboy and when I'm done with that I d lay him on a fluffy towel on his stomach putting his wiener on a vibrator with his legs seperated and pretending to have sex with the vibrator and lay him on his back with his legs apart with his knees up and I'd give him a nice hot massage in between his legs and pretend to give him a bath in between his legs by rubbing him there with my hands and get him in ...more

All these dirty comments are making me wanna stick my finger down my throat and puke Poor Craig why would anyone write such pornographic things about him Seriously people I love Craig as much as ye but I won't ever do anything pornographic to him just

Craig was as sexy he made me wanna strip him naked and kiss him and get him all raunchy and sexy in the bathtub and touch him there and get him to hump the bathtub while I wash him from behind oh the dirty I need to kiss him and blow him he's so nice and hot

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5 The Succubus
6 Rainforest Shmainforest

I loved when Craig flipped off me Mackey and denied it

Yass my favourite character gets his first speaking role aka Craig

7 Jewbilie
8 Hooked On Monkey Phonics

Ha Craig was pretty funny in that episode it shows that his assertiveness can lead to trouble

9 Sexual Harrasment Panda
10 The Jackovasaurs

This is just an annoying episode - 015804

The Contenders

11 Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
12 The Red Badge Of Gayness
13 World Wide Recorder Concert
14 Starvin' Marvin In Space
15 Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery
16 Spontaneous Combustion
17 Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus
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1. The Succubus
2. Chipokomon
3. Two Guys Naked In a Hot Tub
1. Two Guys Naked In a Hot Tub
2. Tweek vs Craig
3. Cat Orgy


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