Top Ten Episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants Where Patrick Is at His Worst


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1 Stuck in the Wringer

I lost all faith in new SpongeBob episodes by watching this one

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2 Pet Sitter Pat

You think I'm with stupid is worse than this mess? This needs to be number one - FlakyCuddles43

Why isn't this higher?

This episode is like a Patrick Star version of A Pal For Gary. - EpicJake

Aka a pal for Gary: Patrick edition

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3 I'm With Stupid

So funny! I love this episode

It was in a funny way that he did it. I love this episode! - PatrickStar

I agree, I don't know why everyone hates on this episode. I did not put this here when I made this list. - toptenzen

Definitely! He made SpongeBob look stupider than him. - JaysTop10List

Aw man, I hate this one with a burning passion. Feels like a S7 episode but with SB's S1-S3 voice

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4 The Card

"'SpongeBob, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes.' - Patrick reveals that he is aware of his destructive stupidity" - Villains Wiki

Patrick acts like a total dumbass, and it is revealed his stupidity is all an act.

Patrick is not stupid, he is a villainous mastermind, trying to torment and annihilate everyone he knows. - CastlevaniaFanboy128

"What's wrong? " This reveals Patrick is a PRICK!

5 Yours, Mine, and Mine

Patrick is such a jerk in this episode. All SpongeBob wants to do is spend some time with the toy, but in his first few seconds with it, Patrick takes it away, saying he should learn how to share. When SpongeBob later confronts Patrick later on about sharing, Patrick refuses like the greedy starfish he really is, saying that the toy shouldn't be with SpongeBob for even a second. Outraged, SpongeBob fights with Patrick over the toy, leading them back to the Krusty Krab, and Patrick decides to eat the toy so NO ONE can play with it. Finally, when Mr. Krabs gives a toy to EACH of them, Patrick takes SpongeBob's wallet to pay for them. When SpongeBob confronts him, Patrick retorts "Have you learned nothing about sharing? "
Patrick, in this episode, just crossed the line with his idiocy and jerkyness. If I had to choose between this episode and "I'm With Stupid", I would choose the latter in a heartbeat.

In the world of SpongeBob, you will never find Patrick any more insensitive or backstabbing than in this episode.

Should be number 1.

It makes me mad that this isn't number 1 - puncity

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6 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve
7 The Splinter
8 Squidward's School For Grown-Ups
9 Pat No Pay

All Krabs wants to do is to be paid for his merchandise. New Writers. UGHH

10 Big Sister Sam

This episode actually makes me pissed off... - FaceInPie

SpongeBob was surprisingly tolerant with Sam and Patrick. SpongeBob didn't do anything wrong at all!

I saw part of the episode (I think the end) and was really funny. Takes me back to the good old days with the genius humour.

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11 Dumped
12 Shuffleboarding
13 Toy Store of Doom V 1 Comment
14 Chocolate With Nuts

He was fine here!

15 Good Neighbors
16 Camping Episode V 1 Comment
17 Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom

Like when Patrick said, "Tummy want more."

18 Survival of the Idiots
19 Oral Report
20 Wet Painters
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