Top Ten Episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants Where Squidward Is at His Worst


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1 Little Yellow Book

Squidward is so cruel in this episode - JaysTop10List

He may be a pain in my (beep), but the other townspeople are worse, wait, I got an idea... - DapperPickle

This version of Squidward is the complete opposite of the one in Fools in April. At least THAT one felt guilty for hurting SpongeBob. This one, I think Mr. Krabs put it best, "I wouldn't even SPIT in your direction."

Spongebob's Diary is none of Squidward's business.

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2 Squidward's School for Grown-Ups

I love this episode but I think Squidward is trying to keep Patrick from seeing spongebob so he no longer gets annoyed from both of them

3 Gullible Pants
4 April Fools

I'm not saying that what Squidward did wasn't wrong, because it was, but he did soon realize what he did was cruel and felt guilty about it, and tried his best to apologize afterwards.
Compared to his current acts, he at least felt sorry for SpongeBob in this episode.

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5 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost

Hey SpongeBob deserves this because he tortures squidward all the time besides this episodes funny

6 Pranks a Lot

I meant to put April Fools not Pranks a Lot! - RalphBob

7 I Was A Teenage Gary
8 New Digs
9 Boating Buddies
10 Lost Mattress

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11 The Splinter

Squidward's such a prick here. Even worse than usual. - Svampbob164

12 Naughty Nautical Neighbors

Why does Squidward want SpongeBob and Patrick to break up?

13 Gone

There are actually two fanfics that theorized that Squidward was the one who came up with National No SpongeBob Day. - Murvine_Taylor

14 That Sinking Feeling
15 WhoBob WhatPants?
16 InSPONGEiac
17 Funny Pants

Squidward was pretty mean in that episode because he tricked SpongeBob into depression when you think about it. (Kind of like how Mr. Krabs tricked Plankton into depression in One Coarse Meal.) Many people thought SpongeBob's crying was annoying, but I actually felt bad for the poor sponge. He did nothing to deserve not to laugh. Imagine living without the ability to laugh. If I couldn't laugh the rest of my life I would commit suicide (like what Plankton tried to do). - Murvine_Taylor

18 Culture Shock
19 Patrick! The Game

No, Patrick and Sandy were bad in this one.

Patrick for making up stupid rules for his game, and Sandy for growling at Squidward and zipping his mouth shut.

If those cops hadn't showed up at the end, Patrick would have been all "Squidward! You broke my game! ".

Unlikable in this episode, he was. - Goatworlds

I thought it was funny when Patrick put a jail box on his head and he wasn't allowed to roll the dice, even though that would get him out of jail. Then he got out, but landed back in again. - Murvine_Taylor

20 Squid Plus One
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