Top 10 Episodes of Teen Titans Go! That Ruined the Characters

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1 Halloween - Raven


Tara Strong also played her in the original. The writers ruined her - TheUmbreon

She was scared when she hadn't reverted to child-like would be scared nature unlike the others. In other words, they made Raven a wimp. Absolutely terrible. Even when I LIKED this show, I hated this episode

I only like Raven back in the original show; back when she was a REAL GOTH CHICK! I also just think that My Little Pony is way too overrated and the fandom just needs to stop ponifying everything!

Imagine if they turn Final Fantasy 7 into Final Fantasy 7 Go! and mess up the characters personalities.

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2 Friendship - Raven

I don't hate this episode because it rips off My Little Pony, I hate it because I hate My Little Pony and I hate what did to Raven. She is now the worst Titan because of Tara "the Untalented Twat" Strong made her a part of her stupid, annoying fandom. It's like she thinks it's the only show she's famous for.

Tara Strong deserves to be criticized, because ever since she started voicing that stupid unicorn, she begins putting ponies everywhere! Everyone never stops talking about her, and keeping saying that she's better than any other voice artist in the world (which is obviously not true). She also should learn to put effort into her voice acting because she sucks at it.

Tara shouldn't make her characters love ponies just because she voices one! That's just wrong, especially if it's a character who's supposed to be A GOTH GIRL! YOU IDIOTS, HOW CAN YOU BE OKAY WITH THIS?!?

If you're going to like ponies, at least don't act like A STUPID FIVE-YEAR OLD!

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3 Slumber Party - Cyborg

Having a fear of the dark is nothing to make fun of. When cyborg tells the titans he has a fear of the dark, they laugh and pick on him. I don't really think this ruined cyborg, but the other titans. They also force cyborg to do what actually GAVE him his fear of the dark.Robin is also very creepy when he tells starfire a dare about what he wants their life to be like. I will admit I like Teen Titans Go, but this episode was terrible.

Jesus Man! Did You Really Have To Capitalize Almost Every Letter When You Were Saying How Bad This Episode Was?

Calm down person using all the Capitol letters. I personally dislike this episode because it makes Robin look really desperate and self centered and made cyborg look like some sort of baby and his friends were not being supportive about his phobia which they would have in the original. But starfire is not a retard and Steven universe, uncle grandpa,can't clarance are not ruined and cannot be ruined because of one show you don't like. I think they are actually pretty good shows.

This didn't ruin cyborg fears of the dark is understandable everyone is afraid of something even if its not the dark and cyborg had a traumatizing experince

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4 Pirates - Aqualad

Aqualad is a hero but they made him like a villain

Proves that beast-boy is a @#$%

I never liked aqualad or terra even in the original show

Wheaton is just confused

5 Mr. Butt - Robin

The name explains everything. - Catacorn

I gonna kill the creators now.

The title is so stupid


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6 Man Person - Beast Boy

This episode ruined beast boy. he was awesome before

This episode sucked! In the 3 teen titans episode I have seen, this horrible one was one of them!

Or if you are Donald Trump

"If you hurt yourself on purpose, you're cool! "
-_- seriously?

7 Uncle Jokes - Robin

It's not necessarily the worst but the real problem with a lot of these episodes is that there dumb ' no thought was put into them ' and the characters are brain dead idiots

I thought this one ruined Star more than Robin

I thought Beast Boy is the joke telling one.

Was a bit strange, uncle jokes aren't really a thing, and I thought the "p is silent joke" was actually quite good but most kids 12 and under wouldn't get it

I'm 10 and I get that joke. I was the person who gave you a thumbs down - themets05

8 Legs - Raven

This episode is not only bad, but it is also annoyingly overrated! The people who "actually" like this episode keep talking about how this idiot (who I'm refusing to call Raven after seeing this) uses her legs to stop bad guys, and how sexy she looks (which is not true)! She is the reason I hate this show! People always think she's the character who's never changed, but think the only reason they like her is because she's voiced by Tara "the Twat" Strong, and that she plays with stupid pony toys. That is just bull crap!

Raven isn't moody because of her cloak! It's because of her powers! And, seriously, how come everyone is okay with this character being stupified to the max?!? Why is this show so stupid?!? They should announce that they hate the original show, and that they wanted to make fun of it by making a stupid spin-off that makes the characters look like idiots, especially Raven.

This is the episode that started leg fetishes, and the worst thing is it didn't stop from there

I blame this episode for being the cause of all the cringey fan art of Raven and her ugly legs that's been spreading all over Deviantart!

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9 Be Mine - Raven

First of all Raven does NOT have feelings for Beast Boy! UGH! Why Is Teen Titans Go! Ruing my life! Its not the only show that ruins my life but Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clarence, and CN's new style ruins my life!

His opinion that he don't like Steven universe,I don't like Steven universe either man - Nateawesomeness

Raven sucks in this show!

Hey! Wait A Minute How Could Steven Universe Ruin Someone's Life?

All those who hate Steven, you is heartless. Your dark, cold heart just can't comprehend Steven's average niceness.

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10 Terra-ized - Terra

I don't believe at all that Terra was a villain in the original Teen Titans. She may have played the part of a villain under Slade's authority, but after her experiences as both a heroine and a "villain" she just wanted a normal life. The show portrayed her as a vile person who purposely broke Beast Boy's heart. She posed as a "Titan" to gather information about the Teen Titans and send it to the "Villain World". Her personality was more unique in Teen Titans than in Teen Titans Go. She most definitely had feelings toward Beast Boy and would never shut him out of her life or betray him and use him solely because he has romantic feelings for her. Also... when in the entire Teen Titans series were there romantic hints surrounding Terra and Aqualad?! What exactly was the show thinking when they made Aqualad a villain and Terra his girlfriend?! The show has ruined more characters than just Terra, but especially Terra.

"I have an idea! Let's take one of the original's most interesting and most tragic characters and make her a one dimensional villain! "

The old series made Terra amazing. She wasn't somebody that just wanted to stroll into the titan's life, take info, and leave (she kinda did the first 2, but didn't want to), but a complex character who had always been rejected everywhere she went, until she met slade, convincing her to stay with him, but when he sent her to the titans she learned that slade was evil and the titans would give her a real home, dying to save them. And she was hot. Now, she is even more one dimensional than Mr.Krabs from SpongeBob...

The Teen Titans Go Terra is a villain and the Teen Titans Terra is a Teen Titan, a true friend and BB's girlfriend.

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11 Wally T - Raven

Raven is SO out-of-character. Wally T is so ugly but both Raven AND Starfire are attracted to him. He looks like a stereotypical 12-year-old nerd. She doesn't act like herself at all. She was never attracted to anyone in the original. Both Starfire and Raven are out of character in this episode... - xMagnoblade

Wally T was a real person suffering from a rare genetic disorder that only appeared because of the Make a Wish Foundation. THEY HAD TO DO IT!

Why in the flying crap would Raven find a 12-year old boy SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE?!? Why did the writers decide to suddenly make her a pedophile?!? It's like they want us to hate her!

Um is Wally T. a kid, teen or young adult?

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12 The Fourth Wall - All of the Teen Titans

This episode tries to make fans from the old show angry and the show makes fun of its self

It so nasty don't expose me to this

These critic-addressing episodes will only work if you UNDERSTAND the criticism. - alphadan12

Calling us creeps? And BB twerking at our faces is disgusting.

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13 Mouth Hole - Robin

Yeah they just cut out the kiss because of the annoying 8 year olds that watch this show and have overprotective parents its not fair. If they can't deal with kissing then they should just watch fairy odd parents.

Robin and Starfire are about to kiss but the episode ended. No fair - GenoKenneth

They make them almost kiss at the end of the episode and guess what... NOBODY REMEMBERS NOTHING IN THE NEXT EPISODE

All episodes of these suck

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14 Let's Get Serious - The Titans

More like "Let's Get Seriously Ugly"

The serious Teen Titans are so, ', UGLY

If I had to make a top 10,this would be probably #1.This or Puppet master but for now this is worse.I just hate seeying them that way and the ending and everything else.Please note that I do not HATE Ttg.I kinda like some episodes but most of them are just plain poor.And this is the worst of the bunch on my opinion.

15 Real Boy Adventures - Cyborg

Horrible episode, ruined how we look at cyborg

Does that happen in the original Teen Titans or other DC comics the Cyborg was human before he became a cyborg?

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16 Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory - Robin

If you were the principal, wouldn't you think it would be creepy to see a boy in his underwear kicking a green boy in the face nonstop? Just asking...

It's a big reference to breakfast club. Even the title is lyrics from the featured song in the movie

Robin kicks the titans for no reason and they ALL GET DETENTION.people who did nothing get punished

This episode only validates my opinion that the new Titans are trash. This episode is also a sad parody of Breakfast Club.

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17 40%, 40%, 20%, - Cyborg

He can't open a PICKLE JAR without his song what happened in the previous episodes? Cyborg WAS able to defeat villains in the PAST! Now he can't! What is wrong with these writers?

That episode was epic cool!

The song was catchy, but COME ON! I used to LIKE the show until 2015!

Actually, ALL OF THE TITANS! - BorisRule

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18 Waffles - Cyborg and Beastboy

Alright, this was relatable yes, but do you really want to see someone take the worst parts of everyday life (so not counting wars and other major, negative, life-changing events) and make an episode about it? At least with your annoying friend, they say something different once in a while. But this episode takes ONE of the jokes and makes you listen to it for 15 minutes. Why, Cartoon Network?

I hated that episode!

The premise of this episode is just retarded- plain and simple.

Waffles, waffles, waffles. RUBBISH!

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19 Hive Five - The Titans

I wish to see one of the Hive Five's Titan Ambush go true, to give the Jerk Titans a taste of their own medicine. It looks like a second part of it. Screw the Jerk Titans.

ESPECIALLY Starfire, I love Jinx! She didn't deserve this

I never knew I could feel this much hatred watching this episode.

The Titans deserve to be the ones to lose every time. They are selfish, vain, obnoxious, idiotic, and jerks. Now multiply that by 177 and you get this basher episode.

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20 True Meaning of Christmas - The Titans

I can imagine the children just CHEERING on the Titans as they destroy Christmas. They're such good role models, teaching a VALUABLE lesson to our kids! - alphadan12

This is the episode that totally made me give up on this show! Ruining Christmas, and not knowing about the true meaning of it, was just too far!

Even Elf Bowling is better than this! That's how bad I think this episode is!

Way to ruin the holiday season, TTG! Seriously, this episode had gone too far!

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