Top 10 Episodes of Teen Titans Go! That Ruined the Characters

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41 Uncle Jokes - Cyborg and Beast Boy
42 Mr. Butt - Starfire

Seriously why just choose one episode choose them all!

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43 Staff Meeting - Robin

Just a Dick...Grayson

44 Dignity of Teeth - Raven


45 Staring at the Future - Cyborg and Beast Boy

Screwing up your friends futures

46 Smile Bones - The Titans
47 Gorilla - Beast Boy

Hang this primal jerk to a noose with his corpse impaled.

48 Mas y Menos - Robin

Mas and Menos are just twins. Why does Robin not like people enough? Why? Somebody tell me!

Robin basically treats Menos like crap and worships Mas. Why not just like both? - mayamanga

Robin is just stupid in this episode. - SupaLady

Robin is a jerk to Menos

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49 Money Grandma - Robin

If anyone should be a leader, it shouldn't be Robin.

50 Sandwich Thief - Robin

It's just a sandwich. Let it go before I inject the Frozen song of the same name into your mind!

Why the heck would Robin go crazy over A SANDWICH?!

51 Multiple Trick Pony - Robin

Cheaters must lose, and winners must win without any object or disposition.

52 Two Bumblebees and a Wasp - Beast Boy

I revealed Beast Boy's true face, despite Robin wanting money for greed. Remove his powers, and put this beephiliac idiot to jail.

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53 Kicking a Ball and Pretending to be Hurt - the Titans

Soccer is more than the title of the episode. Just do what Steven Universe did and make an episode that gives 0 hate on the sport - TheUmbreon

Did you see when Raven named Soccer "Sock-him" by hurting Beast Boy painfully? It was not even funny, it was hurtful.

Have these idiots ever played soccer?

54 Caramel Apples - Trigon
55 Two Parter - Darkseid
56 Stakeout! - Robin and Starfire
57 Operation Dude Rescue (Part 1) - Raven and Starfire
58 Robin Backwards - All of the Teen Titans except Robin
59 Oregon Trail - Everyone except Robin
60 Accept the Next Proposition You Hear - All but Robin
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