Best Episodes of Transformers Prime

Here are the best episodes from the best Transformers TV series

The Top Ten

1 Darkest Hour

Just when you thought Season 1's Finale was great Season 2 had a even better one - christangrant

2 Deadlock

While this was not as good as season 2s finale this one is very close as it's a great ending to season 3/ Beast Hunters - christangrant

3 One Shall Rise

This is a epic 3 parter to end season 1 - christangrant

4 Thirst

This one was a pretty dark episode from season 3 and plus the autobots do not appear in this episode at all - christangrant

5 Orion Pax

This is a 3 parter opener to season 2 - christangrant

6 Regeneration
7 Rebellion
8 Minus One
9 Speed Metal
10 Darkness Rising

The 5 part opener of the show - christangrant

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