Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Cartoon Show


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21 Turkeyasylum's Pizza
22 SpongebobSuxx's Army

AN army of SpongeBob haters come in but the SpongeBob fans defeat them - Goatworlds

23 PatrickStar meets Patrick
24 Squidward meets Turkeyasylum
25 Goatworlds and the Sponge
26 I Found a Fenniken!

It's about a little girl who one day takes a stroll down the forest and well.. Finds a fenniken. She then spends her whole childhood training up the fenniken, and then, travels to Japan where she can compete against other trainers. - FennikenFan9

27 TwilightKitsune breaks Donald's wall
28 Bobbythebrony meets Trixie
29 Butthurt Alert! V 1 Comment
30 The Ultimate Evil Rises

It all starts when all the good users are partying after another controversial user gets banned. Suddenly, a new user joins, who is a hacker, and plans to destroy the entire site. He calls 6 of the past controversial users, which are SelfDestruct, Andre56, Danteem, Disney1994, Gamecubesarecool193, and AggressiveBlaze, to help him reach his goal. The user then hacks into Admin's account, and calls AggressiveBlaze to delete the backup wikia. Danteem makes a new wikia to bash all the users and praise the ultimate evil, and the other 6 helping him, bashing all the good users. Soon, a group of heroes emerge to create the greatest battle of all time, each to defeat one villain.

TheRandom takes on Danteem, ModernSpongebobSucks takes on Disney1994, Puga takes on Andre56, PositronWildhawk takes on SelfDestruct, BobbyTheBrony takes on AggressiveBlaze, and Gamecubesarecool193 helps the Ultimate Evil terrorize the rest of the users, as the Admin became powerless.

Britgirl and Keyson ...more

31 TopTens Football Game V 1 Comment
32 Users Meet Bob, Who, Because Of A Trampoline-Related Incident In Later Life, Looks Like A Banana And Enjoys Eating Lettuce


33 Your Alpaca Will Not Be Harmed
34 AlphaQ hypnotizes Donald Trump
35 ChuckECheese x ChuckECheese
36 JPK Goes to Ponyville

I Become A Pony And Meet The Mane Six, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor And Other Ponies As Well - JPK

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