Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show

Oh, TheTopTens T.V. , the drama, the romance, the humor... Such a great show. Will it happen? No. but this is just for laughs!

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1 The First Union

Everybody comes to a union and vomit all over the place. They vomit and destroy thetoptens. This episode will an hour long special with patchy the admin segments where patchy pees and poops on all thetoptens lists.

I would be seen only a scene everyone is in with 1 line but only ever seen again as an extra

This would be awesome... We'd need quite a space to fit everyone. - Finch

Maybe we could go where I live, in a little town in Ohio. In a parking lot at Walmart. - funnyuser

2 TheTopTens Awards Ceremony

Yeah this would be great! Randomly saying this but when you type your name are you in all the episodes that come up? - Unnamed Google User Remade

I wish that was an actual thing on television. - Luckys

The award for most boring Top Tenner. - EllaJoy

I would win the "Most Ridiculously Awful Yet Sarcastic And Funny User". - TriggerTrashKid

3 Tina and Martin's First Date

I'm the bone in the meat. - TriggerTrashKid

This would sure be my favourite chapter of the first season. I love you, Tina! - keyson

Keyson visits London so he can visit Britgirl, and they take a tour together. - Turkeyasylum

It was hilarious! I liked it a lot! - Animefan12

4 GoldenRocket vs. Caliou

GoldenRocket would of course win. - cosmo

Like if caillou had a chance! - nintendofan126

GoldenRocket would win because caillou is a 4 year old that acts like 4 months old - Jake09

How did this come from #103 to #3? - Animefan12

5 Britboy's Last Stand

More like "Xandermartin98 Gets Banned" - TheAwesomeDude54

He's a plain troll trying to woo Britgirl. - TriggerTrashKid

Leave the poor guy alone. He's a bully target!

Leave him alone,:( he regretted for making "that list". - SamuiNeko

6 Double Dare

I dare you to slap Kim Jong Un - RoseWeasley

I dare you to lick my butt

I dare all of you to lick a raccoon. - TriggerTrashKid

Tell me any kind of double dare, and I’ll do it! - IceFoxPlayz

I triple dare you to eat Sonic's chilli dogs and steal Tails' Tornado. - BorisRule

7 Science Talk!

Let's talk about how to make HaloFanboy lose his cerebrum. - TriggerTrashKid

Oh, how I'd love to tune in for this one. That is, if there aren't any science-bashing God-nitwits to steal our thunder. - PositronWildhawk

Ah, I'm an atheist as well. Well, I'm agnostic, but on the atheist SIDE of it. I don't completely deny the existence of a God, but I don't accept it either.

But yeah, I would like this. I'm actually rather not TOO stupid, so there may be a chance I could actually be ON this. - CatCode

I'd want at least a cameo. I'm an expert at plate tectonics! - ethanmeinster

I'll do a cameo. I'll teach you all the knowledge I've learned so far! - JaysTop10List

8 TheTopTens Stranded In Texas

Hey, TTT. What am I?
No, I'm Texas!
What's the difference? - RoseWeasley

Texas is the best state in the South. - Luckys

This is lit. - TriggerTrashKid

We messed with Texas, guys. Hide! - Cyri

9 TheTopTens: Shopping Competition

I will supply shopping lists. - TriggerTrashKid

In Walmart, of course. (USA, Canada, China) (ASDA for Brits, and Carrefour for others) - PizzaGuy

Pokemon cards, chocolate and Roblox guest toys - Lunala

I love Shopping but how would this work. - PatrickStar3

10 TheTopTens: Big Brother

I wouldn't want to participate, but I'd watch. - Luckys

No offense but Andre56 would go out first.

- AnonymousChick

Maybe it could be: Britgirl, Keyson, PositronWildhawk, Angelofdarkness, Kiteretsunu, AnonymousChick, Turkeyasylum, Funnyuser, Garythesnail, Wolftail, Andre56, MoldySock, Britboy, Happyhappyjoyjoy, SevenLizards, and BlueDiamondFromNowhere as house guests.
BigBrotherSucks is the reluctant host.
Puga is the house pet.
Featuring the format of the American BB, with the 2 HoH twist from BB16. - Turkeyasylum

Thanks for putting me on here!

Gamer girl: Big brother is sort of where you put people to live together and the leaders can vote two people out each and there are activities to decide who is leader. Is complicated - AnonymousChick

I'd like to see this. - Wolftail


The Newcomers

? Save the Admin!

Plot: Admin Gets Kidnaped by an Evil Organization Called Evil Inc. And It's Up To Us to Save Him! And During the Process his Nastier Clone Made By Evil Inc. Named Nimda Shows Up and Wii Ban Anyone who Saves Him. - Rainbowkid38

? What if...?

The Contenders

11 New Years Trouble

Everyone celebrates New Years,then Martinglez accadently shoots a firework that hit the British clock,then they turned to wanted criminals,and they survive in wilderness,then one week later everyone forgets about what happened - Nateawesomeness

12 Warped

Wow. I'll lose my brain cells. - TriggerTrashKid

All TheTopTens users accidentally warp into a portal to an alternate universe - simpsondude

Hopefully Nicki Minaj doesn't exit there. - Turkeyasylum

What's if in the alternate universe, there is no such thing as TheTopTens?

13 TheTopTens: Clue

This would be really fun. I love playing Clue. Ayone else played the Harry Potter version? - SirSheep

Yes - 2storm

If you ever played to Clue, a game board, it's simple. The butler invite six TheTopTenners to an haunted mansion. One of them is the murderer, and they have 1 hour to find out who is the murderer before the cops go arrest everyone. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Yes please we should do it! - Randomator

14 Opposite Personalities

My opposite will easily be a generic smartass. - TriggerTrashKid

I'd be rude, swear a lot, and hate literature. Yet I'd almost never be angry. I'd hate everyone equally at all times. - Cyri

I'd be normal & good at math, hate Warrior Cats, ATLA, LoK, MLP, MLB & anime, & hate food. - RoseWeasley

My opposite would be a good person.

Damn, I just had to ruin everything. - Puga

15 Turkeyalysum in a Turkeyalysum

It's about Turkeyalysum in a asylum with Turkeys. Get it? - JaysTop10List

Turkeyasylum is gonna be inside himself? That doesn't make any sense. - cosmo

Technically, the mind is in the brain. The brain is inside the body. Seeing as both the mind and the body are part of you, this is already happening... - Cyri

16 TheTopTens: Fashion Show

My fashion colour combos:
Black - Murphypaw

I'd wear something inspired by Korean fashion. - RoseWeasley

I'll flaunt a bikini. - TriggerTrashKid

I'd literally wear jeans and a sweatshirt - SirSheep

17 MsWiseguy's Revenge

Mswiseguy kidnaps everyone except patrickstar. He must save the other users from the evil mswiseguy - TheKirbyCreeper999

18 TheTopTens in Split

Psst... I know where admin hides the duct tape! - Cyri

Split into the TopFives and the SixToTens - Hajj

19 A TheTopTens Christmas Special

You'd think that we would've learned from Star Wars. Anyone who has seen their holiday special will get what I mean - SirSheep

Jingle bells! smells! Dora got pushed off a cliff! The TopTenners threw a party and got sued!

The admin is coming to town! He sees if your lists are good! He sees if your lists are bad! He knows if you are a nice or mean user so give him a present for goodness sake! Oh, you better watch out! You better be nice! You gotta make a good list, I'm telling you why. The admin is coming to town!

Britgirl laid an egg... That's quite funny. - Britgirl

20 TheTopTens News

Andre56 makes a news show about TheTopTens but instead of telling the truth he lies about everyone how will the users get in to stop him - simpsondude

Stop hating on him. He's just an actor. He is proud of it. Would you be proud if you were an actor? Probably! Stop being mean to him - AnonymousChick

And I will be the Eminem negativity news reporter - 445956

I would be the bad reporter who gets fired on the first day cause I change my topic to Halsey!

Or maybe toptensfan writes a news paper and he tells lies about the users he dislikes and all the lies are them to bad things so everyone needs to stop him - NESSquid

21 Danteem Returns from Hacking

We now present the porn addict, Emo stripper, fat virgin, Nicki Minaj ripoff Metts! - AlphaQ

If this happens then I'm leaving this website. - nintendofan126

I hope this never happens... - Therandom

Plot: Admin wakes up from his nap, and goes on TheTopTens to see how everything is doing. He goes on banned users list and sees Danteem has hacked out. Admin vanishes 10 seconds later. Meanwhile, Puga fixes JacksonTop10 and Wildhawk breakfast, but it turns out to be snake heads served with spider legs. Jackson gets grossed out and he and Wildhawk go in the bathroom to barf. When they're there, Puga vanishes, because he got banned. Jackson comes out and looks for Puga, but he isn't seen. Since Wildhawk wasn't done barfing, Jackson also vanishes, and then Wildhawk does too. It cuts to ModernSpongebobSucks and Videogamefan5 posting on Top Tens. They hear that Jackson, admin, Pugs, and Wildhawk vanishes. Modern is shocked when he realizes that Danteem has hacked out. He tells Videogamefan5 to look at what happened, but when he turns back, video also has vanished. Modern hides in his bathroom, but also vanishes. Then, everyone starts vanishing, except Disney1994 who comes back and stops ...more - TeamRocket747

22 Adopt-A-Dog

Bring me to your pit bulls. - IceFoxPlayz

My dog is not for sell dreamers. - letdot52

I Think My Dog Would Eat Me. - DapperPickle

Puga's owner puts him up for adoption. Who will he go to? - Turkeyasylum

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23 Slideshow

I like Big Brother, but an episode about forcing other people to like it is going too far. - Minecraftcrazy530

Bigbrotheryestotaldramano and I make a slide show on why big brother is good ans everyone watches it and likes big brother. We brainwash everyone to hate on total drama even TurkeyAsylum after than - SelfisSUCK


How is it a ripoff of TTT? - RoseWeasley

A website called, a complete copy of TheTopTens, puts our beloved website out of business and leaves all the users as homeless wrecks. How will we fight back? - Puga

Heck we could say dora yes epic jake no made it to make us all lose are jobs.

A rip off of the top tens. The users look just like the top tens users, like clones. We aren't enemies but rivals. They think they're site is better. - cosmo

Interesting plot... Would definitely love to make a chapter or two about this story... Probably not. I'll probably just be too much of a chicken and not post it. - Fandom_Lover

25 TheTopTens: Clue REMAKE
26 Puga Eats The TV

I'm sorry, but what? - SirSheep

Get this to #1. - Cyri

I'm confused now. - Cyri

He must have some strong teeth in that episode.

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27 The Most Boring User Ever

Used to be me then I got Remade. - Unnamed Google User Remade

That's not me at all

Wait isn't that me? - Userguy44

Certainly not me. - TriggerTrashKid

28 PositronWildhawk's Funniest Guide To Martial Arts

I want to kick someone in the nuts. - TriggerTrashKid

I can give a half decent actual guide, but that's no fun. - Cyri

You burn someone's chest than slice half their face off. Wait, do fatalities count? - AlphaQ

29 TheTopTens/Pretty Little Liars Crossover

A stop stalking Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily (the main characters of the show AKA The Liars) and A stars trolling a lot of TopTenners. So The Liars come to TheTopTens to find out who is A - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

30 TheTopTens: Gaming News

I'll be the reporter - TriggerTrashKid

Could I be the reporter in this episode? - nintendofan126

31 Disney 1994 vs. Sanjay and Craig

And Disney wins - Nateawesomeness

32 Rainbowkid38 Gets His Appendix Removed

What? I was Just Referencing the Madeline Specials! (Oh, and P is for Pain) - Rainbowkid38

33 Sherlock Holmes Visits TheTopTens

Even he wouldn't have a clue why some lists exist. - Cyri

I'm a forgotten member mostly ( hardly anyone knows who I am ) so I'd be do for - QuarterGuysApprentice

The title says it. Shelock Holmes makes an acount and becomes popular. By popular, I mean, very popular - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

34 A New TopTenner Has Arrived

I could be that new toptenner.

This would be kind of lame, a new top tenner arrives at least once a week. - Therandom

Sounds like something from smash bros. - aarond9010

This should refer to me! Haha!

35 TheTopTens/Total Drama Crossover

YES! EVERYONE KILL HEATHER because WHY THE HELL NOT?!?! Heather deserves to die because she was such an @$$hole to everyone and cheated her way throughout ALL the seasons she has been in. - IceFoxPlayz

Dude I would watch this

I wish it would happen... - Turkeyasylum

It did happen now it's not a crossover but it is a Total Drama TopTens version - simpsondude

36 The Thing, The Thing, And The Thingy

Animefan12 it sounds more like a rip off of the good the bad and the ugly

Before you complain about the title, let me explain. SevenLizards begins to break down in the episode because Puga hates him. He them creates 3 fake friends, Thing, Thing, And Thingy (He couldn't think of a new name). He then gets an apology from Puga, and the two become friends. - Turkeyasylum

Oh, I get it! A ripoff of Ed, Edd n' Eddy! - Animefan12

37 Once Upon a Top Tens

It's a crossover with another TV show (Once Upon A Time). It's about Peter Pan that is trying to make all the users trust in him and go to the Neverlands forever. Mary-Margaret, Emma, David, Hook and Regina will try to stop Peter and to find Henry (wich was already gone with Peter) - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

38 The Wither

Would be interesting. - Pokemonfan10

Top tens have to survive the wither - Batmaniscole

You would need permission from Mojang to do that.

39 A New List Takes Over TheTopTens
40 Someone Not So Special

I’m not that special, although I am a bit well known for my salty roasts/rants about PETA. - IceFoxPlayz

You see, there have been so many like Britboy, most of them not so pacific as him. He is just the last of a long list so far. - keyson

Yeah, agree with Gary, it's kinda disturbing if you think somebody would hide in the bushes or taking photo's while taking a bath, just plain disturbing - CerealGuy

This could be good if Keyson wins in the end. - Garythesnail

Well I think a romance war will happen but let's just say we hope it will never happen - CerealGuy

41 I'm a TopTenner, get me out of here!

Are there teams, or no teams? - nintendofan126

PositronWildhawk in first place, Britgirl in second, Wolftail in third (surprisingly, haha,). I don't know about the rest of them. - Wolftail

Britgirl and positronwildhawk came no where in the real version. - gemcloben

I was going to add this one! Featuring Admin and Finch as hosts, and the users who are featured in TheTopTens: Big Brother. - Wolftail

42 A Not So Merry Christmas
43 A Trip To Idaho
44 Self Destruct Owns Up to How Many Accounts He Has

You know he has more than one how?

45 Everyone is a Fairy

Sorry but this idea just doesn't make sense. It sounds stupid. - cosmo

Found the sequel LADS - Puga

Who's making all these stupid ideas? ¿? - nintendofan126

I shall be Sylveon! - RiverClanRocks

46 TheTopTens: Overwatch

I'll be the Reaper. - TriggerTrashKid

47 TheTopTens: The Mole

16 TopTenners would be in The Mole. One of them is a saboteur trying to ruin the group's effort from making any money, without being noticed. Who is the Mole? Is it:
Britgirl, a 23 year old decent human being,
Keyson, a 20 year old professional video game tester,
PositronWildhawk, an 18 year old high school student and future physicist,
Cameo, a 61 year old retiree,
Turkeyasylum, a 13 year old percussionist,
Sillykitty, a 15 year old making people smile,
Garythesnail, a 13 year old SpongeBob fan,
Wolftail, a 13 year old Warriors fan,
SelfDestruct, a 37 year old unemployed person,
MoldySock, a 14 year old person who doesn't wear moldy socks,
BlueDiamondFromNowhere, a 13 year old Pretty Little Liars fan,
Andre56, a 14 year old who is "a actor",
Funnyuser, an 11 year old randomness expert,
HezarioSeth, a 17 year old certified junior snob,
SuperHyperdude, a 13 year old annoying prick,
or OtakuGamergirl, a 13 year old otaku? (Wow, lots of us ...more - Turkeyasylum

BorisRule: A 15 year old farmer
(Not my real age) - BorisRule

The cast:

Me: A 12 year old kitsune in disguise who LOATHES PETA and loves BATIM.

Spongehouse: A goofy 15 year old who loves Spongebob and The Loud House.

Britgirl: A super nice 23 year old who is chill, but hilarious.

Turkeyasylum: A 13 year old percussionist who’s rather serious about certain things.

PositronWildhawk: An 18 year old high school student and a fan of the Wild Hawks sports team.

( I’m too lazy to put the rest here, but make sure to let me know if ya want to be in the cast. There’s only 12 spots left, so first come, first served. ) - IceFoxPlayz

Cast : Me, Britgirl, Alexandr, EpicJake, Simpsondude, CoolCat999, SammMinaj ( guest star, short cameo) PatrickStar, Turkeyalysum, Finch, Admin, SelfDestruct, CerealGuy, PositronWildhawk and Kiteretsunu - JaysTop10List

48 TheTopTens/The Tomorrow People crossover

The Tomorrow People was meh in my opinion - TwilightKitsune

All the thetoptenners who have less than 25 followers becomes a Tommorow people. A tommorow people is someone from the future that can with their mind
1. Communicate and read each other's thought
2. Move objects without moving our bodies
3. Change place really fast
But it makes problems with the others who aren't a tommorow people, and TheTopTens splits - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

49 admin Gets Banned

Someone: *swears*
admin: BANNED
Someone: *pulls out Uno Reverse card* - RoseWeasley

Admin: I'm in charge! I ban the wrong people! Blah blah blaaa-
Some random user: YA BANNED *thanos click*
Admin: *fades away*

I'll become the admin and make the logo " a chicken punching a skunk" - TriggerTrashKid

Yeah please. - Userguy44

50 Boygenius234 and the Mighty Fist
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