Warrior Cats: TheTopTensclan

Wolftail This idea popped up into my head and now I'm planning a warrior cat fanfiction for it.

So, the allegiances/list of cats: (based on real users! I'm going to try and include every user I know.)

Leader: Adminstar: large white tom with blue eyes. (Admin. He's the owner of TheTopTens so he should be leader of TheTopTensclan!)

Deputy: Finchwing: light brown tom with darker spots. (Finch. Because he's a moderator, and the only one I know of. Great listmaker and blogger, too!)

Medicine cat: Sillywhisker: Brown she-cat with pale blue eyes and weirdly-shaped whiskers. (Guess who - Sillykitty! She reminds me so much of a medicine cat; kind and helpful.)

Warriors: (Experienced users)

  • Wildhawk: Large brown tom with forest-green eyes. (PositronWildhawk. I was almost going to put him as deputy, but he would be more suitable as a senior warrior. Besides, a moderator (like Finch) is more suitable for deputy position.)

Magnoliaheart: ginger she-cat with green eyes. (Magnolia. I think she's been on the site for a long time.)

  • Jazzheart: pretty brown she-cat with green eyes. (Britgirl. The perfect warrior name and description for you, I think.)

  • Stormsound: grey tom with darker flecks. (PetSounds. Amazing TopTenner!)

  • Heatherfeather: pinkish-grey she-cat with dark blue eyes. (Heather. She has some amazing lists, and one of the first users, I think.)

  • Dustfoot: pale brown tom. (CityGuru.)

  • Suncloud: golden tom with a white face. (Kiteretsunu. How could I have forgotten you? Oops!)

  • Horseleg: ginger tom with brown legs. (HezarioSeth. His profile picture is a horse, so...)

  • Wingflight: white tom. (EvilAngel.)

  • Goldenheart: golden tom with golden eyes. (Keyson. Although this name would definitely suit Britgirl, I've already done her, so this name goes to Keyson!)
  • Rainfall: Grey she-cat with darker flecks and sky blue eyes. (HappyHappyJoyJoy. At PetSounds' request.)
  • Wolftail: White she-cat with blue eyes. (Wolftail)
  • Funnyheart: Pale golden she-cat. (Funnyuser)
  • Snailtail: Yellow-golden tom with blue eyes. (Garythesnail)
  • Turkeyleg: Brown tom with yellow eyes. (TurkeyAsylum)
  • Spottedpelt: Black tom with white spots. (Letdot52)

Apprentices: (Less experienced users, like myself.)

  • Brightpaw: smoky-grey tom with electric yellow eyes. (Mr_Brightside. Icluded in my fanfiction about this clan.)

  • Lizardpaw: brown, almost black, tom with blue eyes. (SevenLizards! <3)

  • Pugpaw: Creamy-brown tom with black eyes and face. (Pug/Puga! We're friends now, right?)

  • Lovepaw: white she-cat with a red heart shaped patch on her chest and blue eyes. (Lovekit. Request granted!)

Kits: (Decided to add some users as kits)
  • Silverkit
  • Coldkit
  • Bluekit
  • Sorrelkit
  • Riverkit

If I missed anyone else or you don't want to be included, please tell me in the comments, okay? I'll edit the list of cats as soon as possible!

And now for the plotlines of each story:

  1. Neutral Heart: Two of Wolfpaw's friends, Pugpaw and Lizardpaw, hate eachother. She tries not to be involved in their rivalry, but how can she be loyal to one by being loyal to the other? Meanwhile, several of her clanmates are slowly tearing her loyalties apart.

  2. Traitor Trouble: After Wolfpaw is mysteriously attacked, a string of disasterous events happen. Soon there are only a few clanmates Wolfpaw can trust, and even Adminstar is turning against them.

  3. Corruption: Shortly after the traitor is discovered and exiled, TheTopTensclan changes dramatically. Rivalries between cats spark out of nowhere, and the clan soon starts to fall apart. And only Wolfpaw can save it.

Hopefully I'll get some more ideas and I'll add them, but for now, goodbye!


Plot Twist! Wildhawk is actually antimatter, and any member of the clan who touches him will instantly annihilate in a flash of gamma rays! Hence his full name... Which would give away the mystery of who ate the last slice of cake... - PositronWildhawk

Nice and very creative post, Wolftail. And really like my character name. Suncloud sounds so cool! - Kiteretsunu

I honestly have no idea what this is about, but I'm certainly happy to be included. Thanks, kiddo. - PetSounds

Interesting, I haven't watched Warrior Cats but I like this blog - visitor

Could you please add me? I'm not that experienced but I would be a kit or somtn - Badgerflame

šŸ˜ - Lovekit

Could I plese be in? I probably would be a kit still cause I joined not long ago - AnonymousChick

Stormsoundā€¦ I like. Not sure what gave you the idea for "storm", but I think the name suits me perfectly. Thanks! - PetSounds

What would I look like if I was a Warrior Cat? - visitor

Can I be in it? - CoolCat999

Saving... - AnonymousChick

I have an idea! Every user must choose one other user and they all go into the forest. If they find another user, they either kill him or join him. The last group makes the new clan - AnonymousChick

Hey I love your idea! Well done! - Magnolia

One you might want to include is happyhappyjoyjoy. She's not around much these days, but she's one of the old guard. - PetSounds

I have an idea! Other list making website clans unite against TheTopTensClan! - AnonymousChick

Aw thanks for including me. - Garythesnail

I think that Wolftail should become a warrior soon - AnonymousChick

Can I be Riverpaw? - RiverClanRocks

Oh yes, Silverkit is totally me. - Stormver101

I love Warrior Cats! Make me any cat pretty please... Meow! - MusicalPony