TheTopTens- The Amazing Race: Leg #1

Turkeyasylum The 12 teams begin a race around the world! The teams have to travel to LAX to get a flight to Tokyo. Tehre are 3 flights. The Results: Flight 1: Britgirl and Keyson, SelfDestruct and JEvanchoSucks, SevenLizards and EpicJake, Letdot52 and username34.

Flight 2- Garythesnail and PatrickStar, Turkeyasylum and OSUBuckeyes, BBSucks and TDSucks, Puga and CardBox.

Flight 3- Nintendofan126 and Danteem, andre56 and Samm, angel and AnonymousChick, PW and Kiteretsunu.

When the first flight lands, letdot realized he left his passport on the plane. Luckily, after an hour and a half of waiting (and flight 2 landing), he got it back. Flight 3 gets delayed and falls far behind, but PW and Kiteretsunu were smart enoguh to exchange flights to get them there earlier. When andre56 and SammMinajj get to the first clue box last, they grab the FF and make it to the Pit Stop hours before the others. Everyone gets on even ground later (except for andre56's team), due to an event being held once a day. Some teams propelled ahead, but other s fell behind. EpicJake injured his leg in the task, and began to fall behind. At the Detour, one of the detours was hours away and a trap for the teams, but SevenLizards and EpicJake, Nintendofan126 and Danteem, and BBSucks and TDSucks take that one. Eventually, the nezr wave of theams finished respextivley: Britgirl and Keyson, Patrick and Gary, Puga and CardboardBox, and SelfDestruct and JEvanchoSucks. PW and Kiteretsunu finish in 6th, followed by Turkeyasylum and OSUBuckeyes. Letdot52 and username34, along with angelofdarkness nd AnonymousChick tie for 8th (They are allies). Nintendofan126 and Danteem get 10th, followed by a surprising SevenLizards and EpicJake for 11th. BBSucks and TDSucks get eliminate that round. Also, EpicJake is deemed unfit to race any longer, and replaced with Wolftail.


6th place. Hmm. Seems legit, unless my flight stumbles upon a wormhole... - PositronWildhawk

SelfDestruct and JEvanchoSucks is the same person - BigBrotherSucks

You aren't the first to notice. - PositronWildhawk

WOO! I've entered The Amazing Race! :D - Wolftail

Detailed - Money1208

Me and Spencer need to do better - letdot52

2th place is great - PatrickStar

7th place, that is just shy of making the college football playoffs. - OhioStateBuckeyes

Can you add me? I'm just kidding it already started... - MusicalPony

Where am i? Well if I join I will have a gun - Danguy10