Total Drama TopTens - Episode 2

simpsondude Now this is the 2nd episode of this blog series which is already popular now the contestants are facing with a challenge like the one in Total Drama so this is how it begins:

Everyone was sleeping when the seaker in their cabins rang loudly and they all woke up

The Heroic Hawks wake up and the day starts


He said as he woke up hitting the bed on top of him but thats probably the only morning dialogue there will be since this post will be too long if theres more

Both teams go to lunch and get there usual trash from the chef uh well lets call him chef

At the Sarcastic Snakes table

Andre56:I refuse to eat this I must eat good foods not to ruin my perfect shape

Britboy:*Spying on Britgirl through binoculars* wow shes so pretty she even eats attractively

Kiteretsunu:Umm are you sure you dont want that *points at food*

Britboy:QUIET do not distract me


PetSounds:What IS this it's not even what you call food

Wolftail:This is worse than school lunch and thats pretty bad

Superhyperdude:Well I gues i'll have to eat this or else when I get home my parents will kill me *eats and chews slowly* wait is that...A COCKROACH

Chef:Well that might of been an accident

But down at the Heroic Hawks...

PositronWildhawk:Well according to science this is not food it is actually a piece of trash

Nintendofan126:Well you can say that again

Britgirl:My gosh the ingredients of this are the same as my mothers bedroom

Puga:Well at least the dog food must be better *eats* hand me a bucket

Simpsondude:Chef can I ask you something

Chef:Sure what

Simpsondude:What is this called

Chef:Well thank you for asking it's actually used in fear factor as a substitue for the insects

Everyone:Im good

And after lunch they gather around outside to know their first challenge

Admin:Hello contestants the first challenge of the show will be jumping of a 50 yard cliff into the beach where only a small circle marks the sign there are no sharks there

SevenLizards:I think I could live without doing this

Admin:Even without one hundred thousand dollars?

CerealGuy:Ya even without that

Admin:And you too Cereal

They all go to the top of the cliff and the teams stand together

Admin:First the Heroic Hawks

Everyone there jumped but of course hestitated but it was a different story for the Sarcastic Snakes

Everyone there jumped but 2 users who were Superhyperdude and Andre56

Superhyperdude:I cannot jump in there you know sharks are bitches

Andre56:This will mess me up I might get fired or worse GET MY HAIR MESSED UP

Admin:Ok then I gues your team loses

Superhyperdude:ANDRE MADE ME DO IT BECAUSE HE SAID HE'LL PAY ME and then along with my winnings


Admin:Looks like the Heroic Hawks win this time

All the Heroic Hawks:YES

Admin:And the snakes will have someone of their team

All the Sarcastic Snakes:NOO

At the elimination ceremony

Admin:Ok marshmallow time:Kiteretsunu,Britboy,PetSounds,Wolftail,SevenLizards,PatrickStar,Funnyuser and CerealGuy

Admin:Now its just Superhyperdude and Andre56 the final marshmallow goes to.....SUPERHYPER DUDE


Admin:Sorry andre but its the dock of shame for you


Andre gets walked over to the dock of shame and becomes the loser whos out first


This was I very good episode. Make more soon. - nintendofan126

I want episode 3. I hope that gets posted soon. - Kiteretsunu

Hahaaa! I was just saved!

P.S. I'm over with andre56, he doesn't bother me anymore but that was a good blog. - visitor

Claps - JaysTop10List

I knew Andre56 would be out first - PatrickStar

That one was really funny! - PatrickStar

Good one - jmepa1234