Total Drama TopTens - Episode 3

simpsondude It's the next episode of Total Drama TopTens when we will get our second user eliminated with new rivlarys,romances and friendships and another user gets manipulative

All the users are sleeping in their cabins not knowing about what they will do today and then of course the speaker rings


Simpsondude:You seriously just hit yourself again

HezarioSeth:He he well your lucky it's better than rolling off the top bunk wait maybe it's not hmm AAH

And Hezario falls out of his bed

Nintendofan126:You just had to wake me up didnt you I actually survived the speaker noise

Letdot52:I can just imagine what we will do today

PositronWildhawk:Let me guess something with a high chance of us dying or getting injured

Letdot52:You guessed it

But down at the Snakes cabin...



Wolftail:Who do you think will be eliminated next I mean now that andres gone we dont have any other anxious bullys on our team

Funnyuser:Well then I guess we'll win today

CerealGuy:I dont think that was needed because now Admin has a weird look on his face

Kiteretsunu:It seems like hes pointing to the...WOODS


Britboy:As long as im with Britgirl nothing can be better

PetSounds:Well you arent shes on the opposing team

Britboy:That is for now im sure we'll switch teams now or never

After that and lunch they gather up for their challenge

Admin:Hello contestants how you had a nice morning

Everyone moan in sleepiness

Admin:Well your first challenge will be going to the woods to get firewood for the fire in the elimination ceremony because apparently someone messed it up and im looking at you chef



Admin:Anyways thats what you do apparently there are logs of firewood around the woods you need to get 5 logs in order for your team to win the challenge but then again you have to go back to the campsite,ready teams

Everyone moans again and gets ready Admin blows the whistle and both teams go to the woods

PositronWildhawk:Ok guys we need to get going even if were tired

Puga:Oh I can smell our way to the firewood


Keyson and Britgirl both look at each other and stat staring at each other while Positron is talking

He finishes talking and they go following Puga

SelfDestruct:Hey Positron you know Deadmau5

PositronWildhaw:You like him

SelfDestruct:Oh god I didnt think you're actually stupid enough to like that but I know whos worse:Jackie Evancho she SUCKS

PositronWildhawk:Now what kind of idiot would just come up to me and say that


Keyson:So whats your name

Britgirl:My name is well Britgirl

Keyson:Im Keyson

Garythesnail:This challenge is really weak I really thought it would be more dangerous

JaysTop10List:Im sure Admin put up alot of traps like that one HezarioSeths in


HezarioSeth has been caught by a net and raised to the top of the tree



HezarioSeth:I actually wanted to say the fire wood was down here on the branch

Turkeyasylum:Try to grab it get your arm through a small hole and

HezarioSeth:I almost got it

Nintendofan126:You can do it

HezarioSeth grabs the firewood and throws it down

PositronWildhawk catched it

Puga:Wait but I never smelled that

Britgirl:I guess Admin did something

Meanwhile on the Sarcastic Snakes side

PatrickStar:How will we find the firewood in these huge woods

Funnyuser:Well at lunch SelfDestruct gave me this GPS hes really nice

Kiteretsunu:Im not really sure about that

Wolftail:Come on lets give it a try

PetSounds:Lead the way Funnyuser

Superhyperdude:Hm I dont really trust that guy

SevenLizards:Just go with the flow

Britboy:Maybe I should help Britgirl hold on

Rest of the Sarcastic Snakes:NO

Britboy:Ok fine

CerealGuy:Where does it lead us

Funnyuser:It said to go in that cave

And back on the Hawks side they already found their second log

PositronWildhawk:YES WE FOUND IT

SelfDestruct:Yeah and im sure the Snakes found one by now too

Simpsondude:Whats with the look on your face

SelfDestruct:It's nothing

Letdot52:But now wheres the third log

Garythesnail:Thats the question

Britgirl:So Keyson...

Keyson:Well it was nice meeting you

And back on the Snakes

PetSounds:Are you sure Funnyuser this cave looks dangerous

Funnyuser:Oh dont worry

A bear comes out behind Funnyuser but she doesnt see it

PatrickStar:Uh Funny


PatrickStar points behind her and she turns around

Funnyuser:Oh no...


They all run but the bear stays and it turns out it was just a costume he takes off his mask

Admin:Ha ha wow that was fun

And back on the Hawks

Turkeyasylum:Looks like were doing pretty good

Puga:Thats what im hoping

And again on the Snakes

Superhyperdude:Wait that was Admin I saw him he was wearing a costume

CerealGuy:Then we ran for nothing but I see another bear

Superhyperdude:Oh dont act like a p****y it's just Admin again

And he lans on the bear

PatrickStar:Well that costume looks pretty real

Superhyperdude:Wow it does look real let me open his mouth

He opens the bears mouth

Superhyperdude:Wow Admin has big teeth and oh wait

PetSounds:I think thats a real...

Superhyperdude:RUN ITS A REAL BEAR!!!

They all run this time being chased by the real bear but the Hawks are getting pretty lucky

JaysTop10List:Look thats the third log get it

PositronWildhawk runs and gets it

Garythesnail:Ooh 3 out of 5 were on fire

And on the snakes

They all run and get out from the bears sight but then slip and fall into a puddle



PetSounds:Oh god my clothes are ruined

And then the speaker rings

Admin:Seems like we dont have enough time go back to the campsite and show us what you have

Some time later they get back to the campsite

Admin:Hmm the hawks have 3 and the Snakes have...ZERO

The Sarcastic Snakes start moaning and look at Funnyuser



Admin:Looks like someone will be eliminated from the Sarcastic Snakes team

Funnyuser:I swear guys it wasnt me it was SelfDestruct

That night they were at the marshmallow ceremony

Admin:Ok Marshmallow time.Kiteretsunu,PetSounds,Superhyperdude,PatrickStar,Wolftail,SevenLizards and CerealGuy

Admin:Now theres just Britboy and Funnyuser.The final marshmallow goes to...BRITBOY


Admin:Sorry Funnyuser but you're eliminated go to the dock of shame

Funnyuser goes but at the dock SelfDestruct sees her and gives her a look she moans and gets on the boat

But meanwhile at the Heroic Hawks party


Keyson:I know were on fire

Britgirl hugs Keyson and he is left with a look of surprise but later hen everyones going to bed SevenLizards,Nintendofan126 and JaysTop10List are in a shadow

SevenLizards:I have called you here so I could tell you that we will have an alliance to the final 3 do you want to be in it

JaysTop10List:Sounds good

Nintendofan126:Im in

SevenLizards:Ok now lets go to bed

And the episode ends lots of things happened tune in next time for TOTAL DRAMA TOPTENS


Good! - JaysTop10List

I always knew that selfdestruct was a troll. - nintendofan126

I love this series. - visitor