Total Drama TopTens - Episode 7

simpsondude Welcome back to another episode of TOTAL DRAMA TOPTENS now start the episode

Everyone wakes up again


Simpsondude:I thought you switched beds

JaysTop10List:Yeah but now my head hit the ceiling

Nintendofan126:How fun

Turkeyasylum:Just wake up already

At the Snakes

Garythesnail:Another day

PetSounds:And once again a bad one

Wolftail:Just wake up

CerealGuy:We should really stop talking now

Superhyperdude:WAKE UP

SevenLizards:Got it

They all wake up and go to Admin

Admin:So before I tell you your challenge i'll tell you that an eliminated fan favorite is coming back

A ship comes closer and closer to the island

Britboy:Whos that


Andre56:Thats right im back

Wolftail:HE was a fan favorite

Admin:No,but he was gonna sue us

Puga:Fair enough

Admin:Lets welcome back ANDRE56

Andre56:Thats right the boss is back

Everyone:Oh no

Admin:Now the challenge,the challenge is to cook a three course meal for me and Chef the team with the better meal wins

Simpsondude:Thats kind of simple

Admin:Oh dont worry this is the simplest it'll ever get

They all follow Admin and Chef to the kitchen

Admin:First you will make a salad next you will make a drink and last you'll make dessert

Everyone:Got it

Britgirl:Me and Keyson can make the salad

Britboy:AND ME

Britgirl:Um ok

Simpsondude:Me,Nintendo and Turkey can make the dessert

PositronWildhawk:Me and Jay can make the drink which means SelfDestruct will too I guess


Admin:How about you Snakes

Kiteretsunu:Me and PetSounds and CerealGuy could make the salad

Wolftail:Me,SevenLizards and Superhyperdude could make the drink

Garythesnail:Which means me and Andre will make the Dessert


Admin:Lets start

Britboy:I'll got the spinach

Keyson:I'll get the vegetables

Britgirl:I'll get the dressing

They all get it

Britgirl:Ok first Britboy put the spinach in now Keyson put the vegetables and the dressing DONE


Simpsondude:I'll get the fruit

Nintendofan126:I'll blend them

Turkeyasylum:I'll get the cup

They all get the stuff,blend the fruit and pour the juice into the cup

Now the Hawks make dessert

PositronWildhawk:Lets do ice cream,i'll get the ice cream

SelfDestruct:I'll get the bowl

JaysTop10List:I'll get the spoon

They all do that and make the ice cream


Admin:Ok give me the food

Britgirl:Heres the salad

Admin and Chef eat it

Admin:Mmm this is good dont you think Chef

They both put up a 7


Simpsondude:Heres the drink

Admin and Chef drink it

Admin:Wow not bad

They both put up an 8

PositronWildhawk:And heres the dessert

Admin and Chef eat it

Admin:Wow a 9

Admin:Now the Hawks make yours

They all make it well I couldnt've made them dialogue that would be too long

And before they give it to Admin and Chef they all go to the bathroom except Andre56

Andre56:Hmm interesting

He gets some poison and pours it on all the food they made then they all come back

Admin:Ok tasting time

They give them the salad

Admin:Urgh that was bad I feel something in my throat 2

They the drink


And he becomes a little green he eats the dessert


He becomes completely green and falls off the chair just like Chef

Simpsondude:So do the hawks win

Puga:Not so fast

CerealGuy:Same as the dog

Hours later Admin and Chef get back from the hospital

Admin:Ok the Hawks obviously win


That night they vote and Andre56 goes last but first

Andre56:Time to get someone out well I cant get Superhyper out that would be too obvious seems like Garys going

He tampers the votes so that everyone voted for Gary

Admin:Ok marshmallow time:PetSounds,Kiteretsunu,Superhyperdude,Wolftail,SevenLizards,Puga,CerealGuy

Admin:Now it's just Andre56 and Garythesnail and the final marshmallow goes to...ANDRE56

Andre56:Woo I made it

Admin:Sorry Gary but you're out

Garythesnail:But what did I do wrong

Admin:Sorry but they voted

He leaves but while hes walking to the dock of shame Andre56 smiles at him he gets on the boat and leaves but the net day


Garythesnail:What where am I

Bellboy:Since you were eliminated you went to the playa des losers where all losers go

Garythesnail:Wow this place is awesome theres palms a great hotel and a pool it's like paradise

Bellboy:Well have fun

Garythesnail:Well now that im here I might as well find something out HEY FUNNYUSER


Garythesnail:I just wanted to know the truth on why you were eliminated

Funnyuser:Well SelfDestruct gave me a GPS and he said it'll read me to the logs in that challenge but instead it lead us to a cave

Garythesnail:So SelfDestruct has been manipulating users for quite some time now

He yells at the cameras at the pool


Admin is in his room looking at the cameras

Admin:Ha ha he thinks they will hear him man this is entertaining anyway tune in next time for TOTAL DRAMA TOPTENS


Very interesting episode. - nintendofan126

Awesome series - EpicJake

I like the fact that I come across like John Lennon in those early Beatles interviews. Rather pleased I've managed to hang on this long. - PetSounds

Oh, good, I thought they really hated me but it was just Andre. At least I'm in paradise. - Garythesnail

Aren't SelfDestruct and andre56 the same person? Just different accounts? - UltimateHybridX

No. - visitor

WOW - JaysTop10List

I want to join please? - McKing1003

Can I join you guys? - xandermartin98