The Conquest: Episode 1

Turkeyasylum Turkeyasylum: Hello, this is Turkeyasylum, and I am here with my co-host admin to introduce a new reality show called The Conquest! 24 contestants will be sent to live in this abandoned mansion, and try to win $1,000,000!

Admin: Without further adue, her is the cast:

Turkeyasylum: Britgirl, PositronWildhawk, Keyson, Funnyuser, Kiteretsunu, Cazaam, Garythesnail, BlueDiamondFromNowhere, OtakuGamergirl, Simpsondude, SelfDestruct, Britboy, Andre56, TopTensJackson1, SevenLizards, JaysTop10List, Alexcousins, Wolftail, TopTenJackson, Letdot52, Username34, HezarioSeth, SuperHyperdude, and last but not least, CartoonsGirl!

Admin: Welcome to The Conquest!

All: Hello Turkeyasylum and Admin!

Turkeyasylum: Want to know the first challenge?

Andre56: It's about time, I have been waiting here for 2 hours!

Admin: It's simple, a maze to reach the mansion!

Britboy: Where's the maze?

Turkeyasylum: Right behind you.

CartoonsGirl: But we don't even have teams!

Admin: You are racing to determine teams. The first 6 will be team one, and so on and so forth.

Turkeyasylum: Ready, Steady, GO!

(Everyone gets racing)

Meanwhile, at the finish...

Construction worker: Oops! Wrong mansion!

JaysTop10List: I'm finished!

Admin: OK, your team is coming behind you.

(OtakuGamergirl, Letdot52, TopTensJackson1, EpicJake, and CartoonsGirl stand behind him)

Guys, now come up with a team name!

TopTensJackson1: I know! The Breadwinners!

JaysTop10List: You actually like that show?

TopTensJackson1: Nope! I just wanted to see now you would react!

Admin: OK then! Team Breadwinners!

Username34: Here I am with Andre56!

Andre56: So, where's the mansion?

Admin: About that...

Letdot52: Is it too late to switch teams? I have 2 of my best friends on that one.

PositronWildhawk, HezarioSeth, SelfDestruct, and Cazaam: Finally! We're here!

Andre56: Can our team be called Team Didney Worl?

HezarioSeth: Why?

Andre56: It's a meme on the best company ever!

Admin: Sure...

Britgirl: I am here, along with this leach here...

Admin: You're starting a new team!

Britboy: Called Team Britgirl Is Super Hot?

Admin: Fine...

SevenLizards and SuperHyperdude: Guess we are on your team!

Simpsondude and Alexcousins: Looks like us, too!

Keyson: And me?

Admin: Keuson, you start a new team!

Keyson: Aww....

Kiteretsunu: Don't worry, you get me!

Garythesnail: And me, too!

Keyson, Thanks!

Funnyuser: Hi guys! Do you like green raspberries riding unicycles?

BlueDiamondFromNowhere and Wolftail: And us as well?

Garythesnali: What should we call our team?

Funnyuser: Is Team Potato Block fine?

Kiteretsunu: Yes, it is.

Admin: It's official! Everyone is on a team.

Andre56: I asked you where the mansion was!

Admin: We lied. Instead, we have a beat up old 1970's camper for each team! Is that good enough?

Cazaam: Maybe keep your promises next time?

Simpsondude: It's not OK to lie!

Admin: That and Turkeyasylum quitting made this show a lot worse...

EpicJake: So why did he quit?

Admin: I do not know.

Admin: Anyways, here is how this works: The team that wins gets a reward, and the losers kick someone off.

OtakuGamergirl: Sounds simple enough...

Admin: Stay tuned to The Conquest to find out who will win and lose the first challenge! We will be back soon for episode 2 of The Conquest!


Where am I? Am I a tree? Prop guy? Hobo? - Puga

That was great! Love the idea - keycha1n