The Conquest: Episode 2

Turkeyasylum Admin: Previously on The Conquest, the 24 contestants were introduced. They were then forced to do a lenghty maze to the abandoned mansion we built. But because SOMEONE made a fatal mistake with a wrecking ball, they are now staying in 70's trailers! The 4 teams formed, and while some people were happy with there teams, others... not so much. Who will win the first challenge? And more importantly, who will be elimibated from the game first? Let's find out now on The Conquest! (Warning, there are a few adult jokes, so if you don't get them, just be aware)

(At The Breadwinner's Trailer At 2:00 AM)

Toptensjackson1: I really like this team (Said in a sarcastic voice)

CartoonsGirl: I wish I could actually get sleep right now...

Letdot52: I know, right? The trailer has no beds.

JaysTop10List: Except for that one over there EpicJake is on.

OtakuGamergirl: So, there WAS another bed... thanks a lot EpicJake.

EpicJake: I didn't realize how big this bed was, though!

Letdot52: Let's just leave him alone, it would be awkward to have someone else sleep with him anyway...

(Now It is 6:30 AM)

Admin (On Loudspeaker): Everyone Get Up! Time for breakfast!

Garythesnail: Uh... we were trying to sleep...

SuperHyperdude: Emphasis for all of us on the word "trying".

Admin: Follow me to the Meal House!

SelfDestruct: Hi PW, what are you listening to?

PW (With an earbud out): Some Deadmau5, and some Moby.

SelfDestruct: Are you serious? Why? That garbage is almost as bad as Lupe Fiasco and Jackie Evancho's music!

Britboy: Hello beautiful!

Britgirl: Um... what did you just call me?

Britboy: Nothing...

Admin: Anyone want to make a confession right now?

(A few confession scenes)

Britboy: Man, Britgirl has high quality tools, now all I need is a Craftsman toolcase!

Keyson: I wish I was on Britgirl's team, I feel sorry for her...

SevenLizards: I am hoping to winthis game!

Alexcousins: The breakfast was rubbish. But that may be the least of my worries. I don't know most of these guys that well...

Funnyuser: Please, make the challenges easy...

(End of confessions)

Admin: Time for a challenge now! A swimming relay race!

CartoonsGirl: Good, becuase I like swimming!

Admin: You may not after this. We stocked the pools with Asian Carp, making it harder!

BlueDiamondFromNowhere: How do you know it's illegal?

Admin: You signed waivers, so it's cleared! Life is great with waivers, isn't it?

Keyson: No!

Britboy: As long as they don't bite me in the loin...

Admin: Don't worry, these suckers don't bite! They jump up in the air!

All: Really?

Andre56: Are you (Bleep)ing serious?

Wolftail: Come on!

Admin: But knowing the reward for this challenge, you will REALLY want to win!

OtakuGamergirl: What is it?

Admin: It's classified!

Funnyuser: Aww...

Admin: Arrange an order, and go!

(Everyone on laps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are equal)

(EpicJake, Cazaam, SuperHuperdude, and Funnyuser are sill swimming)

Cazaam: Ouch! That carp is evil!

Andre56: Don't complain: I got hit 8 times!

SuperHyperdude: They must really hate you...

Andre56: Shut Up!

SuperHyperdude: No, you shut up!

Britboy: Ooh, a glass wall, I wonder what's on the other side... I will climb it!

SuperHyperdude: I'm out of the water!

Admin: Team Britgirl Is Super Hot Wins!

SevenLizards: What's our reward?

Admin: A house!

Alexcousins: We win the best prize of all! Real sleep!

Simpsondude: I know, right?

Britboy: I'm back! I finally got to see what is on the other side of that glass wall!

(Britgirl rolls her eyes)

Britboy: Come here, princess!

(Cazaam leaves the water)

Cazaam: At least we got second!

HezarioSeth: I really wanted that house, though...

PositronWildhawk: Same here...

SelfDestruct: Losing would have been fine, too.

PositronWildhawk: No, it wouldn't have.

(Someone gets out of the water)

Someone: Admin! I'm done!

Their team: Nice job!

Admin: And team Britgirl Is Super Hot got first, follpwed by Team Didney Worl in second! Team (Bleep) is in third, and Team (Bleep) is in last' and will send someone home!

Simpsondude: That was an interesting challenge...

Kiteretsunu: I am still exhuasted...

BlueDiamondFromNowhere: You know what sounds nice? A shower of disappointment!

Funnyuser: OK...

JaysTop10List: I am upset we didn't get the house!

Toptensjackson1: Same here...

EpicJake: I am also upset!

Letdot52: I am super tired, yet I can't sleep...

CartoonsGirl: I know what could cheer you up! Some of The Doom Song!

(At the elimination)

Admin: Welcome Team Breadwinners! You guys lost the challenge!

OtakuGamergirl: Am I safe, at least?

Admin: Yes, and you will get a Dora Poster as a symbol of immunity! Same goes for you, CartoonsGirl, Letdot52, and JaysTop10List!

All With Immunity: Yay!

JaysTop10List: Why Dora?

Admin: They were on clearance for one penny each.

OtakuGamergirl: Don t you have a budget?

Admin: Spent jt all on the challenge.

Admin: And, EpicJake, Toptensjackson1, only 1 of you will be safe... and that person is...

(Confession)EpicJake: Please keep me safe! I want a chance to prove myself!

(Confession)Toptensjackson1: I want to be safe! I am way better than the Tweedledums on this team!

Admin: Toptensjackson1! You are safe!

Toptensjackson1: Yes! Here for another day!

EpicJake: NO!

Admin: I'm afriad you are leaving, EpicJake!

CartoonsGirl: I will miss you!

OtakuGamergirl: Goodbye!

JaysTop10List: Sorry, man.

Letdot52: We will miss you!

(EpicJake leaves the elimination with his head down)

Admin: Who will win the next reward, and who will go home as the rivalries kick in! Find out ne-

Cop: Admin! You're fired! Exposion people to Asian Carp is illegal!

Admin: Please! Give me another chance!

Cop: Too late. Finch is the new host.

Admin: NO!

Cop: Stay tuned next time for The Conquest!